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Step 3 - Profit

Or something like that -- I used to write quite a bit on the Giants a few years back, but ending up stopping because I lacked the time. I've started up again here: http://orangeandblackbaseball.blogspot.com/, mainly because the Internet just cannot have too many mediocre sports blogs. For good measure, I started a Royals one, too, since back in those days I shared a blog with a friend who had a Royals blog. That one is here: http://royalinexile.blogspot.com

I've also said things here, some of which are even funny::


A Fan Of...

  • MLB Kansas City Royals
  • NBA Golden State Warriors
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
  • NHL San Jose Sharks
User Blog

An apology

A few folks and I have had some...spirited...back and forth in another thread or three about a couple or few different things.  In thinking about the stuff I've thrown out there, I've come to...


The curious case of Wilson Betemit

Okay, let me cut the crap -- it really isn't all that curious. However, I think in tracing his career, it might give us more insight as to whom, exactly, Ned Yost might be giving more playing...


Enjoy today!

I've always wondered what it's like for the visiting team when they play a game in the World Series champs' home park the day their rings are being handed out. There's jealousy, obviously, along...

Mota, Casilla, or Ramirez?

I've heard quite a bit of debate on which of these pitchers is the worst/best, and I've seen a few stats thrown around to support or condemn each. My stance, officially, is *shrug*, or "iono", because in looking at their career numbers, I just can't figure out how any of them make a particularly strong case over the others. But I went ahead and looked/compared their career numbers anyway, just to be sure.


Worst play-by-play announcer?

Alright, since Tim "Hawk-eye...brows" McCarver seems to be running away with the...er, win...in the Worst Color Commentator poll, let's try for the play-by-play guys. Your choices for Most Likely...


Who's the worst color commentator?

Your choices for Most Likely to Cause My Brain Synapses to Cease Altogether During an MLB Broadcast:   Joe Morgan, the Moneyball Mangling, Mustacheod Marauder Eric Karros (remember, he was a...

lulz Willie Bloomquist, leadoff hitter for Zirconiabacks

Melsh points out Kirk Gibson's first questionable move as manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks...well, besides him actually accepting the job, of course.

C'mon, Buster...

Olney, not Posey. http://insider.espn.go.com/mlb/blog?name=olney_buster&id=6276064 (sorry, just realized his predictions are Insider content...I'm clueless why folks would need to pay to see his blind guesses) He picks the Giants to win the World Series, which makes as much sense as any other pick in the NL, but then makes silly predictions like: "Cy Youngs: Felix Hernandez and Cole Hamels (who will have a good chunk of the season matching up against No. 4 and No. 5 starters)" Um, Buster...what does the opposing starter have to do with how well the opposing hitters do against Hamels? I mean, I get that he stands a chance of picking up a few extra wins, but in case you haven't heard, things are different now...Felix Hernandez and Zack Greinke won their Cy Youngs based on performance, not wins. Good God...I was ready to actually like Olney just a little bit, then he finds a way to make me roll my eyes at him again.

Another Pablo Sandoval Guess/Projection

Because I'm absolutely sure you need another one of these, especially one where I'm likely treading ground what has already been treaded...ed. I found some interesting stuff in his splits...things that did do stuff, and other things that didn't do anything. So, yes, I'm shooting blindfolded in the dark with a broken slingshot. But if I'm right, I'll be back to do some sort of tribalistic celebratory gyration. http://orangeandblackbaseball.blogspot.com/2011/03/another-pablo-sandoval-projection.html

He was a good Giant...okay, well, he was ON the Giants, at least

Since it looks like Jose Guillen has retired, I'm thinking Feliz should, too, and that way they can become roommates and flail at sliders away and chin-high fastballs together.

Hottah than Tejada?

Er, I'm just getting back into blogging, so go easy on me -- but essentially, I don't see any reason why replacing Juan Uribe/Edgar Renteria and replacing them with Miguel Tejada will make much difference for the Giants in 2011.

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