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Your All-Time Wizards/Sporting Starting XI?

Without a midweek game to distract me this time around, I've been thinking about who I would choose for an all-time Wizards/Sporting side. After some (admittedly not a ton) of thought, I came up...


FIFA 14 ratings for SKC players

Just in case y'all are curious. I don't know how many FIFA players we have here on the forums. I play it on PC, though, so if you want someone to play against, give me a holler. All of these...


Cesar, Hedrick, Warzycha, Markovic waived

Here's the press release: Julio Cesar is far and away the biggest name on the list, and his release from the team...

Thierry Henry suspended for plowing Kei Kamara + SKC player ratings in FIFA 13


Actually pretty similar to the stunt he pulled last year in kneeing a sitting Roger Espinoza off the ball--this time, Henry plows into Kei Kamara off the ball (on a set piece that wasn't close to being ready to begin) and again tries to make it look like accidental contact. The Disciplinary Committee's one-game suspension is a joke, though, because NYRB's next game is against New England, so it was doubtful that Henry would play anyways because Gillette Stadium has a turf pitch. That's barely a slap on the wrist. In unrelated news, and because I don't like only whining in my fanshots, I've been tinkering with the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team web app (the full game comes out next Tuesday) and can report on most of the SKC player ratings in FIFA 13: Jimmy Nielsen: 70 Eric Kronberg: 58 Jon Kempin: 56 Chance Myers: 65 Aurelien Collin: 70 Matt Besler: 67 Seth Sinovic: 65 Michael Harrington: 64 Neven Markovic: 61 Lawrence Olum: 61 Cyprian Hedrick: 57 Julio Cesar: 68 Roger Espinoza: 68 Graham Zusi: 70 Peterson Joseph: 64 Paulo Nagamura: 62 Michael Thomas: 61 Oriol Rosell: 61 Bobby Convey: 66 CJ Sapong: 67 Teal Bunbury: 67 Kei Kamara: 68 Soony Saad: 61 Dom Dwyer: 60 Korede Aiyegbusi: 58 (...if any of y'all play Ultimate Team, hit me up when the full version comes out. I'm not very good, but I'm hopelessly hooked on UT.)

Roger Espinoza called up for Honduras Olympic squad


He's one of the three overage players for the Honduran U-23 squad in London. While this is obviously amazing for Roger, it sucks eggs for SKC. Soccer By Ives is reporting that Roger's countryman on DC United, Andy Najar, is reporting to the Honduras team on July 2. If that's Roger's reporting date as well, that means we lose him for the following fixtures: July 4 at Montreal July 7 vs Houston July 14 at Columbus July 18 at Houston July 21 vs New England July 28 vs Columbus Plus, if it matters, the friendlies against Montpelier and Stoke City. And if Honduras advances, we lose Roger for games against New England and DC United on August 4 and 11. That's possibly up to 8 competitive fixtures and 2 friendlies without Roger. Oof. So...again, while I'm thrilled for Roger himself, I sure hope Paulo Nagamura heals up by the end of the month, because he's looking at a sudden promotion to the regular Starting XI.

MLS suspends San Jose's Busch one game for smacking an SKC ball boy


...although MLS (rather charitably) refers to the incident in the May 27 match as "aggressively retrieving a ball." FWIW, MLS fined Busch as well, but compared to the three-game ban that Houston's Colin Clarke rightly got for calling a ball boy a gay slur, Busch's punishment barely constitutes a slap on the wrist. Weak.


Impressions from Portland-SKC match, 4/21

Even though SKC is my team, I haven't actually lived in Kansas City for about eight years--I moved to Portland in 2004, then to Berkeley in 2008 for graduate school, and I relocated the Pacific NW...

3 SKC players get USMNT call-ups


Teal Bunbury, Graham Zusi, and CJ Sapong got called up for Camp Cupcake in January. Bunbury was a given, but I think there will be some folks pleasantly surprised that Zusi and Sapong have made it onto Klinsi's radar as well.

