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Keith Law Top 100 Prospects List


Insider Content Only Cubs representatives: Trey McNutt - 66 10 Prospects who just missed (separate link:, also insider) Josh Vitters Brett Jackson Chris Carpenter Jay Jackson Former Cubs representatives: Chris Archer - 40 Hak Ju Lee - 49

Keith Law Organizational Rankings - Ranks Cubs 20th


Write-up from Keith Law 20. Chicago Cubs A top-10 system before the Garza trade, the Cubs probably would place more guys in the 101-150 range than any organization except the Royals. They're loaded with high-floor players who have the potential to be above-average or better big leaguers but aren't there yet. Considering all the picks they've given up to sign free agents, it's remarkable how strong the system still is after the giant trade with Tampa Bay.

Dunn to the White Sox for 4/56 according to Gammons, Rosenthal, Heyman


Dunn reportedly gets 4/56 from White Sox. Shocking, Dunn actually got the type of deal he wanted. Oh wait... no that's not shocking at all. I've been saying all season and into the offseason Dunn would get 4 years and command near 15 million annually. Those thinking 3/30 would happen were delusional. Even in a limited market in terms of suitors Dunn got the usual FA premium you see.

Taking a Flier: Edwin Encarnacion


I don't think any Cubs fan entered the year thinking 3B would be an immediate area of need or one we needed to spend a lot of time looking towards the future for, but with Aramis Ramirez sudden precipitous decline, 3B has suddenly become an area of concern. With Aramis on the way back from rehab, perhaps this is a moot point, but a cheap option just became available that is strikingly similar to the disappointing young 3B we acquired from the Pirates some time ago. Edwin Encarnacion Now I know we're tainted from our experiences watching Encarnacion struggle mightily in a Reds uniform and then get eaten up in the AL East, but a dig down at his components show some similarities to Aramis Ramirez when he had fallen out of favor in PIT Ramirez's 3 seasons in PIT prior to trade: 2000: .256/.293/.402 2001: .300/.350/.536 2002: .234/.279/.387 Encarnacion's last 3 seasons: 2008 - .251/.340/.456 2009 - .225/.320/.410 2010 - .200/.298/.467 Like Aramis, Encarnacion has always shown intriguing power (career ISO .193, Aramis career ISO now .239, pre Cubs .146/.235/.153). Like Aramis, Edwin has struggled mightily defensively. Like Aramis, Edwin has shown similar command of the strike zone (taking more BB's, but striking out more as well). Career BB Rate is 9.3%, Aramis = 7.3%. Career K Rate is 20.5%, Aramis is 15.5%. Like Aramis, Encarnacion's been criticized for "not getting it" and struggling to show the intensity on the field that most scouts want. He's been considered to be an underachiever for his skill set and someone who has shown inconsistency in their approach and their results. These were all the same criticisms of Ramirez when we traded for him at age 26. Encarnacion, at age 27, is now readily available after the Jays designated him for assignment. While its unlikely his career follows the exact path that Ramirez's did (his chances of becoming a cornerstone are slim), he's got the talent and skills to do it. If we're pointing an eye towards the future it would make sense to take a chance on a player with a higher upside (albeit lower floor) to see if they can turn their career around in a different environment. I'd consider putting a claim in on Encarnacion and being content trying to trade/release one of Theriot/Fontenot/Baker who while they may be better players than Encarnacion right now, don't have the upside that he has. Obviously if we're still contending this isn't a move you make, but for a team that may have its eye towards the future and needs to take some high reward, low risk gambles to get there, Encarnacion looks awfully familiar to a gamble that worked out 7 years ago

A deeper look at Soto vs. Hill


Of all the Pineilla fallacies this season, the Soto-Hill one seems to get the least attention, but should be near the top of the list. Fangraphs Dave Cameron breaks it down pretty succinctly.


What differentiates the Cubs from the Contenders?

Much of the discussion on the site centers around whether the Cubs are contenders or not? While the discussion can be clouded with different definitions for the term "contender", I think we can all...

Cubs face friendly early season schedule


Buster Olney's insider article breaks down schedule strength over the first 2 months of the season and notes the Cubs play just 6 of their first 38 games against teams that finished the year above .500. While the soft early season schedule could certainly help build momentum for the season and help while parts of the team may be on the mend (Lilly specifically), its worth noting to keep expectations in check if the Cubs surge early on in the season

Gomes receives major league contract with Reds


Reds get some nice platoon power for their LF spot. He's less than a one win player, not a big deal, but certainly can play a nice role as a lefty-masher. In less noteworthy news I become vindicated in my assertion at least one of Dye, Gomes, R. Johnson, Byrnes, etc would be available for 1-2 million come Feb/March

