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I have played quite a bit of golf in my time (keep in mind I'm one of the DBN "Senior Citizens" around here). I still play quite a bit, but not nearly as much as I have in previous periods of my...


A Brush With Greatness

So, a busy week here in C-Town. I'm on vacation and have my German friend (by way of Beijing) in town. We've toured Downtown, played his second round of golf ever and of course, experienced his...


I'm Happy To Report, "The Rivalry" Is Alive And Well

Last weekend I attended a golf outing just to the southeast of Pittsburgh. We arrived on Friday evening and had 36 holes to play all day Saturday, with 18 on Sunday before the drive home. The Ski...


T.J. Ward a "No Show" at this mornings walk through.

I would have posted this as a Fanshot, but couldn't get the page to open on the iPad in the new format. 92.3 is reporting that T.J. Ward was the equivalent of a "No call-No Show" at this mornings...


Hypothetical For Browns Fans 25 And Under

The 2012 Browns season gets off to a surprising start with a 28-20 victory over the heavily favored Eagles. Much to everyones surprise, the young upstart team and it's roster laden with rookies...

Stillers Making Odd Late Move


Nice to see this kind of move in The Land Of The Inbred this late in preseason. House Of Cards is starting to tremble....

Anybody going to Alefest today?


Apologies in advance for once again not notifying Pwnda of another Cleveland beer event. I'll be with a big group somewhere around the old oak tree on the Northeast side of the park.


The "Four Four Forty"

There's been a lot of talk the last couple of days in blogs, posts here and on sports talk radio about the "forty time". Specifically, the 40 yd. dash time of Josh Gordon. I have read and heard...


OT - Food

I figure we have just a little bit of time before things start to pick up with Training Camp, and I feel like my new job has kept me away from DBN far too much. So, without further ado, let's talk...


Top 10 Ranked Remaining WR's

Two picks in the fourth round today, and I'm still hopefull the the Browns find a quality WR before the day is over. According to some quick research here's the Top 10 of who's left. Joe Adams J...

Available Free Agent WR.....


I know nothing about the guy other than a few articles I just read. Folks over on the Colts blog have very mixed feelings about the decision. Anybody know more about his college history? Should the Browns take a flyer?


2012 Schedule - Browns Need To Get Tough At Home

Now that some personnel decisions and draft trades have occurred, I took another look at the upcoming season's Home and Away opponents. One thing is for sure, The Browns need to find a way to take...


DBN Golf Outing

This idea was proposed in the new Wednesday Off Topic Thread amongst all The Masters talk. I mentioned the idea, and threw out the possibility of organizing the event. First, I'd like some more...

Searching For Evidence On Tannehill


I honestly don't know a lot about Tannehill. I don't watch a lot of College Football, but was immediately put off by hearing that he was a converted WR with only a year and a half experience. This link is to a pretty interesting Matrix on Football Outsiders. Check out last years as well (linked in the article). I still don't know how I feel - Tannehill does grade out better than some of the 1st rounders drafted last year though, and I think this is interesting stuff.

Browns Awarded Four Compensatory Draft Picks


7th rounders, but hey - we're up to 13 picks now. More ammo for a trade, or a possible diamond in the rough.


The Final Word.

Well Ok, not THE final word - just my final word on this whole "RGIII thing. I'm sure nobody out there is keeping track of my comments but I can save you the time in searching them if you feel so...


Where have, and do, you fly the Orange and Brown?

Something that just came up in another thread, and that I personally always find interesting is where do you live, and where have you come from? I've been a northeast Ohioan for my entire life. ...


2014 Super Bowl Cleveland Browns vs. Detroit Lions.....

I'm already tired of reading mock draft posts, and the mundane arguments of RGIII vs. Colt McCoy, Blackmon vs. Trading Down, trading up, Peyton Mannings likely landing place, Matt Flynn's value,...

Peyton Manning a possibility for The Browns?


Talk of this all afternoon on 92.3 in Cleveland. Apparently someone at the station is friends with Peytons other brother (theonethatsnotEliandIcantrememberhisname), talked to him, and this story has credibility. I can't wrap my mind around around a bunch of brown and orange Manning jerseys around town. I can't even make up my mind how I would feel about this kind of move. Please, discuss.


Roll Call!

I seem to remember a while back a lot of DBN members posting that they had tickets to this Sunday's game against the dreaded Ratbirds. I'll be attending, and with the game being moved to a 4:05...


OT Big Decisions

Ok All, I need some input. I'm in a pretty big money Knockout pool, and we've gone from 67 entrants down to 5 remaining players. This is a "Losers Pool" so you have to pick one losing team each...


Another Annual Browns Season Tradition

Ahhh what a tremendous morning! I got out of bed, made the morning coffee, caught up on a little news, all the while counting down the minutes till the clock struck 10:00. Every year on the day B...

Premature Jubilation......


The Bungals have done it again! Like a 16 yr. old in the back seat on his first date, they just couldn't hold back. Then, they compound the blunder by being the worst poker players ever and showing their hand before the final card is dealt with Carson Palmer - read on. Too funny.


Off Topic: Motorcycles

After the very enthusiastic discussion on Automobiles, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about one of my greatest loves, Motorcycles. Motorcycles are in my blood.  My father is a retired...

Interesting Perspective Of The NFL From Another Sports Owner


I don't know a whole lot about Marc Cuban, other than to think that if I suddenly came into enough money to own a sports franchise that I could see myself acting a lot like him at times. Interesting insight on the NFL and the owners decision to opt out of the CBA on his part in this article from his blog.


Strangely Quiet......

Was today not the day that Homgren was to meet with the coordinaters regarding their job status?  So far I have not seen or heard a report anywhere.  Anybody that has Twitter access hear...


A little memorabilia and a Christmas story

I mentioned in a thread earlier this week that I had an interesting piece of Browns memorabilia and had a request to post some pictures, so here it is, along with a little background.  I checked...


IHOP Is Missing The Boat

The world is an ever shrinking place.  It seems that every day I stumble upon another situation of knowing someone that knows someone that I know....etc. Someone on DBN must  - in some way be...


18 Game Season Smokescreen

After reading this mornings Plain Dealer article on Roger Goodell's visit to Browns camp yesterday a couple of things occurred to me. Goodell says that the preseason games are an "inferior product"...

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