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Jim Zorn's Web History is Pure and Clean


What made the "Tebow is a Virgin!" stuff so great was that it took the common sports fan's understanding of the universe and shredded it like an unruly pile of Chinese take-out pork. The most...

Glazer Still Mocking ESPN's Favre Coverage


It's been nine months since Jay Glazer and ESPN traded public barbs about Brett Favre and the sweet nothings he whispered into Matt Millen's ear while blowing the innards out of roaming wildlife,...

Shaq Weighs in on the LeBron Dunk, Big Ben


In preparation for his role as sidekick to LeBron, Shaq is calling himself The Big Witness Protection (though I would have preferred The Big Crustacean), and he's already living up to the name....

Jersey Sales Celebrate Playmakers Generation


So you're an NFL player and you want to see your name on the league's list of best-selling jerseys? Three pieces of advice: ↵ ↵1. Date someone who's hot and famous and could be justifiably...

Bill James Says Your Grandkids Will Use Roids


Sports topics that it's hard to write something new about: Michael Vick, Brett Favre, Peephole videos, steroid use and the Hall of Fame. One solution is to give up. Another is to read Bill...

Wait, Who Was Jason Kendall Talking About?


The long list of baseball code words added another entry last night when Brewers catcher Jason Kendall repeatedly, wantonly and vindictively began referring to Pirates pitching coach Joe Kerrigan...

Mixing Beer and Sports? Unheard Of, We Say.


The one thing that you should never, ever mix with the sporting culture is beer. Beer goes horribly with tailgating, can dull your senses if you're watching games in a bar, would invite ridicule as...

The All-Star Game Details You Never Needed


One of the tricks of successful sports journalism is imitation. There's no shame in it. ↵ ↵So, if a live streaming video of a door could become a sports Internet sensation, what's the next...

Jackson Tributes Continue at Sporting Events


We've had two weeks of sporting tributes to Michael Jackson, from a one-gloved Ken Griffey Jr. to earnest words from Tiger Woods ("the greatest entertainer") and Magic Johnson ("made me a better...

Drew Rosenhaus Prefers Sprints on the Beach, Not Long Walks, with His Clients


Like most of you, I got interested in sports not because of the amazing physical exploits of body-is-a-temple athletes, nor because of the vicarious thrill of competition that makes your heart beat...

Is ESPN Biased Against the Padres?


Sports needs a non-profit research center, like those groups that publish studies on the biases in television coverage of political campaigns, to spend a month logging the total time ESPN devotes...

Agendas Abound in Steve McNair Coverage


Yesterday in this space, Spencer Hall pointed out that a few prominent sports blogs have taken advantage of the Steve McNair tragedy to engage in rank speculation about what happened. Prominent...

Keith Olbermann is Disgusted by Manny, Baseball Fans, and America


You know what the world really could use right about now? Some more outrage. Because there just are never enough people outraged about something or other. We could especially use some outrage about...

TSB Americana: Ochocinco as Ben Franklin


We won't have regularly-scheduled TSB programming Friday through Sunday as everyone heads out to the beach, but for those of you stuck in offices or afraid of that glowing orb outside, we hope you...

Coach Who Allowed Beatings to Coach Again?


Here is a partial list of good qualifications for leadership positions in high school athletic departments: Extreme patience. An interest in molding young men and women. A willingness to confront...

British Paper: Eating Disorders are Hilarious


Tennis great Zina Garrison showed up at Wimbledon this week to compete in some golden oldies doubles action. She doesn't look exactly how you remember her. She's bigger now. ↵ ↵But how to...

Did Mariners Get Trade Idea from Fans?


For much of the universe, a trade involving two marginal minor leaguers -- Mariners 27-year-old infield prospect Michael Morse and Nationals journeyman outfielder Ryan Langerhans -- registered...

Team USA Displays Restraint in Junior World Championship of American Football


Hundreds of thousands of beef, barbeque and Bud-lovin' American sports fans got drawn into soccer madness over the past week, internalizing the whole footie culture and probably dancing in their...

Esiason Lets Capriati Endure Idiotic Questions


You could probably find a few things to say about WFAN host Craig Carton's performance this week when the shock-ishly jock had Jennifer Capriati on for a standard six-minute promotional spot that...

Shaquille O'Neal: The Journeyman Superstar


There are a couple great ironies in the Shaq-LeBron partnership--the most self-aware NBA superstar in recent memory joining the most blissfully self-obsessed, for example. But here's the thing I've...

Did Nats Fans Send Sox Fans to Gay Bars?


Here in Washington, everyone knew that this week would be among the most depressing weeks of the year. The Nationals have the worst record in the Major Leagues. They have shaky attendance that's...

Kornheiser Feels the Love After Leaving MNF


Within the echo chamber of the blogosphere and Internet message boards, making fun of Tony Kornheiser on Monday Night Football was a pretty easy business. Just about everybody would agree with you,...

Players, Fans Fight Over Horns at Confed Cup


I walked into my boss's office earlier this week. He was watching the Confederations Cup, which meant he wasn't working. When your boss is watching TV and not working, it's a good idea to stay in...

Embrace Your Inner Caveman at Non-PC Night


The "Ozzie Mows Wrigley" t-shirts have already gotten more publicity than any basement t-shirt manufacturer deserves, and yet there was even more today, with further comments from Ozzie Guillen...

Crank Up Your U.S. Open Excitement


The thing about golf coverage is that you can find a way to get offended no matter what your handicap. If you're watching from the Founders Tavern and quaffing a Boddington's while the kids are off...

Brandon Jennings Ruminates on Panda Express, Hang-Drying His Clothes and More


Today was a point guard lover's dream in D.C., with Stephen Curry, Jonny Flynn, Brandon Jennings and A.J. Price all working out for the Wizards with help from new assistant Sam Cassell. Before the...

Cleveland Seagulls Love Cheap Ballpark Food, Could Be Chased Off By Falconer


When the seagulls attacked Cleveland's ball field last week, some wondered whether the Indians would be forced to import predators to eat the gulls. They were joking. The Cleveland brass...

Bryce Harper Decides To Cut Class For Good


Here are two things you will never be able to do: stop athletes from taking performance-enhancing drugs, and stop athletes from attempting to get paid for what they do at the youngest age possible....

Nepotism Continues To Rule the MLB Draft


Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court nomination has allowed us once again to consider the Court's role in deciding affirmative action cases, and in rescuing oppressed white men from the chains that have...

Johan Santana, Like Mike Gundy, is a Man


Johan Santana didn't want to leave the mound in the eighth inning Tuesday night. He told Jerry Manuel as much, when the manager came out to request the ball. “I’m a Man,” Santana told Manuel,...

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