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Welcome! The newest Canuck - Jason Garrison!


Canucks Sign Jason Garrison- Take a in-depth look behind the numbers using adv. stats to see exactly what the 'Nucks are getting!

Canucks 2012 Review - Scoring Chances (Part 1)


6 weeks or so have passed since the Canucks bitter and disappointing early playoff exit. After all, it has been 40+ years and counting! Gm Mike Gillis has made his decision, Coach Alain...

Behind the Numbers:H2H Matchups & Why coaching matters!


Behind the Numbers: H2H Match-ups & Why coaching is important?Who's winning the coaching/matchup battle? Keys for Nux victory! Will Nux comeback? time 2 vote!

Behind The Numbers: Scoring Chance Data/Analysis


Behind The Numbers: Scoring Chance Data/Analysis-(first 4 games).Higgins must play more? & vote on The Most important Canuck for a comeback?

Behind the Numbers: Canucks Survive as Cory IS the Story!


Behind the Numbers: Canucks Survive as Cory is King! L.A. still getting PP advantage.Can the Canucks comeback?check it out! Time for you to vote!

Behind The Numbers: Game 2 Review -"Feelin' The Hurt"


Behind The Numbers:Game 2 Review:Changes work -'Nucks win possession battle.Cory's time.Can they win? /vote!

Behind the Numbers: Game 1 Review & Looking Forward


Behind the Numbers: What went wrong?the checking line ugh! team Defence ugh! what would u do? Time to vote

Behind the Numbers: Is Jonathan Quick overrated?


Crowning a King unworthy of the throne! Johnathan Quick could be overrated...Whew! There, I said it. I hope the league and its home reporters on nhl.com don't hear about this blasphemy. This is...

A Perfect 10 for Dustin Brown


Los Angeles Kings Forward Dustin Brown is very talented. He "consistently draws penalties". And, he does it better than any other NHL player. He has been in the top 5 in the league in the last...

Behind the Numbers: Potential Line Match-ups


As we know, line and defensive match-ups are an integral part of coaching and playoff strategy. This is what I could put together on the fly. Here are the teams most common/probable line...

Behind the Numbers: Round 1 preview.


Behind the Numbers: Round 1 preview.What will be key in series? Check it out and vote.Stats say 'Nucks in 7

Behind the Numbers: Why the Canucks need the All-American Line


Latest Report: The Canucks shutdown strategy could be a huge mistake. Why they need to reunite the All -American Line!

Behind the Numbers: The Wild West, Who Do you Fear? Part 2


Ok! It seems like we had 'technical difficulties' last time.{ Or, every Phoenix Coyotes relative somehow voted}. Let's try again. We want to know, "Which team (other than Vancouver) is the favorite...

Why The Canucks SHOULD try to win the west?


Sometimes things are so obvious, that we don't even have to look behind the numbers but just at the numbers which shout things out at us! : Didn't think I needed to post this, but I keep...

Behind The Numbers: The Wild West - Who do you Fear? (part 1)


Behind The Numbers: The Wild West - Who do you Fear? Who are the Canucks biggest threat?Time for you to vote!

Behind The Numbers: Do the refs put the whistle away in the playoffs?


Power Plays are down! Scoring is down! ! And, it's only going to get worse in the playoffs! This is all bad news for the Canucks who rely on the PP. Well, let's take a look Behind the Numbers to...

Behind The Numbers: Luongo Vs. Schneider


Behind The Numbers: Luongo Vs. Schneider, Cory Or Roberto? Tell us who you would start? And, why?

Game Review: `Nucks Shut Down Dallas


COUNTDOWN: 8 more to go.... Canucks Win! Canucks Win!...Is it just me or, Is the Canucks new `old school` defensive-minded hockey much more palpable when we win. The Canucks Captian seems to...


Behind the Numbers:"Playoff Goaltending"

Evaluating goaltending is always a tricky business, but the only fair and reasonable way to evaluate a player`s performance is against the best of their peers.


Behind the Numbers: Canucks 2012 vs. Canucks 2011?

The Promised Land always lies on the other side of a Wilderness. (H.Ellis) So what's really wrong with the Canucks? Is this slide just a temporary swoon? More importantly, are the 2012 Canucks as...


Who Do You Blame For Boring Hockey?

If hockey has become boring, who do we blame exactly? Bettman? The coaches? And does a renewal of Vigneault vs.Tippett in the playoffs scare you into deep sleep?


Lack Of PP Opp -Much Ado About Nothing (Part 2)

To recap. from Part 1. We know that power play opportunities are down league wide (7.08/gm to 6.8/gm). Compared to last years totals, the Canucks have not had a similar drop so far. (3.61/gm. to...


Lack Of Power Play Chances - Much Ado About Nothing

"Question everything' (K.Marx) Yes, as we have recently heard and read, power plays are down in the NHL this year. NHL Totals Last year.................7.08 pp/game C...

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