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Hola. I'm Danny Rockett. I'm and actor, writer, and musician. I produce my own podcast called Rockett Radio, and obsess about the Chicago Cubs. That is my life. Of yeah.... I tweet too. @sonranto.

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A Cubs Oasis In A Yankees Town

There are nearly eight and a half million people in New York City, and only one Chicago Cubs bar. That bar is Kelly's Sports Bar in the East Village.

The Cubs Make Me Drink: A Photo Essay

During this opening series, I personally witnessed three drunken face plants, saw a couple smoking weed in Terrace Reserved, a video of Billy Cub and a bar patron fighting, and watched girls make out at Wrigleyville's "The Dugout."

Cubs Clearance Rack: The Good, Bad, And The Useful

Since the Cubs have decided to not spend big money on a team, there's no reason you shouldn't "Think like Theo", and get the most bang for your buck in the Clearance Section of the MLB Shop!

A Very Wrigleyville Opening Day

Wrigleyville. Opening Day. What could possibly go right? Everything! Well, except the Cubs losing in extra innings to the Pirates. But the small faithful crowd at Murphy's Bleachers were undaunted by the opening day loss.

Who's Thirsty For Some Cubs Kool-Aid?

I am no longer riding on the lovable losers train in which disappointment is worn by Cubs fans like a cloak of honor. I will see our cup not as half full, but overflowing with possibility.

Cubs Spring Training on the Cheap: Vegas!

I decided to employ a little magical thinking with $5 and play this "Wild Bear" slot machine as a euphemism for the Cubs rebuilding process. If I lose it, all our prospects are a bust, If I double it we win the World Series. And guess what?

Cubs Spring Training On The Cheap, Part 2

What does $800 get ya these days? How about a 10-day trip to three cities,six ball games, and two rock gigs? BCB's Danny Rockett continues his budget Spring Training trip with tons of pictures!

Cubs Baseball Brings Out The Best In People

Unfazed and excited by my first earthquake, my mind drifted to the joy I've experienced meeting the far flung fans of our beloved Cubbies, and the kind people who have helped make my Spring Training trip the adventure I hoped it would be.

Why I Go To Cubs Games Alone

So, a professional beach volleyball player, a medical marijuana dispensary owner, a finance student, and a cop are hanging out at a baseball game…Sounds like the beginning of a joke. And it kind of is, considering my life sometimes feels like a joke.

Cubs Spring Training On The Cheap

Cubs fan? Broke? Danny Rockett has all the tips on how to come see the Cubs in Arizona on a shoestring budget.

A Swing and a Miss! (Cubs Song Contest Finale)

As a Cubs fan, I'm used to disappointment. As a musician, writer, and actor, I'm used to getting and losing gigs for reasons that I don't understand. Thus, I was completely unsurprised when BCB's crowd sourced WGN Cubs song did NOT make the cut.

The WGN Cubs Song Is In the Can!

With fabulous musical contributions from BCB readers, the WGN Cubs contest song is finally finished! BCB's Danny Rockett dreams of having his original song played before every Cubs game. Will he win?

Spring Training Opening Day: The Cubs Are Back!

A promo on WGN for Cubs spring-training baseball inspired BCB's Danny Rockett to cook up a song parody of the Rolling Stones' "Paint it Black". Enjoy!

WGN Cubs Song Contest Update

WGN is holding a Cubs song contest to win the chance to have your song played before every Cubs broadcast. BCB's Danny Rockett took your suggestions and produced what he hopes will be the contest winner.

Let's Write A Cubs Song!

I don't even mind not getting paid. Writing for the Cubs feels more akin to writing a song for my aunts anniversary, or my best friends new baby. The Cubs are family, and knowing I'm a musical part of every Cubs game would give me a priceless thrill

'Tanak-Nak-Naka Would Have Made the Cubs Poor'

Well, it feels like it's the day after Christmas and all I got was a lousy sweater from my Aunt Charlene, while my rich cousin got two tickets to the Super Bowl. Meh. I don't care about football much anyway…

'Tanak-Nak-Naka's Gonna Make The Cubs Poor'

It has been a slow off season for the Cubs, but must we really analyze every tweet and blog post speculating on which team Masahiro Tanaka is going to choose? And for what reasons? Yes! We should!! What else are we gonna do? It's January!

An Unconventional Cubs Convention Wrapup

The Cubs aren't just a baseball franchise. They are a way of life. The ushers and vendors. The players and broadcasters. The fans and photographers. We all showed up this weekend to celebrate the joy and pain that binds us together.

An Unconventional Cubs Convention, Part Deux

There is something Cubs fans know that no one else knows. An affable patience. A collective longing. Connecting us all. We are the lucky ones who know what "hope" is.

An Unconventional Cubs Convention

For diehard Cubs faithful, autograph hounds, and people who enjoy milling about, have I got the place for you... The 2014 Cubs Convention!

The Ballad Of Billy The Cub

I thought of "Billy Cub", the Cubs unofficial, unauthorized mascot, who had hopes of "making it legal" with the Cubs, but who was instead smacked with a cease and desist order last year, and is now 3 pints of whiskey in, somewhere in Chicago.

I Just Bought A Ticket to A Cubs Game!

On March 14th, I'll be standing on a party deck in Mesa, AZ, surrounded by my fellow Cubs fans, discussing Junior Lake's .567 spring batting average, and how he's peaking too early, and will probably hit .197 in April.

How The Cubs Can Make More Money

My plan encompasses many tried and true ways of making money. Booze, gambling, and religion. With a little hard work and some thinking outside the box, the Cubs can go a long way to maximizing profits and putting a first rate team on the field.

The 12 Days Of Cubs Winter

Enjoy this classic holiday song, reimagined to give Cubs fans everywhere the skinny on the Cubs roster moves and personnel changes this offseason.

What's It Like to Work At Wrigley Field?

She is asked out on dates daily, but never took any of them up on it. As most of us who have spent any time in the bleachers know, it takes a special woman to handle the inebriated frat boy types that often times inhabit the section.

What To Buy A Cubs Fan On Cyber Monday

On game days on the North Side, we proudly don our bright primary blue uniforms, looking like some sort of drunken smurf army. The fat guys wear the loud pennant and logo shirts. Your average "dude" is wearing an Aramis Ramirez jersey.

The Trials Of A Jilted Cubs Fan

What's a divorced Cubs fan with a commemorative brick commemorating a rotten relationship to do? Can the brick be switched out? Can Melanie's name be sandblasted away and replaced with another name? I decided to help out my old friend.

The Cubs Need A Legendary Robot Announcer

What if Jack Brickhouse, Harry Caray, and Ron Santo could all be the Cubs new radio announcer? Artificial Intelligence and technology can lead the way in bringing Chicago's legendary broadcasters back to life.

The Sordid Travels Of A Cubs Fan: Online Shopping

Searching for that perfect gift for the Cubs fan in your life? I've made your holiday shopping a little easier this year by weeding out the Cubs merchandise that you should absolutely NOT buy.

The Sordid Travels Of A Cubs Fan: "The Afterlife"

Cubs fans have spent an eternity waiting to win the World Series, but where do Cubs fans go who have already passed on? "Beyond the Vines" Cubs' Fan Burial Wall. That's where.

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