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97.1 the ticket

With today’s press conference all the talk here in Metro Detroit is other than Jimmy, there is no need for a Michigan man that it's time to put that to bed. As I have been reading the Michigan blogs and listening to the local sports talk, 2 names keep coming up , Gary Paterson and Chris Petersen. Freep writer and 97.1 radio personality who's been fielding the over whelming number of callers talking about Chris Petersen and who had been giving Boise State props all day , just made the most direct response to all the Petersen talk by saying. " I understand all you folks calling and wanting Chris Petersen but, in today’s world of tweeter and the internet let me say this as clear as I can word will get out and that word would be he declined!, I just don't see Petersen leaving Boise State!" I have to agree with Terry on this ... If you check just about every Michigan board it's all Gary or CHris and who do you think we can get.

Don't look now But !!!

The Maize n Brew Bowls You Care About Pick 'Em New Years' Day Update

Around the Horn Discuss Boise State Utah Game. I agree with them America was cheated.

Around the Horn Discuss Boise State Utah Game. I agree with them America was cheated.

Jim Rome is Burning about tonight Macco bowl and ute's tweets

Jim Rome is Burning about tonight Macco bowl and ute's tweets


Secret covert Video of the Utah Utes bowl practice

Utah Ute's video preparing to play Boise State (via ProphetofDP) We all have those teams, a pick’em team, a I hate’em team and the teams we love. A pick’em team is like Alabama I...

My Michigan Brothern know the score

They know the utes are in for a beat down.


Are the utes thin skinned?

via Three months ago I stated on the block u blog that there was nothing special about 1300 south.. Today I went back to the site for the first time in those 3 months and...


Bronco Nation Grew by leaps and bounds Friday night

Ok first off yeah I went in to massive depression, not the first time over a football ball game, fact is Friday night actually over time might of been only my second most worse single game agony,...


Black Friday was black indeed

I love my Bronco's and will show my devotion by going to where every they go. Hats off to the wac officials for sending us off to the MWC the way they did. Kyle tough game tough game. Now I must...


What defines Great coaching

  Recently I’ve somewhat followed the snipping Fresno fans have been giving their coach. There has been a lot of talk not only in Fresno about their great recruits but here in Michigan there...


Meet the newist Detroit Lion.

via The Lions signed former Boise State running back Ian Johnson (yes, the Ian Johnson who proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend on national TV after scoring the game-winning...


Michigan State to Play Boise State in 2012, 2022, 2023

I was seconds from posting this a week ago but could not confirm it .. now it is offical. Michigan State and Boise State have agreed to play a three-game series in football, MSU athletic...


Kellen Moore the most Interesting Quarter Back in the World video

Kellen Moore the most Interesting Quarter Back in the World (via ProphetofDP)   via This video was in spired by the posting of Casketbase, and others who posted on his...


v.20 meeting of Coach Pete cought on tape.

  Covert Video of Coach Petes trip to Dairy Queen (via ProphetofDP) Considering I completely lack writing skills I thought I would enhance v.20 coach Pete at Dairy queen thread. 2 hours to go...


BCS week 8 espn show editing

via After watching the BCS show I was left feeling sorry for the idiots espn highers. Prophets version of espn BSC show week 8 (via ProphetofDP)   For the idiot...


Coaches poll is out

  via     Top 25: Oregon still No. 1 as Auburn  makes charge to No. 3 The USA TODAY/ESPN Top 25 football coaches poll, total points based on 25 points for first place...


Coaches Poll #2

via USA Today Coaches' Poll RK TEAM RECORD PTS PVS 1 Oregon (42) 6-0 1452 2 2 Boise State (11) 6-0 1385 3 3 Oklahoma (4) 6-0 1334 6 4 TCU (1) 7-0 1300 5 ...


Finally my DC as it was video

Boise State vs V-Tech as it was sept 6th 2010 (via ProphetofDP)   Finally my DC as it was video If you only knew how many times I had uploaded some version of this video only to have to take...


Ok folks lets see your desk tops!

via There is mine lets see yours!   Now for the 75 word qualifier   YOU KNOW YOU LIVE IN OREGON IF...   * You believe the weather man. * You throw an aluminum can in...


RAS on the S.O.S

First a video reminded of what Mark May had to say last Sunday over the prerelease of what the BCS polls would look like.   Mark May sucks (via ProphetofDP) Consider this a bit of a...


Lou Holtz as Lt. Slaughter

  After a long day and night of college football, I felt compelled to Salute Dr. Lou and his war against the Boise State Haters.     Lue Holtz As Lt. Slaughter (via ProphetofDP)   Now...



I love college football (via ProphetofDP) Of all the games played today only 4 went the wrong way not including Fresno's and Nevada’s games in progress. First the games that didn't work out...


I thought I would share with you my trip to DC

  To say the trip went off without a hitch would be a stretch. Fact is right off the bat we had to turn around just short of Toledo and start back,, you see I forgot my wallet! So their...


A little Mid week Jib Jab Fun with the folks we love so much here.

via tmunson you have never looked so good as you do in this jibjab! That being said I just felt someone had to represent OBNUG , so I'm sorry for including you in with such...


I don't think we have to worry about Ohio anymore

Ohio state jokes (via Yocii) Ohio not only looked horrible, but without the help of the big ten officials they lose today against Illinois. Ohio State is not a good football team and will lose...


A little Jib Jab Monster Mash

via If I did this right if you click on that image it should open a new window to a jibjab video...   I have no Idea if this is going to work . Keep in Mind I spent all of 30...


Current BCS computer rankings

via There has been a lot of talk about Boise States strength of schedule in regards to its run for the chance to play for a national title. I've been making the point on...

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