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We need our GM to stick to the youth movement

Guys, this is critical. Imperative. We must not deviate. I get that we could be on the cusp of something big. There's certainly evidence of that. A lot of young pitching, some with star potential,...


The "Pick Two Other Teams" Challenge

The following idea was inspired by this comment from another thread. Your Goal: Build the best team of current and former Mets -- an "All-Timers" team, if you will -- using the following rules. 1...


Tomorrow is Bobby Bonilla Day and I'm Already Sick of It So I Wrote a Frozen Parody

Sing along if you'd like! Beat writers write on the first of July About a story we've all seen A season of frustration And now click-bait on the screen The fans are howling cuz...


How to Be a Mets Beat Writer: Matt Harvey Edition

Bad ideas? Poor reasoning? No writing skills? No problem!


Ike v. Duda: The Battle That Has to Happen

Spring training is great. It’s baseball! But it’s not baseball baseball. The games don’t count. There are ties. Some of the games aren’t even on TV! And then stuff like this happens. Yeah....

Debunking the Mike Piazza steroid myth

Many writers omitted Mike Piazza's name from their Hall Of Fame ballots due to skepticism about his muscular physique. Did he magically become a powerhouse overnight? Today we debunk that...

Sandy Alderson's Gambit: The Ike Davis story

Sandy Alderson wants to trade Ike Davis. Everyone knows this, including the general managers and front offices of Major League Baseball's other twenty-nine teams.


The Cardinals Model: A blueprint for Mets success

Since meeting in the 2006 NLCS, The Cardinals have been far more successful than the Mets. Here's how the Mets can reverse their fortunes by following in the Cardinals' footsteps.


Do PEDs actually enhance performance?

On July 30th, the Detroit Tigers gave up a pretty neat prospect in order to bring then-Red Sox shortstop Jose Iglesias to Comerica Park. One of the big reasons the Tigers needed a shortstop is...


Re-Doing my AAOP, For No Obvious Reason

No intro, just the ideas: 1) Ike to Milwaukee for Aoki plus some mid-tier prospect. I'm open to suggestions as to who the prospect is, but with Aoki having only one year left on his contract,...


The Year We Learn the Truth About the Budget

Jeff Wilpon tells us that the Mets have "payroll flexibility," in the words of Adam Rubin. If you take to Twitter, though, most people don't believe him. The good news: we're about to find out if...


AAOP: The Lorax Does Meth, Becomes our GM

The goal: A 2015 playoff appearance, while establishing a pipeline for awesomeness for a decade to come. The plan? Here we go. 1) Non-tenders: Scott Atchison, Omar Quintanilla, Justin Turner, and...


Why I'll Be OK if Sandy Keeps Marlon Byrd

It's late, I'm tired, and I have a lot of writing to do. So let's get the rumors/facts out of the way: 1) Marlon Byrd is playing over his head. 2) He probably won't be a Met next year, and...


The Shep Diagram and Data in the Digital Age

One of the cooler things that has emerged this season is the "Shep Diagram," a series of animated images/video layered into one. It began about a week ago when a reddit user named DShep created the...


In Defense of Murray Chass

(This isn't really Mets related. I wrote it last night on my personal blog and it mentions Piazza and the Mets, but again, not really Mets related. I figured this community would appreciate it...

The Mets Universe as Willy Wonka Characters


This is a community project. Imagine certain elements of the Mets universe -- players, executives, media, groups of fans, etc. -- were characters from the Willy Wonka universe. Who would be whom, and why? I'll start: Mongo fans would be Veruca Salt. The link explains why.


AAOP: Nuke the Middle

I'm going to tell you a story about the 2012 New York Mets -- a story you know, but you've never heard before. It's a fantastic story of hope and promise. And it's true. Imagine that it's Opening...


The Accidental Case for Instant Replay. Thanks, Carlos Beltran!

Andres Torres rounded first on his way to second, and slid in, safely, hustling his way to a two-bagger. But what happened next? 1) The game was paused for a moment. 2) Meanwhile, someone checked...


Johan Santana, Closer

How about giving Johan Santana the John Smoltz treatment by turning him into a closer in 2013?

Clark, Lance, and Alexander for Turk, Rojas, and McRae


On 8/8/1997 -- standings linked above -- the Mets traded SP Mark Clark, CF Lance Johnson, and UT/SS Manny Alexander to the Cubs (who were well out of the race) for RP Turk Wendell, RP Mel Rojas, and CF Brian McRae. At the time, the Mets were 6.5 games behind Atlanta and 2 games behind Florida, and in third place in the NL overall. I recall the trade being the Mets "White Flag" that year -- a sign they were looking forward, and not looking toward winning in 1997. But is there any evidence that I"m right?

David Wright teaches about homophones.


David Wright teaches about homophones.

Kelly Shoppach, RH hitter?


There are rumors that he's available (see here) and if you click the link above, you'll see that his career splits make him a LHP masher (.902 OPS is better than Hairston's). Not sure what it'd take but he'd be a great fit for this team.

Who let the dogs out?


Who let the dogs out?


MLB from A to Z

A few years ago, when I had my own sports site, the community up there came up with an idea: Build an 25-man MLB roster using (a) Using one player per letter, by first initial of their last name,...


Imagining Expansion: Who Would You Protect?

In both the 1992 (Rockies/Marlins) and 1997 (D'Backs/Rays) expansion drafts, the new MLB teams were able to select players off the existing teams' 40 man roster. Each existing team was able to...

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