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"If y'all see me in the news, and I make the news for something that I ain't got no business making it for, don't bash me. Say it was a young guy living." -- Clinton Portis

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TBJ: Did Darren Collison foul Stephen Jackson? -- video of the non-call at the end of the game

Hard to tell, isn’t it? Stephen Jackson definitely looks like he got hit, but he also definitely looks like he was trying to lean in to Darren Collison in order to shoot some free throws. That’s a call refs have made a point of not calling over the past few seasons, virtually eliminating Derek Fisher’s entire offensive repertoire.

Bobcats fall to Pacers 104-103; refs' mistakes mar game for all


The Bobcats were slowly getting choked out by an Indiana Pacers team that was outrunning, outgunning, and outhustling them. But then the fourth quarter happened, and the Cats came roaring back,...


Bobcats at Pacers Open Gameday Thread

Join the Bobcats-Pacers game live chat.

Charlotte Bobcats at Indiana Pacers preview -- Game 52


As one of the teams the Bobcats are battling for a playoff spot, let's not feel too sorry for the Pacers. After all, that playoff spot looks good, smells good, and they'd step over their own...

Bobcats TV numbers are ugly


The Bobcats are drawing depressing TV numbers that have to be seen to be believed.

TBJ: Shaun Livingston is innocent


In case you missed it after the game, Stephanie Ready asked Livingston about the last-second foul called on him as Paul Pierce heaved up a three attempt. Liv assured the audience he's on our side.

Bobcats beat Celtics 94-89; Jackson ejected, but Wallace and Livingston step up


Shaun Livingston and Gerald Wallace stepped up in a big way tonight, leading the Charlotte Bobcats to victory over the Boston Celtics, 94-89. Livingston came off the bench to lead the Cats with 18...


Bobcats vs. Celtics Open Gameday Thread

Join the Bobcats-Celtics game live chat.

Charlotte Bobcats vs. Boston Celtics preview -- Game 51


While true that if Kevin Garnett wore the Bobcats uniform, we'd look past most of his bad behavior, he doesn't, and so 92% of the NBA universe doesn't.

Last minute Super Bowl party dessert: Individually Sized Cheesecakes


If you're still looking for a killer Super Bowl party food to make, here's a super-easy, sophisticated dessert, courtesy of the Official Father of Rufus on Fire. Individually Sized Cheesecakes === ...

Bobcats lose to Mavericks, 101-92; three quarters of listlessness give way to one quarter of thrills


Though true that it took until the fourth quarter for the Bobcats to start playing with an edge, those last eight minutes or so redeemed the previous forty and reminded me of why we stick around to...


Bobcats vs. Mavericks Open Gameday Thread

Join the Bobcats-Mavericks game live chat.

Charlotte Bobcats vs. Dallas Mavericks preview -- Game 50


The Bobcats cannot attempt to do the same things they always do if they want to be successful against the Mavericks defense.

Bobcats can't keep up with Heat, lose 109-97


For the majority of the game, the Bobcats were within reach of the Heat, but in the end could't quite keep up with Miami's high-powered offense.


Charlotte Bobcats vs. Miami Heat Open Gameday Thread

Join the Bobcats-Heat game live chat.

Bill Simmons: Super Bowl Mailbag

Q: After drinking for a few hours at the Yardhouse before going to the Bobcats versus Clippers game and drinking the entire game my friends and I who were sitting close to the Bobcats bench decided it would be a good idea to start heckling Stephen Jackson, aka Krazee-Eyez Killa, at the end of the game. NOT a good idea. He pointed at us and said "I'm gonna f--- you guys up." For the rest of the game and the whole walk to our car I kept looking behind my back to see if he was following us. Even in the car I figured he might drive up next to us and I would end up on "1000 Ways to Die," the Stephen Jackson edition. Turns out you should NEVER EVER mess with Stephen Jackson. -- Garrett, Oxnard, Calif. SG: Um ... didn't we know that already?

Charlotte Bobcats vs. Miami Heat preview -- Game 49; LeBron is finally playing like a big man


It's not really an argument anymore that LeBron James is the best player in basketball right now. Perhaps he hasn't achieved as much, careerwise, as Kobe Bryant, and perhaps he doesn't have the...

NBA All Star teams announced -- Kwame Brown left off East roster


"Travesty" is an overused word. Thus, I choose "traveshamockery".

Kevin Love, D.J. Augustin, and properly valuing them


Something has been bothering me since it went up in the NYTimes.com Off the Dribble blog.

Bobcats get another road win, beat Pistons 97-87


In front of a mostly-empty arena in Auburn Hills, Stephen Jackson took the opportunity to go up against a series of inferior defenders and torched the Detroit Pistons for 39 points.


Bobcats at Pistons Open Gameday Thread

Join the Bobcats-Pistons game live chat.

Charlotte Bobcats at Detroit Pistons preview -- Game 48


This incarnation of the Detroit Pistons shouldn't be quite this bad. They're not terrible as it stands, but they're bad enough that there's this creeping sense that something's gone horribly wrong...

Weather.com -- Auburn Hills, MI


Looks like the monster storm hitting a huge swathe of the country won't affect the Detroit area much today. Light snow this morning will give way to snow showers this afternoon. High 22F. Winds N at 15 to 25 mph. Snow accumulating 1 to 3 inches.

Rob Neyer joins SBN


For the baseball fans, primarily...

Wizards' home-road split is just something that happens, not an indictment of their team


Something amazing is happening to the Washington Wizards that deserves a little more attention, and we can think about this instead of wondering whether the massive Midwest storm will cancel the...

Bobcats lose to Jazz, 83-78; Augustin kept them close, but they couldn't quite keep up in fourth quarter


For the Bobcats, this was supposed to be a hellish road trip, and it's been anything but. After reeling off wins over the Kings, Suns, and Warriors, they got blown out by the Clippers, and then...


Bobcats at Jazz Open Gameday Thread; and "the greatest sports pep talk ever"

Join the Bobcats-Jazz game live chat.

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