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Josh Kroenke Holding press conference re Avs at 1pm 5/10/13

It's expected he will announce Sakic's larger role but there are so many other holes in the managment/coaching structure there is surely more to follow. I don't know if it will be broadcast but...


Backhand shelf foreshadows possible Avs problem

Daniel Wagner over at Backhand Shelf blog has posed a story on penalty +/- with some names that should interest Avalanche fans. Click here to read. To summarize, Matt Duchene is one of the best...


Rookie Preseason scoring doesn't mean much

It comes as no surprise that observers of the Avalanche are extremely curious as to how Gabriel Landeskog is performing.  It's also relatively natural to compare his performance to his peers.  Some...


Rookie Camp day 2

I was being super lazy and waiting for AJ to create this but MHH was down earlier in the day.  Then he lost his entire post.  Then he passed out asleep I assume.  So, here is my open thread for day...


Avs training camp roster arbitrary sorting. Height / weight / age. All useless

I wanted a sort list of Avs players by weight, height and other things besides points etc...  Why did I want to see this?  No idea.  But I discovered that the Internet nerds have failed me because...

Landeskog Video: He's totally taking the 3-legged race title at this Avalanche Spring picnic. ...

Landeskog Video: He's totally taking the 3-legged race title at this Avalanche Spring picnic. Also, word is he won't cut his hair until the Avs win the cup.

Terry Frei off the Denver Post hockey beat


For the record, I like Terry Frei's hockey coverage. But, love him or hate him he represents the continuing shrinking coverage of hockey by the Denver Post since the closure of the Rocky Mountain News. Editorials can and will be filled with new media like Mile High Hockey but beat reporting and asking the questions is still in the hands of our local sports media. So now, it's up to Adrian Dater and Mike Chambers to ask the tough questions. And of course Julie Browman and the hard hitting rhetorical questions from Alittude Entertainment.


Improving in 2012. Special teams top priority.

  If it's not obvious to everyone by now, the Avs were great last year but if it wasn't for being so unlucky they would have been a lot better.  Sources close to the situation have told me...

cbc's "in defense of Varlamov"


Jibs and DDC will love the statistical break downs but you will stay for the subtle chirp of Vokoun being overrated.


Elliot and Dupuis not given qualified RFA offers

I've been waiting for MHH to post this but no one has so.... my civic duty right?  According to @adater the Avs gave qualified offers to O'Bryne, Jones, Galiardi and Wilson.  They also retained the...

Red Line Mock draft is up


They have the Avs taking Landeskog at 2 and Klefbom at 11. Exactly like The Hockey News. How Swede it is?

Red Line report looks at top 10 D. Klefbom?


One of my favorite scouting services does a semi-regular update at USA Today. They talk about the top 10 D for the upcoming draft. Good read. I've read a lot about taking Seimens at 11. Red Line likes him as the 7th best behind other D like Klefbom, Musil and Beaulieu. They are really high on Klefbom and he's likely to be available at 11.

Hishon passes baseline concussion test


Hishon passed his baseline test for a concusison and is listed day to day for the remainder of the Memorial Cup run. Great news.


Chris Stewart, let him fight

OH MY GOD! There he goes again!  Can you believe that Roy keeps coming out of his net to play the puck like that?!  Why the hell does he do that?  He's going to give me a heart attack. Dammit...


In defense of Adam Foote

"Foote has lost a step" "Foote is slowing down" "Foote is great as a leader but hurting us on the ice" OK, I get it.  My favorite Avalanche player is a seasoned veteran on the youngest team in the...

Terry Frei blog: Reunion and Steve Moore


Some interesting thoughts from Terry in this piece. I know most will disagree with him on Crawford. For what it's worth, he seems a little conflicted too. I plan on buying that book.


Matt Duchene's crazy teen antics continue...

...helping his community.  So yeah, this is getting to be a pretty common theme with Mr. Duchene.  In his on-going millionare summer season of debauchery Matt Duchene is supporting a local school...

D-U-C-H-E-N-E Motivational poster


Matt Duchene is almost too good to be true sometimes. I mean, the guy is doing everything right. From honoring a terminally sick kid, to spending summer back in his small home town, to living with Foote for a second season to hanging his head after losing in the playoffs. This poster noticed by the THN writer wasn't something he did for anyone but himself. He's does these various things and does it quietly. I'm not putting him on a Sakic-level pedestal or anything but he makes me proud. That's the greatest compliment I can give as a fan.


The photo odyssy of an Avs superfan and adventures in Craig's List.

Sometimes, a picture doesn't tell the whole story.  And other times, a picture is worth a thousand words.  After the jump see the kick ass photo stream of an unidentified Avalanche super fan who's...

Duchene statistically in line for no Soph slump & Howard sucks


Interview with Dobber (good twitter follow @DobberHockey). He did some research on sophomore slumps based on player age since the lockout and to paraphrase, "In the safe group - Duchene". He also lays the hurt on Howard in comparison to Rask which is always great to see. Some positive spin on Mueller and some concern about Yip.

Duchene gets a mural in Halliburton


Thankfully Dutchie wasn't immortalized in the unipron. Halliburton has taste. His public speaking is straight out of the Sakic playbook.


Avalanche Shooting % (Mueller....?)

Derek Zona over at From the Rink had a very interesting article on shooting percentages and how single year peaks in goals will generally flatten out based on a player's historical shooting %.  Is...

Maltby out for season. May waived. Detroit still sucks.


They still have Bertuzzi and they are still Detroit so there's still plenty to hate.


Make mine Duchene

I'm not a big fan of the popular hero types when it comes to my jersey selections or in my mind, my "favorite" player.  I like the foundation players.  I like the grit.  I like the heart and soul...


Important - Kroenke to maintain his Avs/Nuggets ownership

A subtle but very important business decision has been made by Stan Kroenke group.  Once that would have forced him to sell the Nuggets and Avalanche.   According to ESPN the St. Louis Rams are...


Avalanche Kung Fu; Summon Chi! Find Center.

    Now: Stastny   (center) DOB: 12/27/1985 Age: 23 Duchene  (center) DOB: 01/16/1991 Age: 18 O'Reilly    (center) DOB: 01/07/1991 Age: 18 Galiardi    (center) DOB: 04/22/1988 Age: 21 Then...


McNabb observations on Avs all Access

They have run the first Avalanche All Access program on Altitude for the season.  I smell some changes in the ...tone?


Rookie camp report -Day 3-

Today was a good day at the rink for the rookie crew with the notible exception of an injury to Cann.   Dan Laperriere, assistant coach to Quinn at Lake Erie ran the practice today.  Quinn stood...


My day 1 rookie camp report 9/9/9/9/9/9/9/9

Today's rookie camp brought to you by the number 9.... I'm very clever and original.   I went on a twitter-fest at camp which is fun and frustrating all at once.  You can't watch as much when you...

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