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Re-Watching My Favorite Fight: Paul Daley vs. Nick Diaz

I never enjoy the sporting events that are the most important to me. For the big games or events, the ones that really matter to me, I'm such an anxious wreck by the time it starts that I watch...


Post-Fight Schadenfreude is a Bad Look

I am a Washington Redskins fan, which means that until very recently, I have been subjected to a LOT of terrible, heartbreaking football, year in and year out. For the past two decades, two things...


Everything That's Wrong With MMA in a Nutshell: The Larkin-Carmont Decision

The judging in Larkin-Carmont is not only the worst I've seen this year, it may be the worst that I can ever recall seeing in any fight. via scumbagjudge.files.wordpress.com Lorenz Larkin...


Jake Who? The KOTN Winner's Awesome, Forgotten Weekend

If I was Jake Ellenberger I'd demand a rider on my contract: never put me on a card with Nick Diaz again unless I'm fighting him. via www.cagewall.com Let's review how Jake's weekend went. He...


To BJJ or not to BJJ: That is the Question

What up Mutherfukers? I come to my favorite group of MMA and combat sports degenerates to crowd-source a simple question: how should I get my competitive combat sports fix? Or more specifically,...


Meh: An MMA Hater's Take on GSP-Condit

In the wake of GSP's impressive dismantling of Carlos Condit Saturday night, I was loudly informed by much of the commentariat that the main event was "what high-level MMA should look like" and...


The Most Annoying Thing About Being a Skins Fan

Hi everybody, I mostly lurk here, devoting the bulk of my commenting time to SBNation blogs about various forms of bloodsport, but I'm a lifelong, diehard Skins fan, and I'm here to air a...


Frankie Edgar and the Rocky Archetype

At any given moment in time, at least one team in the National Football League is required to employ at least one small, undersized, usually white wide receiver, who is known for his work ethic and...


From Beef to BFF: Post-Fight Makeups Are Natural

It's a ubiquitous scene in combat sports: two men who spent several months calling each other names, and several minutes trying to dismember one another in the most painful manner possible share a...

There might be a funnier ad for a gym somewhere, but I kind of doubt it.


There might be a funnier ad for a gym somewhere, but I kind of doubt it.


New MMA Rule: Auto-Deductions for Multiple Low Blows

Under the current rules of MMA one of the easiest and most effective ways to game the system is to come out of your corner, blast your opponent in the babymakers, wait for him to "recover", and...


10 Signs You Are an MMA Hipster

"Hipster" is an enigmatic appelation. Part of the problem is that one of the core requirements for being a hipster is that you must categorically deny that you are a hipster. Indeed, calling...


Aristotle Knows Nick Diaz Didn't Cheat

This is not a defense of Nick Diaz. Nick Diaz broke the rules and now he has to face whatever punishment is meted out by his employer and the Nevada State Athletic Commission. I leave the debate...


Diaz v. Condit and the Rule of 'Trembling Shock'

There is no martial art more reviled in modern MMA circles than taekwondo. Simply mentioning the "way of the hand and foot" conjures images of strip-mall dojangs and nine-year-old black belts. When...


In Which I Argue that Diaz-Daley was Fight of the Year

I suppose in a situation like this, it's best to get the disclosures out of the way early. I am this site's biggest, most unapologetic Paul Daley mark, and I also come down on strongly on the...


The UFC (Still) Needs A Real Personal Conduct Policy

The UFC needs a real personal conduct policy with clearly defined rules, processes and penalties, and that policy needs to exist somewhere outside of Dana White's brain. via www.citizenvox.org ...


Dear Ben Saunders, L.Bo and Kid Nate: Who Do I Have to Kill to Get My Shirt?

Listen up you teases: I want that shirt. I want it real bad. That shirt will complete me. I realize it might take awhile to get all the legal and business ducks in a row and all, but I don't care....


Your Blind Hate is Making You Sound Stupid

In the mid 1980s (I am old) I moved with my mom from the Washington, D.C., area to the San Francisco Bay Area to start high school. As a die-hard Redskins fan, I developed an instant and profound...


Crime, Punishment and The Perplexing Puritanism of MMA Fans

Back when I competed in taekwondo tournaments (jokes go here) I always remarked that you would never find a sweeter group of guys than the ones who would be trying to kick your teeth in. It almost...


The Four Types of MMA Fighter

I once maintained a blog on the now defunct social media platform Vox, which was basically an excuse to argue with my friends about music. By far my proudest accomplishment (in in admittedly...


Hating Strikeforce is Stupid: A Balanced and Nuanced Opinion

Of all the bizarre MMA memes, none confuses me more than silly and artificial UFC vs. Strikeforce debate that seems to reignite every time Strikeforce does anything remotely noteworthy. It's like...


Why Finishing Matters

A lot of people (ok, me) have taken the recent wins by Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard as an opportunity to reopen the age-old debate over the importance of finishing fights, and whether the ongoing...


An Open Plea to Scott Coker: Sign Paul Daley

Dear Scott, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize for some of the uncharitable things I have said about your organization.  Like many, I scoffed at the idea of having 40-year...


What it Means to be a "Bad Man" in MMA

There was a time, not long ago, when the heavyweight boxing champion of the world had a second, unofficial title: "The Baddest Man on the Planet."  With all respect to Wladimir Klitschko, I think...


MMA Strikers and the Myth of the "Puncher's Chance"

The upcoming bout between Josh Koscheck and Paul Daley at UFC 113 has given MMA fans a chance to dust off one of the sport's most well-worn cliches, that of the "puncher's chance." Koscheck, who is...

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