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They would have you believe.

I have been a hardcore Dolphin fan for the better part of 28 years, an avid student of the game for 20 years; I saw the dolphins get screened to death in AFC championship game, get runed over by...


If not now now, WHEN?? (Ryan Tannenill.)

"Ryan Tannehill is the future of the Miami Dolphin franchise." these words have been debated throughout the week with no discernible conclusion to its validity, and truthfully we wont know for a...


Dolphins Stumbling onto the right path.

The Miami Dolphins have been a team that has had BAD management, BAD talent evaluation, and, let's be honest, BAD LUCK. Ever since free agency started and the infamous Marshall trade was plastered...


Rationalizing Matt Moore/Defense

Before I begin my journey into MADNESS, I will include a disclaimer. I Believe the Dolphins should approach this Draft and/or this offseason targeting a QB that can provide stability either in the...


A Comedy of Errors

I write this post as a tired, beleaguered fan of an organization that has lost its ability to make wise, concise decisions; and as a member of a fan base who’s logic has been infected by this...


Chudzinski and the spread to Miami??

Lets face it, the likelihood of the Miami Dolphins getting the much heralded Andrew Luck is minimal, the fan base should start considering new options to get excited about. So instead of praising...


Wide Open offense same old Chad Henne.

I will admit Chad Henne is definitely playing better than last year, despite having a porous offense of line; His QB rating is better, his td to int is better, his overall demeanor is better....


Henne's Quest: Save the fans from the fire breathing dragon.

As the shimmering knight rest at the bank of the river, weary of the dangers that awaits the young warrior, he contemplates his past and his future. His Kingdom, once a glimmering beacon of glory...


Chad Henne and a 20 & 10 season of dreams

I have a dream, a hope, an aspiration, an expectation for the 2011 Miami Dolphins. I have been critical of this team for many reasons, things like lack of speed and conservative play-calling have...


Good Picks!! Flawed Phylosophy

I have to admit that the dolphins had one of the better drafts in recent years. If you consider the little ammo they came in with and the amount of needs they filled with quality players and future...


Beware of the Running QB.

As all of you well know, one of the most electric athletic talents is probably going to be the first pick if the NFL draft. He has a strong arm, he is big and tall, and is an elite runner....


When is it enough

When is it enough How many Franchise QB’s must the dolphins pass on before you people understand that the risk is not only worth it but essential moving forward. Let us revisit our unwillingness...


The Future of Sparano and Ireland.

What should the Dolphins decision makers take into consideration when anticipating the teams future, or more importantly their future? There is a prevailing thought that by playing it safe in the...


Microwave offense, Michael Vick

Michael Vick is the most electric player in the league; He can provide instant offense like no other player in NFL history. Nevertheless, I consider him microwave offense. Pop him in and you heat...


So what does Ross do now? Multiple choice

So what now? how does Steven Ross decide to salvage the situation and clean the egg off his face? Let us contemplate a. He hires someone Dynamic to be the Offensive Coordinator and says "I figured...


Time for the Dolphins to start thinking WAY OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!!

The Miami Dolphins have been mired in mediocrity for to long, they have tried to correct the ship the only way short sited organizations know how, by getting the biggest fish in the sea and praying...

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