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I am a UK based writer and blogger and you can find my weekly columns on Windy City Gridiron every Wednesday and Friday.

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  • MLB Philadelphia Phillies
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Possible First Round Draft Targets For The Bears


With the Bears season being over, why don't we take a really early look at some potential first round targets for Chicago in this year's NFL draft. They will be drafting 20th, so let's see who...

Do you really care who coaches the Bears?


Before Trestman has even coached a game in Chicago, we all know how he will be judged. By winning games. A good coach is someone whose players win games.

The Chicago Bears Simply Need To Score More Points


It has to be start with the play calling, and as Trestman has stated, he will be calling the offensive plays. So let's see what you got, Marc. And I'm excited about it, and so should all Bears fans.

Jay Cutler Will Always Have An Excuse In Chicago


Whoever the new head coach turns out to be, he needs to find a way to make the offense more balanced. Get Forte more involved in the passing game again, find a way to give Devin Hester a role that...

Do We Want A Former Packer As The New Head Coach?


Now, unless I missed a memo, aren't the Packers supposed to be the Bears' arch nemesis? Aren't we supposed to despise everything to do with them? In that case, why on earth would we want one of...

Chicago Bears - Why The Playoffs Need To Change


Is the current way things are done the best way? Is it the only way to do things? Could playoffs be abandoned altogther, in favor of something that might possibly be fairer? Let us know what you...

Jay Cutler - Have Things Improved?


Have the Bears been getting their money's worth with Cutler, and should they be rewarding him with a long term, lucrative contract? Let's see.

Why The Bears Need To Miss Out On The Playoffs


First and foremost, I am a fan of the Chicago Bears and have been since 1985, and I care passionately about the fortunes of the team. And this is the reason why I want the Bears to miss out on the...

How Much Difference Does Urlacher Really Make?


UIrlacher is a multi time pro-bowler who looks set to make it to the hall of fame when his career does draw to a close. But like I have mentioned before in previous columns, does one man really...

Do The Fans Deserve More From The Bears?


Head coaches and general managers come and go. Quarterbacks get traded, and draft picks frequently fail to live up to expectations. But the fans always remain. That's why, right now, the fans of...

Time To Panic For The Bears?


With the defense now pretty banged up and not looking anywhere near as good as they did at the beginning of the year; and an offense that pretty much revolves around Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall...

Cutler to Marshall - Enough Is Enough


In Marshall, the Bears have a weapon at wide receiver that they have been missing for several years. But it's all they have. I would have thought that Marshall himself is pretty tired of carrying...

Do The Bears Need More From Matt Forte?


There were voices far and wide calling for the Chicago Bears to reward their star running back with a new contract. And Forte received his wish as he was signed to a four-year, $30 million deal....

Why The Bears Need Cutler The Gunslinger


He exudes a certain amount of charm when he scrambles away from a collapsing pocket and makes a great throw when he had no right to do so. It's a recklessness that sets him apart from other...

Rachal Gone, Carimi Benched; Webb Still Standing


In the last few days we have seen left guard Chilo Rachal take his ball and go home, and second-year right tackle, Gabe Carimi relegated to the bench. So where are all those Webb haters now?

Chicago Bears: Simply Not Good Enough


The last two games have been tough tests, and they were a chance for the Bears to show the rest of the league exactly what kind of team they are. And they did just that. They proved they are a team...

Do The Bears Need More From Michael Bush?


The Bears fans haven't come close to seeing the best of Michael Bush and Chicago would be a much more formidable team if they could get him more involved in the game. He is a very good running back...

Bears Brian Urlacher Plays Football The Right Way


Urlacher's actions do not mean he wants the other team to win. It's not as if he went jumping over to their sideline and started high fiving the Texans and their coaching staff. It was a sign of...

Charles Tillman: A True Family Man


The Chicago Bears are lucky to have Charles Tillman on the roster. Not only is he having one of the best seasons of his life, he is also living the value, #familybeforefootball. And for that alone,...

Are The Bears Too Reliant On Brandon Marshall?


Jay Cutler and company haven't had to do much to influence the outcome of games this year. And it's just as well, because without wide receiver Brandon Marshall, Chicago's offense would have been...

Chicago Bears Cornerbacks - Best In The NFL?


The Bears defense is playing at a consistently high level, and while a lot of the focus seems to be on the front four and linebackers Brain Urlacher and Lance Briggs, the Chicago secondary is...

The Bears Can't Afford Any More 'Ugly' Wins


For two weeks in a row, Chicago has played poorly. And you can tell me all you want, that all that matters is winning the game, but we all know that's not the only important thing.

NFC North Champs - Bears or Packers?


The halfway point of the season is fast approaching, and which teams are emerging as favorites to clinch the NFC North? For this writer, only two teams will be in the hunt by the end of the season....

Bears Win, But Must Score More


The Bears did win the game against the Lions, taking their record to 5-1. But the fact is they only scored 13 points, playing at home against a Detroit team that allows an average of 25 points per...

2012 Bears rookies - The story so far


We are now seven weeks into the season, so what better time to take a look at how this year's crop of Chicago Bears rookies have fared in their first NFL season.

Is Brian Urlacher no longer needed in Chicago?

He is without doubt in the twilight of his career, and it wouldn't surprise to me if this season was Urlacher's last. He doesn't have anything left to prove. He has solidified his place as one of...

Alshon Jeffery - The Best Rookie Wide Receiver?


The Chicago Bears used their second round pick in this year's draft to select wide receiver Alshon Jeffery. It's fair to say that he has probably exceeded expectations and has been solid number two...

Which team will win the NFC North?


Yesterday I heard someone on a podcast say they thought the Indianapolis Colts could scrape into the playoffs. And I agree with them. That;s how quickly things can turn round. So what of the NFC...

Does Cutler Owe The Media?


I hate this thought that players are somehow required to kowtow to journalists and reporters, and submit to their every whim. Cutler sometimes acts like I would when faced with what he sees as a...

The Cutler And Marshall Show Gets Back On Track


After an impressive victory against the Dallas Cowboys this past Monday night, we can safely say that Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and wide receiver Brandon Marshall have rekindled the flame that,...

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