SKC's protected list for the expansion draft


PV decided to protect: Jimmy Nielsen Chance Myers Aurelien Collin Matt Besler Julio Cesar Roger Espinoza Graham Zusi Davy Arnaud CJ Sapong Teal Bunbury Kei Kamara The most glaring omissions to the protected list are Omar Bravo and Seth Sinovic. Bravo being left off will, I am sure, spur plenty of rumors that he is now in Vermes's doghouse for his comments about his lack of playing time during the playoffs, but I honestly can't think of a good reason not to protect Bravo, and certainly not over a player like Davy Arnaud who, like Bravo, is older, expensive, and injured last season. Sinovic being left unprotected is stunning. He's a hometown guy who played great for us down the stretch while making the league minimum. If I were Montreal, I would leap on taking him in a heartbeat. Julio Cesar being protected was a necessity due to the international rule, but I am already willing to venture a guess that protecting Davy Arnaud will prove to be one of the biggest mistakes Vermes has or will do in his tenure at SKC.

Jimmy Nielsen: no plans to retire


I know this was a point of discussion in the expansion draft-related threads, but here it is, in plain English: in an online chat today with the Star, Jimmy says he has no plans to retire and wants to keep playing for years (note the plural). To me, this settles it, SKC pretty much has to protect him in the expansion draft, as he will be a better use of an international spot than Jeferson or even Julio Cesar.

Former Royal C John Buck named to 1st All-Star Game


Buck's 2010 line: .276/.306/.509, 119 OPS+ Kendall's 2010 line: .264/.326/.314, 76 OPS+ Way to go, Dayton Moore.

Dutton on DDJ's 2011


Buried at the bottom of the article is this nugget: "Club officials have several options if they choose to keep DeJesus. They can simply exercise a $6 million option for next season which is, in effect, a $5.5 million option since the deal contains a $500,000 buyout. They can decline the option, exercise the buyout, and offer arbitration in the hope that would cost the same or less. Doing that would enable DeJesus to decline arbitration and become a free agent but, if he does so, the Royals get those two draft picks in return." Is/should this be entertained as a possibility for the Royals? The way Dutton describes the arbitration scenario, it's a win-win for the Royals--either they get another year of DDJ at a bit of a discount, or they get a supplemental draft pick if he walks. Dutton writes earlier in the article that this is predicated on DDJ being a Type A/B free agent. Presuming DDJ doesn't get traded but does earn Type A or Type B status, should the Royals decline his buyout and offer him arbitration? (I ask this in part because I am still not completely familiar with the difference in compensation between Type A and Type B free agents...but I'm also just curious what people think, since we've talked about DDJ a lot but I don't think arbitration has come up lately as a possibility)

OT: US World Cup roster announced today on SportsCenter


Dunno how many soccer fans we have at RR, but since (at least in my circle of friends) both soccer and baseball are disparaged as boring games that take interminable amounts of time to complete, I figured there might be a shot. Any thoughts on the US's (or any other nation's) World Cup roster? Favorites to win it all this year? Please hold forth and pontificate here.

Jose Offerman strikes again


...literally. Seriously, this guy has issues. But at least he isn't an ex-Royal in the news for killing someone in a hit-and-run.

ZG is Verducci's pick to start the All-Star game


SI's Tom Verducci's All-Star picks include Greinke to start for the AL. I imagine a lot of folks here think ZG should be starting the All-Star game, but objectively, I don't think anyone else can really make the case that Greinke can for earning the starter's gig. PS: I should apologize for my recent lengthy hiatus from RR--I started a new chaplaincy internship at a local hospital about a month ago, and baseball has kind of taken a backseat to getting adjusted to a new workplace and all of that.

Mike Celizic writes about ZG


Another standard-issue "Greinke fought his demons" piece, but with the angle of "Greinke is the exact opposite of Manny, A-Rod, and company." It's worth a read.

