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My name is Damond Talbot, I am a small school scout for College Football. If you are a fan of the NFL Draft, make sure to follow me on twitter @drocksthaparty for tons of great interviews and posts on the NFL Draft.

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Is the SEC the best conference? NFL might not agree......

Is the SEC losing it's SWAG? I don't know if they are in fact the best division in college football, that is why I went to breaking down the NFL Drafts in the past from 2007-2011 to see which team produced the best players, and who had the biggest flops. Find out in this article the truth to which division has the most NFL ready players, Will it be the SEC?

Why drafting an offensive lineman in the 1st round is overrated

Bryan Bulaga holds a very good statistic over the past five years in the NFL, What is it? Find out in this article of why I believe that drafting an Offensive lineman in the first round is overrated. I believe that you should draft an impact player over an Offensive Lineman, but why do I feel this way? Check out the article for more information.

Late Rounders Movie: A look inside the NFL Draft

Yes that is Corey Peters #91 the Defensive Tackle of the Atlanta Falcons who is stiff arming Byron Bell #77 after an interception, doing his best Alfonso Smith imitation. Corey and Alfonso are just 2 of the five players in this movie who really have had a journey through their NFL careers. In the movie Late Rounders you will learn quite a bit about the process for both Players and an Agent.

Camp Keepers: Thomas Mayo, WR, Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders receiver Thomas Mayo (19) catches a pass at organized team activities at the Raiders practice facility. Thomas Mayo is my latest Camp Keepers. So my question to you all is, Will Thomas Mayo be a Camp Keeper? Vote at the bottom of the page, and put your list of six receivers that make it. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Camp Keepers: Jake Muasau, LB, New York Giants

The hair of Jake Muasau is just one of the reasons he is compared to Troy Polamalu, but this very humble small schooler to the right is very hungry and hopes to make a huge impact for the New York Giants. Do you think Jake Muasau the speedy, good covering linebacker will be a Camp Keeper? Answer the question at the bottom of the interview.

What do you consider a successful NFL Draft?

Both Brandon Flowers #24 and Brandon Carr #39 of the Kansas City Chiefs were drafted in the 2008 NFL Draft. My question is what do you think is a better draft? In your eyes, what is a great draft? Read how I break down three drafts, and let us know via the poll which one you think is the best draft?

What is Percy Harvin worth to you as a fan, if he was in fact dealt?

What is Percy Harvin worth to you as a fan? Before I did some research on the young wide receiver, I would have said a 3rd rounder, but after seeing his stats, and finding that he has only missed three games in his career, made me take a harder look. Check out the article and let us know what you think? Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

Damond Talbot's Small School Senior Prospects in 2013 by position

Running back Eddie Lacy #42 of the Alabama Crimson Tide was wrapped up by Georgia Southern Eagles defense, including defensive tackle Brent Russell #66. Brent Russell is a big man who reminds me of Kyle Williams. This is a list of Small School Seniors you need to keep your eye on.

Camp Keepers: Rico Wallace, WR, Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Rico Wallace catches a pass during organized training activities at the team's practice facility at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

One player from each round in 2011 that will make an impact in 2012

Kelvin Sheppard is one of the seven players that I believe will have a huge year in 2012. Check out what players I believe will shine in 2012. I chose one player from each round that I think will excel in 2012.

What can you do with 5 stud Tight Ends?

Rob Gronkowski showed amazing skills last year as a tight end for the Super Bowl runner up Patriots. He was just rewarded with a contract, but why all the sudden is he getting tons of competition? Are the Patriots thinking of using all 5 stud tight ends at once?

Why Robert Griffin III will be more successful than Andrew Luck in their rookie year

I believe that Robert Griffin III will be a better quarterback in his first year than Andrew Luck. Find out why I feel this way, read the article, and find out why I believe that RG3 went to a much better and established team than the first overall pick Andrew Luck.

Is Darrelle Revis a better corner than Deion Sanders in his first five years?

Darrelle Revis has been one of the best corners in the NFL over the past five seasons. My question is, Do you think he is better than Deion Sanders was in his first five seasons? Look at the stats and breakdown and let us know, if Revis has what it takes to dethrone the greatest corner of all time.

With Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) getting cut, What are his possibilities?

Chad "OchoCinco" Johnson was cut for his first time in his NFL career, but what teams could be interested? Chad Johnson will land on one team, but find out what 5 teams I believe will make a run at him for veteran leadership.

How long will it take for Tebow to start in New York?

