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Gold Star for Trevor Booker

Trevor Booker is playing well, despite the dysfunction. Did anyone see his hustle during garbage time? Sometimes it's not about winning or losing, or talent, but simply how you play the game....


LeBron James

  i’ve been arguing with some knicks fans the last couple days. i think the deal they just made was dumb. but i digress. the point is, i’ve been thinking about destinations for lebron. i don’t...

"Gay for Gilbert Arenas" Rap Video (Hilarious)


Is the timing on this inappropriate? Or maybe that's exactly what would be appropriate.

Commentary: Gilbert's absence hurts DC schools


i'll also slip in this little ditty from dana milbank, which i thought was funny: "There was no smoking gun," John Brennan, the White House homeland security adviser, said after the attempted airplane bombing. No? Perhaps he was expecting Gilbert Arenas to walk into the situation room and hand him one? ba-da-bing! reported Saturday that the Washington Wizards had reached out to the Rockets in an...

+ reported Saturday that the Washington Wizards had reached out to the Rockets in an exploratory manner about a possible Gilbert Arenas-for-McGrady swap, but Houston has no interest in such a deal. Arenas ranks as one of the league's most difficult players to move with four seasons left after this one on a mammoth $111 million contract and a history of knee problems to rival McGrady's.

saunders: young not a starter in this league

"I think Nick is what he is. As a coach you have to understand he's a streak player where you put him in and if he's hot you play him and if he's not then you'll have to sit him down. I don't...


EG good team comparisons

1998-1999 Knicks - lost in NBA finals. big 3 = sprewell, houston, and camby. supporting cast = larry johnson, charlie ward, kurt thomas, chris childs (ewing was hurt) 2000-2001 Bucks - Lost NBA...


i still like what we did

  in anticipation of a really downbeat post tomorrow and general outrage, i'd like to try to inject some positivity and get a contrarian viewpoint out there.


Sally Jenkins's article

Sally Jenkins article was anybody else taken aback by this one? she writes nothing about the wizards in several years then drops in saying how awful the team has been and basically insinuates that...


vegas is sour on the wiz

here are some odds i'm seeing, not gonna link it since i don't want to encourage gambling, but i think it's interesting. from the looks of this, vegas isn't projecting the wiz to be a playoff team....


my proposal

HIRE NEW TRAINING STAFF have them check out gil's knee. assuming it's good, resign gil + twan to reasonable contracts. get etan back on the court. get blatche in the weight room. let mason...


gil's knee rehab

apparent setback: anyone worried?

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