JoePo rips into Hillman's decision to not bring in Soria in the 8th


This is about as mad/frustrated as I think JoePo generally gets when he writes. Almost every writer I know of who follows KC baseball day in and day out (Poz, Mellinger, Rany, etc) has seriously criticized Hillman's irrational preference for Professor Tatersworth. That preference has already cost us two games at least, and the season is barely two weeks old. Most frustrating (to me, anyways) is the fact that yesterday made it abundantly clear that Hillman has learned nothing from the Opening Day debacle, as it was almost the exact same situation: having Farnsy pitch to the heart of a dangerous, HR-hitting lineup in one of the best homer-hitting parks in the AL, in an incredibly high-leverage situation. Man, that's depressing.

Mellinger's nonsensical case for not trying Soria as a starter


I lived through the awful years of Burgos and Mac the Ninth as well, but I just don't this paralyzing fear of trying Soria in the rotation that has become so prominent. I'd be fine with Cruz closing for us, he was almost as sure a thing for the D-backs as a setup man as Soria was for us as a closer. And if this were about the risk of injuring Soria by having him pitch 2.5 as many innings in a season, I would understand that. But this fear that we would instantly fall back into the 2005 season with the bullpen is beyond all reason. Juan Cruz is not Ambiorix Burgos.

Bert Blyleven thinks the Royals are this year's Rays


Also, amidst a somewhat generic (but higher profile) write-up, some not very nice things to say about Hoagie... Discuss.

Winter Ball updates


Scroll to the bottom of the article. Tony Pena Jr. has taken 14 walks and has a .392 OBP in the Dominican League. The denizens of hell must have been caught singing, "Let it Snow," because it is probably a damn blizzard down there because of that OBP.


Mike Jacobs: The Musical

Subtitled: "We need a hitter whose OBP doesn't blow" This is predicated off of the Star's picture of Jacobs, in which KC Chris and I surmised that Jacobs was trying his hand at showtunes.  So, I...

OT: Rany on


Rany has written another guest column at fivethirtyeight, which is run by BP's own Nate Silver. He muses on the possibility of Bin Laden acting as another October surprise (as he was, of sorts, in 2004). Worth a read. You may have to scroll down a bit to get to the post with Rany's column.


Hosmer signs

The Kansas City Star's Sam Mellinger has the scoop here:   Terms are not yet available, but Mellinger does indicate that Hosmer did...

Yankees acquire Pudge from Tigers


SI's Jon Heyman is reporting that the Yankees have acquired catcher Pudge Rodriguez from Detroit in exchange for reliever Kyle Farnsworth (who, according to Mark Teahen, is the guy in the AL you least want to get in a fight with). This at least indirectly affects the Royals if they were looking for takers for Miguel Olivo, as the Yanks' three-month rental of Pudge takes care of that need.

Rosa gets shellacked in Omaha


Line: 5 ip, 10 hits, 7 runs. Good news, though, is that it finally looks like Shealy's bat might be waking up.


KC Star: Moustakas moved to third base

Jeffrey Flanagan reports. Could've seen this coming--apparently Moose Tacos has been playing pretty bad D in Burlington, but pretty much everyone knew he wouldn't last at SS, and he as much...


Political Ads on RR

I am not sure where to stick this, but I feel the need to write about this publicly, so I guess a fanpost is as good a place as any. While surveying the various fanposts today over my morning OJ,...

#1 overall pick Beckham signs


The particulars: Tim Beckham gets a $6.15 million signing bonus, and I'm not sure what the overall worth of the deal is, but SI reports that it is less than what the Rays are throwing at David Price, their #1 overall pick from last year. Given the large monetary demands being made by Eric Hosmer and Scott Boras, this news has the potential to significantly affect the amount of money the Royals have to fork over in order to retain Hosmer's services.


SI's Jon Heyman on MLB GMs

I found this link through MLBTR, but SI's Jon Heyman ranks what he believes are the top ten GMs in MLB today.  The full list looks like this: Theo Epstein, BoSox Billy Beane, A's Dave...


Santana goes to the Mets

According to the source of all that is worth knowing, MLBTR, the Twins have agreed to ship Johan Santana to the Mets for Carlos Gomez, Philip Humber, Deolis Guerra, and Kevin Mulvey.The deal is...

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