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Losing Mo, Re-Signing Lillard


How is the Portland Trail Blazers' cap strategy working out? Could they pull a big trade this year? Plus reaction to Mo Williams signing with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Where Joel Freeland Fits


The Blazersedge Mailbag looks at Joel Freeland's position, Free Agent contracts, cap questions, and the significance of autographs, plus more burning Portland Trail Blazer topics!

Barton and McCollum: Who Gets Minutes?


Will Barton and C.J. McCollum have shined and faltered for the Portland Trail Blazers. Which has the brighter future and which do you anticipate sticking with the team?

Leonard and Robinson: How Much Hope?


The Trail Blazers are banking on improvement from Thomas Robinson and Meyers Leonard this year. What do they bring to the table and how hopeful is their future?

Trades and Future Plans


With Chris Kaman and Steve Blake in the fold, the free agency moves for the Portland Trail Blazers appear to be over. Is this the end of the summer shuffling or could they pull a rabbit out of the...

Blazers Roll Over Hawks; Thomas Robinson Hurt


The Portland Trail Blazers went circus act on the Atlanta Hawks in their third game of the Las Vegas Summer League. Read all about Portland's superstars, plus the return of Meyers Leonard, right here!

Fandom, History, and the Blazers


Which Trail Blazers team would you most like to be a part of? Which event in franchise history would you most like to change? Check out answers and provide your own in this edition of the Blazer's...

Summer League Game 1 Showcases Stars, Stinkers


The Portland Trail Blazers fell 71-69 to the New York Knicks in Game 1 of Portland's 2014 Summer League outing. How did the team look? Which players showed their stuff and which players weren't ready?

Reaction: Steve Blake a Blazer Again


Steve "Bad Penny" Blake joins the Portland Trail Blazers roster for the third time in his career. How did this signing help the Blazers? What can Blake bring to the table?

What to Expect in Summer League


What to expect from the Portland Trail Blazers in their 2014 NBA Summer League appearance and what to look for at Summer League in general.

Where Are the Blazers Headed?


The Portland Trail Blazers will have Chris Kaman in the fold in 48 hours. Where do they go from here?

Measured Steps Forward


The Portland Trail Blazers keep making incremental steps forward, crawling towards respectability one move at a time. What's with the measured pace? Why do other franchises seem to be moving...

Discussing the Chris Kaman Agreement


The Portland Trail Blazers have committed to signing Chris Kaman with their Mid-Level Exception. Does this indicate more about the team's position than Kaman's ability?

Why Chris Kaman Makes Sense


Digging into the Portland Trail Blazers' agreement to sign unrestricted free agent center Chris Kaman to a two-year contract.

Free Agency Rumors: Heat or Hooey?


Analysis of all the hottest free agency and trade rumors coming down the pike for the Portland Trail Blazers. Which rumors make sense and which can you dismiss?

Valuing Aldridge


LaMarcus Aldridge's contract status will take center stage for the Portland Trail Blazers over the next 12 months. Will he accept an early extension? How valuable is he to the team?

Analyzing the Trail Blazers Draft Moves


How did the Portland Trail Blazers fare in the 2014 NBA Draft? Maybe better than you think...

Potential Draft Day Moves


What moves could the Portland Trail Blazers consider making to crash the 2014 NBA Draft party?

101 Potential Moves: Part 2


The Blazersedge Mailbag explores 11 NBA free agents, asking who's most suitable to become the Portland Trail Blazers' next big bench savior.

Trading Starters, Helping the Bench


The Mailbag explores the extend to which the Portland Trail Blazers might go in order to improve their bench.

A Proposal From Philly


Michael Levin from proposes a trade between the Portland Trail Blazers and Philadelphia 76'ers. Would you go for it?

Cap Space and Roster Room


What tricks do the Portland Trail Blazers have up their sleeves in the Summer of 2014 to create cap space and roster room for talent?

101 Potential Moves


Portland Trail Blazers fans are chomping at the bit for off-season action. Read their suggestions for potential Blazer moves and expert reaction to each.

How Do the Blazers Improve from Here?


The Portland Trail Blazers exceeded all expectations in the 2013-14 season. Where do they go from here? How do they get better?

Why Paul Allen Won't Pay Luxury Tax, Plus LeBron!


Today's Blazer's Edge Mailbag feature covers dreams of LeBron James in a Blazer uniform and the intricacies of the NBA Luxury Tax.

Lillard and Payton: Match Made in Heaven?


Can Gary Payton help Damian Lillard's defense? Should the Portland Trail Blazers just stand pat this summer? Read on for answers!

Good Guard Moves


How would George Hill or Shaun Livingston look in a Portland Trail Blazers uniform?

Reuniting the Lopez Brothers


The Blazer's Edge Mailbag tackles trade and free agency questions today, including the rigors of the NBA salary cap and how the Blazers are bound by it.

Should the Blazers Trade Batum for a Lottery Pick?


Would Nicolas Batum buy a lottery pick? How might the current Portland Trail Blazers roster develop? Check out the Blazer's Edge Mailbag!

Free Agents and the MLE


How important are the Portland Trail Blazers' moves this summer and who might be available for the MLE?

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