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Jerome Harrison on CBS Sports

A serious must-watch. I remember him wanting to get 1800 yards in his last season with the Cougs and then getting 1900. Then breaking the Browns record and basically getting shafted in the NFL game. Then the infamous trade. Been going a little crazy trying to find out about how he was doing, this explains it all. No White Flags, J!

Cougars coach Mike Leach's awful first season deserves Empty Corpse Award

Another incisive (fairly or unfairly?) article about Coug straits. "I'm disappointed in Leach for two reasons: He didn't make good use of some positive things he inherited, and he underestimated the psychological scar tissue involved when you take over a team with a deep losing culture. The Cougars needed a kick in the pants. It didn't have to be with a steel-toed boot, though." When was the last time not-Jim-Moore Seattle writers were empathizing with and psychoanalyzing Cougardom like this. CML brought the headlines his first year at least.

Leach rips players, but needs to look at himself, too

HR,YK I am pretty conflicted about the MW situation. We have a little too much "perspective" on the outside of this one. CML's decision to ride him hard may have benefits for the installation of the Leach System-- but at the cost of MW's career? I'm not sure that calling MW a talented kid who skated by without working hard and saying he couldn't hack it when pushed is going to satisfy me. Doesn't feel right.

Tell us: Between Mike Leach and Craig James, who gets your vote?

As a lot of you probably know, Craig James is (largely, it appears unsuccessfully) running for Senate in Texas. The Dallas Morning News has this hilarious ad hoc poll, with expected results. As a matter of fact, you don't even have to vote, just look at the results for the thrill.

The NCAA: Is Membership Worth It?

Yes, Frank Deford is a curmudgeonly, if lovable, old goat, but does anyone actually like the NCAA? Do we need it for college athletics? For the sports I know something about, football and basketball, the conferences and post-season events don't need the NCAA to exist. (Setting aside current contractual obligations that I assume exist.) The NCAA certainly doesn't ensure the "amateur" nature of college sports in a way that is fair or sensible. That is the only ministerial function that would need to be developed if the NCAA ceased to exist tomorrow, as far as I am concerned.

Announcing Mac OS Cougar!

Well, sort of. Actually, this may be the dumbest FanShot ever... sorry.

Austin Statesman: Leach welcomes challenge at Washington State

Nice new Leachism: "During the season, if you ask me on a Sunday how we're going to do, I'd say I don't know if we can beat Pullman High. By Friday, I'm pretty sure we can beat the Giants."

Moore: Unfortunately, it doesn't look good for Paul Wulff

Unfortunately, I agree. Maybe he stays on in some capacity (if he'd agree), he seems to be a good-to-great recruiter, but I can't support him as a head coach any longer. ...not sure about the Mike Leach part, though.

ESPN with More Opinion on Oregon's, well, Cheating

This one got me thinking negative thoughts about how much of the explosion of the Oregon program, which Moos is credited with by many, including me, was a result of leaving Coug-like virtues behind. Did Moos build that program on a foundation of imprudence? Or is the cheating what happens after a program gets big enough? So thrilled to have Moos as AD, these thoughts make me queasy.

LA Times has Klay at 13 overall?

Accusations of Little League Dad? Weird article.

NFLPA Suspends Gary Wichard

Following up on that Josh Luchs article in SI a couple months back, where he was talking about basically bribing Leaf and other Cougs to go to his agency... this is the guy's former boss that ultimately got him suspended. Take aways: 1)all agents are corrupt, particularly this guy and his agency; 2) karma


Forrest for Heisman Update

Vote for Reid Forrest for Heisman! Nissan is holding a fan poll for its vote as presenting sponsor for the Heisman.  While East Coast Bias, Anti-Punter Fascism and general ignorance have left his...

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