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Regier Takes Another PR Hit For The Team


Apparently, building a team that amasses 100 points and wins a division title doesn’t get you much slack or credibility in this town. In the midst of a hot Buffalo summer that many Sabres fans...

Nolan's Sullen Act Is Getting Tiresome


In his first year he took a lousy hockey team and made it entertaining. In his second year he made it a division champion. But for someone so good at making others better than they really are, since getting the boot from Buffalo, Ted Nolan has failed to do the same for himself.

Vanishing Act of Sabres Key Players Raises Questions


If anyone still had visions of this group of Sabres skill forwards someday leading their team to a Stanley Cup run, then the events of the past six games should pretty much run the hope tank to empty.

LARRY QUINN SPEAKS Sabres minority owner Larry Quinn spoke to the Associated Press today. Here...

LARRY QUINN SPEAKS Sabres minority owner Larry Quinn spoke to the Associated Press today. Here are his comments: On the short lived playoff run: "It was a good step, but I thought we could've gone a lot farther. I don't like (the result) and I'm very disappointed. But I woke up this morning and it's get back to work. It's obvious that our power play didn't score, so that's a concern. What's not obvious is how you address that. I think Boston's a very good team, so you can't just throw the towel in because you lost the series. We're very disappointed but not discouraged." On free agents Tallinder, Lydman, Grier: "We're going to have to address that. There's going to be a lot of work done by the hockey department before we got to any signing. But I think those guys are great players and have played tremendous hockey for us. So they're a very important part of our team." Grier has already expressed to the Sabres through his agent that he would like to return.

Latest Sens Win Has Sabres Fans Overreacting


Another loss to Ottawa has many Sabres fans pointing at the wrong reasons for the unlikelihood of a Stanley Cup in Buffalo this year.

Kaleta Calls on Sabres Fans to Rock the House


Sabres forward Patrick Kaleta wants more from what has been a quiet home crowd. Perhaps the difference in personalities of the team he plays for and the team he grew up watching is the problem.

Regier Talks Trade Deadline


Comments that Sabres GM Darcy Regier made yesterday can be found in a Globe and Mail article from this morning. "There will be a lot of players shifting teams. Unfortunately, as indicated by the past, most of the trades will not amount to much." "I'm not suggesting the players involved will not have value. But the impact of most of the trades is not nearly as big as the hype." "I don't put a lot of value in the rental market because I don't see the sense in giving up assets for someone who will become an unrestricted free agent in a few months. You've got to get someone who will help you beyond this year." "I don't feel obligated to make a move just for the sake of making a move. We have some kids in the American Hockey League who are almost ready to come up and they could help us as much as anyone we could trade for."

Trade Deadline Reporting 2010: Rumors, Insiders and Pretenders


                It’s almost March 3rd, and a perfect storm could be brewing.  An inundation of data in a high tech world may force Internet Armageddon upon us.  If the...

Ten For Sens Equals Doubt For Sabres


The red hot Ottawa Senators earned their franchise record 10th straight win at the expense of the Buffalo Sabres, which is fitting considering how one-sided this matchup has been over the past few years.

Patience From Regier Paying Off


If you ask passionate long time Buffalo Sabres fans to describe GM Darcy Regier in one word, you might want to avoid having young children around when doing so. Even in the midst of a great season he is considered by many fans and writers to be the problem and not the solution.

Sabres A Few Goals Short of A Cup Contender


Sabres A Few Goals Short Of A Cup Contender

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