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Larry Taylor (KR/PR), Miami Dolphins

It appears the Miami Dolphins have found their "LT." No, not that LT. Meet your newest special teamer from the University of Connecticut (represent). All 5'6", 177 lbs. of him. via w...


Q and A with the M-I-A

Greetings! This is my first time over here at BTSC, and I'm anxious to get to know some of the reigning Super Bowl Champion Steelers' fans. I'd also gladly answer any and all of your questions. G...


Sweet, sweet carbonation

With all of the games we've been having with playoff aspirations attached to them, we cannot forget to keep a light and happy attitude on us going into the heart of a festive holiday season. I'm...


Ask the Miami Dolphins

Greetings! I am not The Phinsider's lead blogger, but I am a regular contributor and would consider myself very informed on the general perspectives and opinions shared on that site and on the team...


Patrick Turner: The diamond is worth the rough

It's been a while since the last time I've taken the time to analyze one of our lesser-known or under-proven players in a way hopefully nobody else has. In doing so, I hope to broaden our...

"We knew Henne was an up-and-coming quarterback with a strong arm who could make plays," Patriots...


"We knew Henne was an up-and-coming quarterback with a strong arm who could make plays," Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo said. "He threw the ball over 50 times, and when have you ever seen a Miami team do that?" You'll have to forgive Mayo. The second-year man from Tennessee was 13 when Dan Marino hung 'em up after the 1999 season. The kid was 4 the last time any Miami quarterback threw this many times in a victory. Marino's overtime conquest of the Eagles in 1990 required 54 tosses. Of the 18 times in franchise history in which a quarterback has thrown 50 or more passes, the Dolphins have won just six. The first five victories belonged to Marino.

The Bucs' Connor Barth tied an NFL record held by three other kickers when he made three field...


The Bucs' Connor Barth tied an NFL record held by three other kickers when he made three field goals of 50 yards or more. They covered 51, 50 and 54 yards -- the three longest kicks of his career.

Can I just say

Without being flamed as posting a FanPost with such a short message: Rex Ryan is a moronic, pompous, ignorant, arrogant, embarrassing head coach. Without cussing, this guy is just plain awful to...


ESPN: The Magazine - NFL Preview 2009

I, as a fan of the Miami Dolphins, enjoy the fact that I received ESPN: The Magazine's 2009 NFL Preview issue on the exact same day as our other 2009 preview: Preseason Game 3, Miami at Tampa Bay. S...


20/20 Fantasy Focus: Intro the Fray

Fantasy Football, for many, has become as big a part of the game as any. Some die-hard fans will only follow the NFL in general, or their specific team, because that is where the true game is...


Predicting the Wins: Miami Dolphins

Predicting how many wins your favorite NFL team will accumulate in their respective upcoming season has been a pastime for die hard fans of the sport for as long as I can remember. There is never...


Patrick Turner: The Great Gadsden

A good, solid debate is one of the most prevalent, commonplace, and enjoyable pastimes of bloggers and sports fans alike, especially in today's increasingly e-World. So, it comes as no surprise...

Brian Miller discusses John Beck trade


Brian Miller, a respectable blogger over at, wrote up a very interesting entry that discusses why Beck has not yet been moved and when he likely will be. I'm sure many of you have already realized the things he says here, but I found it feasible and perhaps a near certainty that what he says will turn out to be true.


Chad Henne vs. Jay Cutler: An Analysis

All this April Fools' Day talk of Jay Cutler arriving in Miami got a lot of conversation stirring: would we rather have the established Jay Cutler, who put up a phenomenal season in 2008 with the...

Trade Winds


A very long, yet very informative read about the front office and coaching staff's quest to build the perfect team. Or, at the very least, a dominant franchise for years to come. Takes a while to get through, but completely worth it from first word to last.


The Brothers Davis express desire to play for Miami,0,2740678.story Yes, I am as surprised by some of the content in article as you likely are. I...

Scout Network Mock Draft: Round 1


A lot of our very own Phinsiders will love this Mock Draft from, a premier source for NFL Draft scouting and coverage. Why? Well, mainly because Dolphin Digest's Alain Poupart has the trifecta landing Utah DB Sean Smith with pick #25 in the first round.


Darius Butler, CB, UConn

Being born in and raised in Connecticut through my 20 years of existence, I've undoubtedly always been a Husky fan through and through. The year we claimed the NCAA Men's and Women's Basketball...


Channing Crowder and Rey Maualuga

I for one am a huge opponent to those random posts that are made out of pure speculation, or as a result of a player who was recently released. "Will UFA #1 come to Miami because Team A just...

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