Report: Aroldis Chapman signed by NL Central Team


They're speculating the Reds right now, boy would it be a nice surprise if it were the Cubs

Darren Oliver on verge of signing with Rangers


For those who questioned "what other lefty" relievers the Cubs could have pursued that would have been as good as Grabow, I present you Darren Oliver Oliver's been about a 1.0 WAR level reliever for the last 3 years Compare that to Grabow who has been basically replacement level or very slightly above the last 3 years The Rangers were able to sign Oliver to a 1 year deal with a vesting option for a 2nd year, total contract value potentially $6.25 million The Cubs gave Grabow two firm years for a total cost of $7.5 Million Now I know many will say "What's the big deal over an extra $1.25 Million over 2 years, its no big deal" and to some that's fine. But the answer remains, there were alternative options who were not only better but cheaper and could have limited the commitment to 1 year instead of two. Or in the best case scenario we could've done this while also offering arbitration to Grabow and perhaps received a pick or just gotten him for 1 year Its a small thing, but the small things the Cubs fail to do well do add up over time. Each year we're paying other teams to take on small mistakes (Marquis last year, Bradley/Miles this year) and generally were overpaying FA contracts based on the production we can get out of them, both in dollars and years. All of these small things add up. Whether its too many dollars, too many years, or handing the player control of the contract with player options and NTC's, I feel the front office often overlooks the small things and over time the small things have a real impact on our roster.


Welcome Back the Marmol of Old

With another scoreless inning this afternoon, Carlos Marmol extended his scoreless appearances streak to 6 games. During this span he's regained his form of previous seasons striking out 10 and...


Don't look now, Felix Pie is a major league hitter

It's been an up and down season for Felix Pie as he disappointed early and found himself firmly entrenched on the Orioles bench once again typecast as 4th OF. He was sitting at .195/.271/.310...

Pie hits for Cycle


While the Cubs put up 17 a former Cub farm-hand got into the action tonight with a cycle! Congrats to Felix Pie on the accomplishment. He was a controversial subject here at BCB but as a guy who always thought Pie would eventually figure it out, it's nice to see some of the talent transition into production (at least for a night). Congrats Felix, wishing you the best


Wilson Betemit: The Short Term Solution

The Cubs went out of there way this offseason to get more LH and in effect by diversifying the types of bats we had, decreased the flexibility of the roster; largely based on the loss of Mark...


The Elephant in the Room - Carlos Marmol's Declining Command

There's been a lot of discussion about the bullpen this year with some of the struggles we've had at the front-end of the pen and the constant roster turnover we've seen in those areas, but...


Tremendous Story on Matthew Cerda

I have to say this is one of the better pieces I've read on .com and it's one that moved Matthew Cerda up my list of favorite Cubs prospects. For those that aren't familiar with the name he's our...


Dolphins Stadium Entertainment during Cubs-Marlins Series

I'm not usually one who concerns myself with what others think or do. I don't think ESPN has a ridiculous East Coast Bias that prevents them from showing the Cubs and I could care less that they'll...


Eyre traded to the Phils

I was just listening to the Phils-Marlins broadcast and heard the PA announcer had just announced that the Phillies acquired Eyre for a minor leaguer Brian Schlitter. Here's our newest Cub!   h...


What's the Difference?

I haven't read through "all" of the recent posts, so forgive me if this isn't post worthy or if this was addressed in a game thread I missed, but can someone explain to me what the difference...


A different kind of Wrigleyville?

A lot of the stuff I post on this blog tends to get ripped by a certain select few, so I'm fully expecting that to happen again while I post another "contrarian" viewpoint, but here goes anyways.As...


1st Place!

I'm almost speechless to think i'm sitting here on August 2nd and seeing the Cubs in 1st place. It's almost like a dream after the nightmarish start to this season, but its happened.Jim Hendry's...


Think we're a bad fielding team?

think again spreadsheet in the link above is used for "Ultimate Zone Rating" and is considered one of the most "cutting edge"...


Dusty Bashing

One of the more prevalent themes of the threads around here has been the incessant "need" to bash Dusty Baker in some form or another. Now I understand the frustration with a lot of the moves Baker...


Tickets? June 29 and June 30 Brewers Series

I'm trying to plan a trip to bring my Dad back to Wrigley Field for his Birthday and am looking for tickets for June 29 and June 30. I've tried Stub Hub and some other options and only been told...


Fantasy Baseball Help

Since i've seen Al post a thread suggesting RotoAuthority's prowess in helping with fantasy baseball and other self-promotions on the site within signatures, I thought I'd dabble in the shameless...


Success is in the Eyes of the Beholder

I've never posted a diary but figured this might be a worthy topic to discuss since things have been slowing here a bit with the end of the winter meetings.I've heard a really wide variety of...

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