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Since I can remember growing up in D.C., I only heard of 2 teams as a kid. The Skins and the 'Boys. But, at a friends house, his fateher bet me $5 who would win the big game that day. Thanks to Joe "Cool" I had my own team. (Not to mention $5!) Since then I have followed the Niners every step of the way. From the highs of several more Super Bowl victories..to the implosion of T.O. yet I have still always kept my love for the Scarlet and Gold. (Yes....for those uninformed....it is scarlet and not RED!) Now the team is run by a guy who can't or won't seem to get his heaad out of the bottomline in order to create a winner. Is Eddie D. banned for life? Come back EDDIE! WE NEED YOU! Here's hoping the Niners, MY 1 and only team returns to the form that made them the bane of all teams on their schedule! Go NINERS!

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Baltimore Orioles
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
  • NCAAF Maryland Terrapins
  • NCAAB Maryland Terrapins
  • Golf Tiger woods
  • Tennis Serena Williams, James Blake
User Blog

London Calling....

Well, now that the excitement of the draft is over and the Niners grabbed a true haul that covered most all their needs, it got me to thinking. It seems that over the past three years that Roger...


Resurrecting a "Saint"

For those of you who have been here at NN for a while, let me warn you. Have a seat, take a nice long breath, think of something cute and cuddly or whatever calms your nerves, then read forward. I...


Possible upgrade?

I know full well I am going to be blasted for this, but, I don't care. Just a shot in the dark. Now that Jacksonville has parted ways with David Garrard, what do you think of the Niners giving him...


For Alex.....It's put up or shut up!

Since Alex Smith was chosen with the #1 overall pick, his career has been put under an intense microscope. Every throw scutinized, every interception, micro-anylized from every angle. Every...


Open apology

To all the fans of SS&R, I recently posted a response based on my own personal opinion that may have offended some who read it. To those that this did cause a moment of pause and dispair, I do...



Congrats again Lakers! You brought the championship back to the left coast for the 2nd year in a row! now, we come to the all important time of the year.....the draft! I (along with all SS&R fans )...


Congratulations haters....

It seems as if by the end of the week, all the haters here will get their wish. It seems as if Donovan McNabb will come to the left coast, however, it will be across the bridge in Oakland. Before...


Now that Elvis has left the building, time to get to work in FA

Now, some of you may, or may not agree that Scott McCloughlan was a good GM during his stint in the Bay area. (IMO: I think Steve Erkell would've done a better job.) Be that as it may, there is...


The Demon known as "Potential"

Every year, when the college football season is through, we have a plethora of sources from ESPN to Football insider who claim that thus and so player is an "All World" waiting to happen. Based...


Love for "Mad" Mike

I wonder a lot about what type of fans San Francisco really has? I find it vexing that so many of our "Fans" have such short term memories. I continue to look around this site at some of the...


A Lil' "Madden" Thinking......

I can already hear some of you cursing me under your breath for this....but....I ask you to simply hear me out and mull this possibility over. Many people have us drafting OT Trent Williams in the...


A Letter to Micheal Crabtree......

  Dear Mike, This is a fan shout out to you. I appreciate your game! You were marvalous against Texas. Let's face it....you MADE Grahem Harrell! You made Texas Tech! Then, you scored a HUGE COUP...


A question of Faith.......

Early in the morning, in Levenworth , Kansas; a mysterious figure exits a maximum security prison in a non discript jacket and slacks. I can only imagine how he has his head bent to the ground...


Enough is Enough....or, The Brett Favre saga...

A long time ago, in a league far,far, away........ There was a team that struck gold. In fact, it was their main color for their uniforms. In a trade with a team from the South, this Republic...


Just a 'lil fly in the ointment......

A lot of folks here have talked about what we should do with pick #10 this Saturday, and even I chimed in witha thought or 2. But, then I started thinkin outside the box. Try this on for...


Oh what a night........

I'm something of an insomniac, so when I sleep, it's not for long. but, this dream I had was simply too good to keep to myself. Id like to know what you think. In my dream I was watching the post...


Just a thought.........for "Big Mike"

Call me nosatlgic, call me an idiot, but one thing you can't call me is.......WRONG. I have  a small thought on how to fix the Niners O and in a hurry. Although, to be honest, it might upset a few...


"Don't wake me, I'm dreamin' ":Dstarr1's Mock Draft

If the world were fair and just, and if all the moons of Jupiter aligned at once in the 7th quadrant, this is the way I would draft for the 49'ers '09 class. I have tryed to take into account the...


For the first time ever, A hand of applause to Management!

I can't stay silent on this one. I salute the guys in the Front office who passed on getting Jay Cutler. I know, many of you feel as if this would be the perfect solution to our QB trouble. But,...


To QB...Or NOT to QB; that is the question.

OK, last time I'm talkin as far as QB's are concerned. Yes, the Niners should DEFINTELY  draft a QB this year. But at # 10, I don't think so. This year's draft is chock full of capable QB's, and...


No Cutler.....No Problem.

After 75 of syndicated years running, yesterday the T.V. drama "Guiding Light" went off the air. Also yesterday, the T.V. drama that was the messy divorce of Jay Cutler and the Denver Broncos came...


Why no Jeff Garcia?

I just learned that the Niners signed Damon Huard to a contract as a back-up QB. At the outset, I figuered this was a harmless signing, then I remembered That Jeff Garcia was available. Why not...

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