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I've got a blog called 'Searching for Slava'. You should read it, obsessively. Tweet as @davem234

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Craig Sager returns


America's sideline reporter prepares for the upcoming season by returning to childhood haunts and communing with woodland creatures.

Bend it like Nash


Nowitzki looked past his little buddy to the two men struggling up the trail. "Sager! Nice shirt! Slava?! Is that you? My god, man!"

Spurs scouts may have tabs on every euro player ever...


... but I guarantee they've overlooked Kiovanic Atomik. The 60th pick, Searching for Slava style.

Chipper and Bunny Bear


Sager's broadcast season is over... but he never really leaves us.

When the Lakers season is over...


and I become unreasonably bored. I write strange things, As if I don't already write strange things.

The horrible flowers


Shameless non-basketball self-pimping.

Some go fishing, some go bog snorkeling


The end of the season came suddenly for Lakers fans. And while the playoffs continue, I have had to look elsewhere for solace and redemption. To peaty bogs, and far off places.

When the season's over, go bog snorkeling


Some of you know that I have much appreciation for the Spurs. And I'm pulling for y'all the rest of the way. But my Lakers' season is done, and I have to find ways to contain my gloom. Like the far off peaty bogs.

Beware of Mamba


Here is where the torches burn brightest, where the cyber village becomes the most querulous and agitated. Is he going to try and take over?

The Seersucker Season


In honor of tonight's Lakers/Spurs match-up, I wrote another in my ongoing Craig Sager series. Because I can. It's so very lonely, you're 2000 light years from home...

They play after dark


With more than a passing nod to the accidental tourist post, at Searching for Slava.


Confessions Of A Laker Fan

Confessions of a Laker Fan - Dave of Searching for Slava, pens this prelude to tomorrow's Lakers vs Spurs clash.

The old guard


Rockets are buying out .04 - any chance the Spurs would bring an old guard like that in for the stretch drive?

Shooting Star


Adam Morrison drifts through the cross-hairs.

Blue Velvet


It seemed like a good idea at 4 am last night. Craig Sager's journey home.

The Daisy Chain


Searching for Slava brings you coffee grounds, media bets and readers beware, Lakers/Clippers.

Perfect Day


Chasing the nexus - Lou Reed and Hasbro toys.

Day of the Locust


Slipping in with the first regular season Searching for Slava post. Slipping back out again. Shhhh. Just mices.

They're programmed to destroy us


My clearcut analysis of Stern and Lakers. Because I know you're not laughing at us... you're laughing at us.

The blue sky post


New season, new aimless wanderings from Searching for Slava. Apart from that, would like to wish good luck and health to the Spurs, and much respect to the awesome PtRers. Let's battle in the WCF.

The World Gone Black

The National Basketball League keeps returning to this curious state of balance, weights are given and taken and at each crucual juncture, we pronounc a tipping point. Once again, we're on the escarpment, looking down.

Another hopeful journal entry

There is a vacuum in leadership, as they say. And I don’t want to give up, I don’t want to accept that the lions of the league will simply allow themselves to be opened up and left on the table.

SfS - That long black cloud is comin' down

The war of words has escalated. There's a reason people don't trust a federal mediator. It's the reason people say Washington is broken, not that it isn't necessarily, but the two sides have been saying it for so long, that it's simply become the accepted law of the land. Billy Hunter and David Stern understand, they've been tearing each other down for decades.

Once again, it's much too late...


Slava slips around the side way and sneaks back in.

Slava returns..


..and takes on the lockout and fluffy white dogs.

Slava has a solution..


When all else fails, pimp yourself in FanShots. SfS's new post vaguely tackles the idea of shoring up the end of the bench with washed-up bigs. It's not nearly as informative as Ben R's excellent piece but it does offer a picture of a used car salesman in a pink suit.

Slava invades you


When I do this I do it with trepidation - I usually think there's noithing worse than pimping babble on a rival team's site. That said, I sometimes get a better response from Spurs' fans than Lakers'. I choose not to believe there's any lessons to be learned.



Kobe's birthday and looking back at 03/04.

The Aqua Net Blowtorch


Another measured journal entry from SfS.

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