How long will it take for Tim Tebow to be the man in New York? That is what I would like to hear from you guys here at Mocking the Draft. Do you believe Sanchez can make it the entire year?

Big and Tall, Short and Wide, Young and Old, who in the NFL are the leaders?

Michael Jasper #69 of the Buffalo Bills is one big man, but is he the biggest man ever to play in the NFL? Find out in this article of the biggest/smallest, tallest/shortest, and oldest/youngest ever to play the game. This is an interesting fact loaded article.

Blast from the Past: Facts about the First and Last NFL draft picks

Chandler Harnish #8 of the Indianapolis Colts was Mr. Irrelevant in 2012, but how many Quarterbacks were taken as Mr. Irrelevant before him? Find out here in this segment of Blast from the Past: First and Last NFL Picks facts.

Living the Dream: The Eddy Carmona Story

Living the American Dream for a very special kicker from Monterrey, Mexico. Eddy Carmona hopes to be the next big legged kicker to come from Mexico. Carmona signed a contract with the Oakland Raiders, and he is hoping to impress the Raiders staff. He loves the sport and hopes he can make an impact on the field soon.

Blast from the Past: 1st ever NFL Draft, 1936 NFL Draft

Only four players from the first draft ever have statues in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Who are the players? Find out in this Blast from the Past article, taken you back to the first ever NFL Draft which took place in Philadelphia back in 1936.

Factual Evidence: Top 5 picks over the past ten years

Calvin Johnson #81 and Matthew Stafford #9 of the Detroit Lions are two players that were drafted in the Top 5 picks over the past 10 years. Did you know that Detroit led all teams in the past 10 years with top 5 picks? Find out more Factual Evidence of which draft class was the best, and which was the poorest class.

Undrafted Players over the past 5 years who should have been drafted

Running back Mike Tolbert #35 of the San Diego Chargers leaps over he top to complete a two point conversion against the Houston Texans. He is one of the many players who went Undrafted that should have been drafted. What other players are on this list? Are one of your teams players on the list, and of the players on the list which have had the biggest impact?

Blast from the Past: 2007 late round picks who have had a huge impact

Head coach Mike McCarthy congratulates Desmond Bishop #55 of the Green Bay Packers after causing a fumble against the Denver Broncos. He is one of the four late round picks in 2007, that stood out. What player do you think had the biggest impact?

Blast from the Past: 2006 late round picks who have had a huge impact

Jeremy Mincey #94 of the Jacksonville Jaguars is just one of the four players from the late rounds in the 2006 NFL Draft that are still making a presence. Who are the others? Find out here and vote....

Damond Talbot’s Best Value Picks in the Draft

Wide receiver Michael Floyd #15 of the Arizona Cardinals practices in the minicamp at the team's training center facility on May 11, 2012, but was he one of the best value picks in the 2012 NFL Draft? You can find out what picks I believe were the best value picks in the Draft.

What 37 players were not invited to the NFL Combine, but were drafted?

Big Gino Gradkowski was just one of the players who were drafted in the 2012 NFL Draft, but what other 36 players were drafted who didn't attend the NFL Scouting Combine? Find out here.

How many players at the NFL Combine were drafted?

Jacory Harris was just one of the 328 players invited to the 2012 NFL Combine that were not drafted, How many players that attended the NFL Combine were drafted? Find out here, were we break it down by players in alphabetical order.

Four of the Biggest Camp Snubs in 2012

Why are these 4 players not on a NFL field right now working out? I don't know, but who do you think has what it takes to be on a roster? Watch some highlights and pick the one that you think deserves his shot.

Which small school draft pick since 2008 is the best?

Justin Rogers #26 of the Buffalo Bills evades a tackle during a game against the Dolphins. Rogers is just one of the small school players drafted in the last 5 years who has been a asset to his team. Which small schooler has had the biggest impact for his team since 2008?

Blast from the Past: 2008 NFL Draft 7th Round Picks

Seahawks own Matt Flynn is ready to show that being taken in the 7th round means absolutely nothing. He has looked extremely good as a back up to Aaron Rodgers, but could he be the one that helps Seahawks capture a Championship? Find out what other 7th round picks in 2008, will be looking to make an impact in 2012.

5 Year Breakdown of Small School Picks in the NFL Draft

Joe Flacco is just one of many that came from Small Schools and have been productive. Did you know that Joe Flacco is just one of two that were small schoolers taken in the first round. The other is Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie of the Philadelphia Eagles. Check down all the break downs of small schoolers right here.

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