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I've written about the Cardinals since 2003.

I've spent most of my life in Springfield, Illinois, where you can see all manners of things, including, somehow, a small airport, named after Abraham Lincoln. I went to school at the University of Missouri, where there is a statue of Beetle Bailey.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB St. Louis Cardinals
  • NBA Boston Celtics
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  • The Championship J.D. Drew
User Blog

The Rays give average a long-term contract

The Tampa Bay Rays put their vote in for David Freese.

The Cardinals don't buy Galaxy Gears

Momup got me a smartwatch for Christmas this year. Not the Galaxy Gear, because I no longer need a foolproof way of seducing the ladies—a Pebble, which I will use to not kill myself every time the...

Mark McGwire is the point of the Hall of Fame

It's not about the culture war, even though it's built by it.

Bye, everybody

I'm out at Viva El Birdos. Not right now—I'll be around through this month, probably—and not entirely, because I'll almost definitely still hang around the gamethreads. But the analysis (is that...

The Cardinals aren't sabotaging Kolten Wong

Mark Ellis is an excellent—unnervingly excellent—backup second baseman. But it's up to the Cardinals to believe in their plan.

No more collisions

The St. Louis Cardinals stand to benefit from anything that makes catching less painful.

The Cardinals' Winter Meetings are already over

John Mozeliak ruined the Winter Meetings for us by getting everything done ahead of time.

Tim McCarver is going to be okay

The Cardinals are picking their spots pretty well with Tim McCarver.

Carlos Beltran just wants you to make good choices

Carlos Beltran is going to help you avoid a bad decision.

The Cardinals get projected

The St. Louis Cardinals get ZiPS projections; we get something to talk about.

Jon Jay's still a Cardinal for now

Jon Jay is back. role TBD.

Happy trails to Carlos Beltran

Carlos Beltran didn't win the World Series, but things could hardly have gone better.

Cardinals rumors about 25th men

Can you figure out how to get excited about Michael Young?

Post-Peralta problems

The St. Louis Cardinals are better than they were in 2013, which means they also have some new potential catastrophes.

Cardinals reportedly put the H in sohrtstop

The St. Louis Cardinals have been linked to the free agent shortstop that isn't related to J.D. Drew, at least so far as we know.

Meet Randal Grichuk

He's not just a great name.

Cards trade David Freese for Peter Bourjos

David Freese is reportedly gone, and the Cardinals' outfield is reportedly way better at defense.

Cardinals' blockbuster trade options remain thin

The St. Louis Cardinals don't lend themselves to challenge trades, even now that we know they still exist.

Cardinals offseason: 5 most pivotal players

It's fun to consider the player you'd get in trade for Oscar Taveras, but it's not fun to consider trading Oscar Taveras.

Does Stephen Piscotty make Matt Adams expendable?

Minor league third basemen with unexceptional power who can't stick at the position are the new market inefficiency.

McCutchen—not Molina—in the sane MVP vote

Yadier Molina might have been as good, but it's hard to say he was definitely better.

David Freese to the Yankees? Well, maybe

David Freese might not have a starting role in 2014, but who would take his backup role if he joined the Yankees?

Cards rumors: Tulo's a fine excuse to talk Oscar

If we act like we're talking about Troy Tulowitzki, we don't have to talk about Oscar Taveras.

The danger of the Sensible Guy

It's time to be unnerved about contracts again.

How deep into the rumor mill should the Cards go?

The Cardinals need a shortstop, but that doesn't mean they'll get one.

Rumors are more fun when you're desperate

After Game 6 Walt Jocketty woke in a cold sweat and traded five prospects for a guy with 19 wins.

The sites of this year's Cardinals rumors

Building a base to speculate wildly from on top of.

Cardinals trail 6-0 as Wacha cracks


The St. Louis Cardinals will have to pick Michael Wacha up for once this postseason, instead of the other way around.

Also, there were Gold Gloves this week

This was maybe a bad time to announce the Gold Gloves.

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