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CBSSports.com predictions (Zach Harper, Matt Moore, Royce Young)


Thoughts: --Unsurprising to me that the Heat have been unanimous picks to win the Eastern. It's such a dropoff to the next tier of teams. It's theirs to lose. -Fifth seed seems high for the bulls. I could see the 8. -26 wins for the Magic? Not happening. -Nuggets #2 in the West? Not sure it'll happen but I'd be giddy. -Two have Wolves in the playofs, ther other one game out. One game out's not so bad. It means that the injury problems won't prevent us from competing all season and with a week to go we can play for our own destiny. I think we all trust our chances when it actually gets down to that scenario, especially if everyone's healthy. -I was surprised to see the Hornets so low, especially with Suns so high. I asked Matt moore about it and he said the Hornets' offense is terrible. What does everyone else think?



Warning: NSFW language. I just have to share this.


Dominic McGuire

Dominic Mcguire Wants to Stay A Warrior.... "Meanwhile, several teams are interested in McGuire, according to the source. None more than Minnesota, which wants to pair McGuire with Nicolas Batum...

Bill Simmons owns up about Ricky Rubio


Just as someone said he should earlier following his recent comments about the Wolves. "I don't know what happened in Europe, just what I see now … and what I see is someone who's a step ahead of everyone else, makes passes that nobody else makes, loves playing basketball to the point that it's actually contagious, aces the "Would You Like Playing With Him?" Test to the point that we should just change it to the Rubio Test, rises to the occasion when it matters (most recently with a game-tying 3 against the Clips with 20 seconds left in the game), beats anyone he wants off the dribble, plays with a Maravichian flair and, for lack of a better phrase, lights up the room. Only in this case, it's usually a room with 16,000 people in it. If you were having a "Which Two Teammates Would You Want to Build Around for the Next 10 Years" argument, LeBron and Wade would be first, then Durant and Westbrook, then Paul and Griffin … and Rubio and Love would be fourth." Cool.

GM Survey Results


Some interesting results from the GM Survey this year. Among those of relevance to the Wolves: -Received at least 1 one vote 'most fun to watch' -Best offensive rebounder: 1. Kevin Love, Minnesota -- 64.3% -Best passer: 3. Ricky Rubio, Minnesota -- 11.1% -Which player does the most with the least? 1. Kevin Love, Minnesota -- 26.9% -KLove gets 1 vote for 'best bball IQ' -Which team will be most improved in 2010-11? T3. Minnesota -- 7.4% -4.Who will win the 2011-12 Rookie of the Year? 1. Kyrie Irving, Cleveland -- 63.0% 2. Ricky Rubio, Minnesota -- 18.5% -Which rookie will be the best player in five years? 1. Kyrie Irving, Cleveland -- 51.9% T2. Ricky Rubio, Minnesota -- 11.1% -Which rookie is the most athletic? 1. Derrick Williams, Minnesota -- 32.1% Which international player is most likely to have a breakout season in 2011-12? 1. Ricky Rubio, Minnesota -- 37.0% Which head coach runs the best offense? 1. George Karl, Denver -- 22.2% 2. Rick Adelman, Minnesota -- 18.5% Some cool stuff for us!

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