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Champions of Europe! We know what we are!

"Football used to be an easy game. The big lads played at centre-half and centre-forward, the hard lads played at full-back, the bright lads played at inside forward, the hard lads who were a bit bright and the bright lads who were a bit hard played at wing-half, and the little, quick lads played on the wing. Left-footers played on the left and right-footers played on the right. And the one with no mates went in goal."
-Jonathan Wilson,
Big fan of: EBJT, Toni Kroos ,David Luiz

A Fan Of...

  • EPL Chelsea
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Job Opening: Modern Midfield General

The idea from this article from a Guardian article from 2005 , when Chelsea had arguably the best midfield in the world. http://www.theguardian.com/football/2005/oct/20/newsstory.sport11 Q...

Cesc and the City (of Barcelona)


https://storify.com/LordMoloch/the-cesc-story A Barca fan elucidates the problems that led to Cesc's ejection from Barca. Cesc didn't have enough discipline to play midfield , didn't have the attacking instincts to play forward , and so mess up team balance anywhere he was inserted. He put up big numbers against minnows , but never showed up in clutch games.

Don't blame Ramires


Why Ramires has been scapegoated this season and why we should stop.


Replacement Hoddle! Friday Feb 21

I'm having Hoddle withdrawal symptoms already so I decided to make my own. Taxi for Naughton!! I'm Levy and Baldini are watching keenly Rooney New 86m deal 300k per week for guy who's 28? This...

Ray Wilkins' battle with depression


Ray Wilkins describes what happened after his sacking.

How Manchester City Plan to beat FFP while still winning.


A piece on Man City's finances from the independent

Jamie Adams: Why Mata had to go (Tactical)


Jamie Adams analyses why Mata didn't fit Jose's plans in both the defensive and attacking phases of play.


Top ten things to do to cope with Juan Mata's loss

1) Cry while watching this really cool compilation video

Lukaku is really good at football


A look at Lukaku's shots. Small sample size but it looks like he's going to be an elite finisher.

I'm having strange feelings about Aaron Ramsey


A music video for anyone else who's been having feelings for him.

Marco Reus release clause


I know , he's an AM. But his most prolific season in his career was at Gladbach where he played an unorthodox "false 9/10" in a front 2. We could buy him and play him alone as a false 9 up front or as a strike partner for Lukaku. For his style of play combine all the best elements of Hazard and Schurrle.

Neil Ashton: Mourinho to sign new non-cuptied striker in January


Since we can't recall Lukaku , this is probably the next best option. I hope we sign a CM as well .

Johnathan Wilson: Attacking combinations and Team Chemistry


Interesting info , not just in the context of international football.

Guardian: Rooney spills the beans on his transfer saga


Reveals why he wanted to go to Chelsea and how he fell out with SAF.

Love letter to Juan Mata


"Dignity comes naturally to him, as naturally as discipline and a willingness to sacrifice himself. And there is that dusting of genius. Those rare qualities make him a man of a bygone age, the embodiment of virtues that pros of former generations aspired to possess."

Michael Cox skeptical about Jose and Juan Mata


Interesting predictions of how this will play out. I wonder why he turned down the huge bid from PSG if he didn't want Mata that badly. And wonder who were the close journalists who knew jose was listening to offers for Mata and Luiz.

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