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Just a fan that has always loved the Suns..GO SUNS...!

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Now that Frolo's on the Block...Bring on the Trade Ideas!!!

Well, we all knew this day was coming...Conclusive analysis from all but Mr. ORNG shows the Suns are well...not good, and after Fropez was summarily laughed at for an extension--You know it, the...


As a Suns fan, would you object to your team tanking the season to get a high draft pick…?

First let me preface this by saying that I still believe in this team, but I believe the question must be asked..."As a Suns fan, would you object to your team tanking the season to get a high...


The Suns' Championship Season: Requiem of a Great Run to the Title

This one’s for all those Suns fans that dream…. Wow, it still so hard to take in and almost as hard to believe the day would actually come. To see the 2014/2015 NBA Championship Banner raised in...


BREAKING NEWS: Josh Childress's Afro Found Torched Near USAC!

Phoenix police are looking for a suspect they say torched the afro of Phoenix Suns player Josh Childress last night. Hours after police investigators had cordoned off the area, the smoldering...


A Few Good Players (A Sit-Down with Mr. Sarver)

A Few Good PlayersSadly adapted from the Aaron Sorkin screenplay ****************************************************************************************************************************** S...


Was Alvin Gentry Setup for a Setback...?

This more than anything encapsulates the way we feel right now… “The greatest blunders, like the thickest ropes, are often compounded of a multitude of strands. Take the rope apart, separate it...


How to Stop Rosterbating 101.....

The first step in dealing with any problem is to first admit you have a problem. If you have concocted a trade for Blake Griffin by giving away spare body parts or if you believe Phoenix will give...


Weeping May Endure For a Night...But Joy Cometh in the Morning...

Howdy all,      The night the Suns lost to the Kings was probably the first time in several years that I actually got a upset after a game...Admittedly it was a tough loss. While I pride myself in...


Stay Thirsty Bright Side...Stay Thirsty

In a small section of the mind of Steve Nash where P-N-R’s and mind-boggling passes intersect, lies a foundation so incongruous that people see it over and over every game--but are blind to the...


Be Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving all...


Power Forward at the Gates of Delirium.....

AH…REBOUNDING…  Well, we here at BSOTS have seemingly beaten the Suns rebounding issue to a bloody pulp. Me personally, I don’t mind beating a dead horse, but at some point I need to save my...

So you think you can be an NBA player....


Lessee...I'm closing in on 40, balding, 30 pounds overweight, easily winded walking to the frigerator (Not to mention that I practically invented towel-waving while sitting on the bench in college), but I think I can play for the Suns...If they would just give me a chance, I know I could shut Kobe down and give the Suns a consistent 20 & 10 threat every night...! Why not me????

NBA All Overrated Team


You might be surprised by some of the names here...I was espeecially shocked at some of their choices for Power-Forward...


The Fropez that snarled at the heart of the Suns line-up....

A fun look at Robin Lopez and what he can give the Suns next season.


A BSOTS State of the Union (With a lot of slant...)

Howdy all;     Just your friendly neighborhood Sun-God here to try to capture some thoughts about the current state of affairs  concerning Bright Side of the Sun. All this came to me after my boss...

Seth held scoreless as the TrueHoop Network All-Stars and SB Nation All-Stars faced off


The TrueHoop Network All-Stars and SB Nation All-Stars faced off in an epic game of organized basketball Saturday morning, with the TrueHoop Network prevailing 50-47, led by a McHalian 32-point, 17-rebound effort down low by Rob Mahoney of The Two Man Game. Mahoney is currently meeting with a select group of European scouts seated along the near baseline in Cox Pavilion, though there's no truth to the unconfirmed reports he's reached a deal in principle to play with CB Peñas Huesca of Spain's LEB Silver league.


From the depths of despair, the Suns always rise....

Well, I must first preface this post by saying that this was written to ease my soul as a Suns fan and bring me closure, so it may not necessarily apply to you. I am not ashamed to say that I...


Random Thoughts about WCF Game 5...We can do this!!!!

[Just for the ones that  haven’t got a clue...the WCF are tied 2-2…Now it’s a best of three…] Well it’s almost time for the Phoenix Suns to go to work once again. The yeoman’s work they performed...


Why the Girlie Zone is jacking with the Lakers...

  The so called experts callously predicted that the Los Angeles Lakers would dispose of the Phoenix Suns as quickly as teenagers go through a week’s worth of groceries. After games 1 & 2 and...


Why do the Suns keep losing on TNT?

Today's 96-87 debacle with the Blazers was just another in a long series of losses that the Suns have suffered on TNT in the last few years. Since the beginning of the 2008-2009 season, the Suns...


Mitigating Potential Problems in the Portland Series...

I first want to preface this post with the premise that about a month ago,  I asked for the Blazers or Nuggets as good match ups for a  Suns playoff series. Many of the BSOTS brethren respectively...


Will this be Barbosa's last year as a Sun? Is it in our best interest to ship him off?

No true Suns fan can deny the dissapointing year that Leandro Barbosa has had; injury problems with his wrist and other ailments have really slowed him down. However, the problem with Leandrinho...


Suns prospective playoff opponents...Let's look at the Jazz!

Well folks, it’s time to start assessing our playoff possibilities. Currently we are seeded as the 5th seed in the West, but the season is far from over. With 20 games left in the ultra-competitive...


The best (and worst) of the Suns line-ups (Part III)

Part three of the Best (and Worst) of the Suns line-ups.  This time around, I am asking for the best defensive combination that the Suns can put on the floor at once. While offense gets all the...


The best (and worst) of the Suns line-ups (Part II)

  Part two of the Best (and Worst) of the Suns line-ups.  This time around, I am asking for the worst offensive combination that the Suns can put on the floor at once. While it would appear to be...


The best (and worst) of the Suns line-ups! (Part I)

It's pretty evident to even the causal NBA observer that some line-ups click, and some line-ups...just don't. Sometimes it take a lot of coaching staff agonizing and tinkering to achieve what the...


Are you smarter than Steve Kerr?

I thought this would be a good idea to stimulate meaningful discussion on how to improve the Suns going into the next few years…The fact is while many of us are knowledgeable and educated fans, we...

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