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Hola. I'm Danny Rockett. I'm and actor, writer, and musician. I produce my own podcast called Rockett Radio, and obsess about the Chicago Cubs. That is my life. Of yeah.... I tweet too. @sonranto.

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Concessions of a Cubs Fan: The Bagel Dog


The crust was a tad stale and devastatingly crispy, and the dough was so chewy that I wondered if the chefs were paying homage to P.K. Wrigley by giving the inner bread the consistency of chewing gum.

The Night The Backup Catcher Got The Win


I was drinking in the Captain Morgan Club, and not realizing the time, got left outside when the club closed at midnight. My friends and I went to every entrance trying to get back in, but security...

Concessions Of A Cubs Fan: The Pulled Pork Dog


The first question that came to mind when considering the Cubs celebration of the 1970s with a Pulled Pork Dog was "Why pulled pork?" Wouldn't a quiche or fondue dog be a more appropriate homage to...

Cubs Open Young Prospect Development Academy


"Encouragement starts with not laughing at them." Theadora Eggplant intimated to me. "These are 5 and 6 year old kids, and the Cubs have emphasized patience. After 106 years, what's 25 more?" she...

Concessions Of A Cubs Fan: The Buffalo Wing Dog


With Buffalo Wing Dog in tow, I found my scalped seat just as the Braves tacked on 3 more runs. I smoothed out the coleslaw with my index finger and redistributed the weight of the shredded chicken...

Why I Didn't Go To The Cubs Game Monday Night


I knew Monday night was going to be bad. Edwin Jackson pitching. A Reds team that the Cubs have a .295 winning percentage against in the last 4 years. A forecast for scattered rain showers. I've...

A Red Sox Fan Has To Wear A Dress at Wrigley Field


On some fabulous future Cubs home game, Lyle, a Chicagoan, Red Sox fan and Boston native, will be wearing a dress during the entire game at Wrigley Field.

A Cubs Ticket For Peanuts... Literally


He recognized me as a regular customer but still winced at the idea and said "What am I gonna do with a single ticket? I need two!", I replied, "Then trade me half a bag of peanuts" He laughed,...

Concessions Of A Cubs Fan: The TV Dinner Dog


The potatoes affixed themselves to the roof of my mouth as the corn swam over my tongue in warm gravy. The essence of salty dog then overpowered the blandness of the other flavors upon chewing.

The Sordid Travels Of A Cubs Fan: Miami Marlins


If you're a fan of delicious latin food, sexy people, and ugly ballparks, then Miami and Marlins park is the place for you.

Vive Les Cubbies!


I turned to Valery and said, "OK, now we're all going to stand up and sing a song together!". Valery was bewildered and wondered why we would do such a thing. I told him, "I have no idea, but It's...

I Miss Hating The Mets


Cubs fans used to passionately hate the Mets. In the 1980s our Mets rivalry was Second City vs. First City. Deep Dish vs. Thin Slice. Good Guys vs. Bad Guys. It was more fun back then to play them....

The Sordid Travels Of A Cubs Fan: Milwaukee!


While driving back from my trip to Milwaukee with my bandmate Gary, I attempted to wrap my head around the festivities of the weekend. See, a lot of crazy stuff happened in a very short time….

A Cubs Stadium Proposal That Will Please Everyone!


Now personally, I love Wrigley. It's perfect in every way. I want nothing to change at all. But I do empathize with those that have more modern sensibilities. They think Wrigley's a dump and prefer...

A Tom Ricketts Remix


When it comes to financial disagreements between millionaires and billionaires, I tend to not become involved too personally. They're gonna do what they're gonna do. Such is the case with the Cubs...

Concessions Of A Cubs Fan: "The Cheesesteak Dog"


Apparently, the provolone aspect of this sandwich is the white smegma smeared upon the steak. And given the low quality of the "steak" in question, and the overcooked yet cold peppers and onions, I...

Which Cubs Player Should You Ask to Prom?


It's prom season and I don't have a date! But which Cubs player to ask? Who would be the best Cub to show up with on my arm for the defining moment of my high school experience? They all make...

A Brewers Fan Stole Ann's Bobblehead


I was charged with securing a "Babe Ruth 'Called Shot' bobble head" for Ann, the Las Vegas Cubs fan who has given me fourteen free Cubs tickets this year… and I failed.

Poem: Don't Think I Can Be A Cubs Fan Anymore


Don’t think I can be a Cubs fan any more. They’ve let me down since 1984. The pitching’s halfway decent but they barely score. Don’t think I can be a Cubs fan anymore.

Concessions Of A Cubs Fan: "Cub Paws"


Sliders. What could they possibly do wrong to sliders? Well…let me put it this way…the only thing sliding was the quality of the food. Ordering these mini burgers for $15 with chips and two sides...

The Sordid Travels Of A Cubs Fan: Ditching A Wake


If you are a superstitious person, it might be my fault that the Cubs lost a rain-soaked game to the Reds on Tuesday night. And the storm clouds decided to soak me to the bone instead of blowing to...

Is This The Worst Cubs Team Ever?


So even with a small sample size and a tough schedule so far, most fans agree that the 2014 Cubs look pretty bad. But how bad? As bad as the worst Cubs team in history?

A Wrigley 100th Birthday To Remember! (And Forget)


Wrigley Field's 100th birthday party ended like most of my birthday parties end, depressed and wondering what the future holds. But a painful ninth-inning loss didn't stop the 'Party of the...

Concessions Of A Cubs Fan: Reuben Dog


What I had hoped would be a heart attack in a bun was a bit short of that. The cheese was cold. The corned beef sparse, sauerkraut cold, and the Russian dressing could be compared to whatever...

The Sordid Travels Of A Cubs Fan: New York Yankees


They have a deep history and a bought team, yet their passionately vocal fans always let you know about it to your face. But rooting for them is still akin to rooting for the dealer at a casino.

A Cubs Oasis In A Yankees Town


There are nearly eight and a half million people in New York City, and only one Chicago Cubs bar. That bar is Kelly's Sports Bar in the East Village.

The Cubs Make Me Drink: A Photo Essay


During this opening series, I personally witnessed three drunken face plants, saw a couple smoking weed in Terrace Reserved, a video of Billy Cub and a bar patron fighting, and watched girls make...

Cubs Clearance Rack: The Good, Bad, And The Useful


Since the Cubs have decided to not spend big money on a team, there's no reason you shouldn't "Think like Theo", and get the most bang for your buck in the Clearance Section of the MLB Shop!

A Very Wrigleyville Opening Day


Wrigleyville. Opening Day. What could possibly go right? Everything! Well, except the Cubs losing in extra innings to the Pirates. But the small faithful crowd at Murphy's Bleachers were undaunted...

Who's Thirsty For Some Cubs Kool-Aid?


I am no longer riding on the lovable losers train in which disappointment is worn by Cubs fans like a cloak of honor. I will see our cup not as half full, but overflowing with possibility.

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