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Charlotte Bobcats at Utah Jazz preview -- Game 47


This year, the Jazz are successful, if not full-blown title contenders, thanks to Williams's top-notch production, and they'll likely make the Western Conference playoffs, even if Al Jefferson continues to take way more shots than he should.

Bobcats' win streak ends, lose to Clippers 103-88


We saw a great effort from the reserves, and it's just as well the starters got limited minutes and should be well-rested for Monday.

Blake Griffin three-quarter court alley oop overflow thread; Bobcats trail by 15 at the half


Randy Foye looks up and sees Blake Griffin jogging toward the goal, sixty feet away. He figures, "Why not?" and flips the ball at the rim...


Bobcats at Clippers Open Gameday Thread; also, how the NBA All Star fantasy draft would go down

Join the Bobcats-Clippers game live chat, and tell us how you'd draft in an All Star fantasy draft.

Charlotte Bobcats at Los Angeles Clippers preview -- Game 46


While the Cats' west coast swing is already a success by just about any reasonable standard, it can always get better.

Bobcats beat Warriors in overtime, 121-113


I didn't expect the Bobcats to be this successful through the first three games of the road trip. Three wins.

Crunch time overflow thread


Gerald Wallace: 1-1 on shots that weren't blocked.


Bobcats at Warriors Open Gameday Thread

Join the Bobcats-Warriors game live chat.

Charlotte Bobcats at Golden State Warriors preview -- Game 45


The main difference between the Bobcats and Warriors is that the Cats are finding ways to maximize their limited talent on hand, while the Warriors have an overabundance of useful and intriguing -- if not exceedingly attractive -- perimeter talent.

O.J. Mayo suspended 10 games for failing a drug test

The league office announced Thursday that Mayo has been suspended for 10 games for violating the terms of the league’s anti-drug program. The suspension involves a positive test for the steroid dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). For what it's worth, that would make him eligible to play on February 15, the Grizzlies' last game before the All Star break, and a week and a half before the NBA trade deadline.

Forbes NBA teams valuations


Without looking, do you know where the Bobcats rank?

Bobcats stand strong against Suns, win 114-107


The Bobcats had to know they might end up in a shootout in Phoenix, and that's exactly what happened. The Cats prevailed for the second night in a row, on the road, in the west, defeating the Suns, 114-107.

4th quarter overflow thread


Suns are 12-22 from three so far. The Bobcats? 8-13. Wow.


Bobcats at Suns Open Gameday Thread

Join the Bobcats-Suns game live chat.

Charlotte Bobcats at Phoenix Suns preview -- Game 44; plus, thoughts on what pace really means in basketball


Remember the study on pace in the NBA I linked a few days ago? Rohan Cruyff convincingly shows that "pace" is a little more complicated than what can be gleaned from a box score. For me, the most surprising nugget was something that confirmed what everyone's eyes have been telling them since Steve Nash returned to the desert: the Phoenix Suns play way faster than anyone else in the league.

Sactown Royalty: Early Hole Keeps Kings' Comeback Attempt Against Charlotte at Bay

In the second [quarter], Charlotte shot 12-20. In the rest of the game, the Bobcats shot 20-51. That's solid defense against an awful offensive team ... except for one quarter. When the Kings' offense is as bad as it's been, you can't give up a big quarter.

Bobcats top Kings, 94-89 -- Kwame Brown with 18 rebounds


In an overly sloppy game, the Bobcats jumped out to a double-digit lead in the first half and held on to beat the Sacramento Kings.

2nd half overflow thread


I'm sure Bobcats fans and Kings fans can come together in this moment and agree on two things: first, Blake Griffin scares the daylights out of us at the same time we appreciate that his career...


Bobcats at Kings Open Gameday Thread

Join the Bobcats-Kings game live chat.

That tattoo on Alexis Ajinca's neck is indeed the symbol from the television show Heroes. It means,...


That tattoo on Alexis Ajinca's neck is indeed the symbol from the television show Heroes. It means, "A talent sent from God."

Ex-Bobcat fact, via @stackmack

Charlotte Bobcats at Sacramento Kings preview -- Game 43


So begins the most difficult stretch of the season for the Charlotte Bobcats. Over the next nine days, the Cats will play six road games in western states, and though only one of them, the Utah Jazz, has even an inkling of championship hope at the moment, none of them looks to be an easy game, starting with tonight's game against the Sacramento Kings.

SBN: A new way to see speed in the NBA


Note that the Bobcats are in the slow half on offense, and the second-slowest team in the league on defense.

Hitting the middle -- can the Bobcats get younger, cheaper... and better?


Can the Cats trade bigger contracts, get a lot younger, and still make the playoffs?

Peachtree Hoops: Initial reaction to Hawks win


My resolution for the second half of the season: I'm going to try to link to the other SBN sites' reactions to our games the day after. We're a passionate bunch, and I love reading everything you say, but it's good to get perspective from outside our bubbles. ...it was Charlotte's early due to DJ Augustin and the Hawks in the second half when the Hawks went zone, the Bobcats got cold, and the Hawks wouldn't let them back in with some solid defense. The Bobcats didn't have the overall firepower to keep the Hawks reeling. While they have been solid defensively this year, being in the upper half of the league, they are no #3 ranked Hornets, whom the Hawks tried to shoot through last night.

Bobcats lose to Hawks, 103-87


The Bobcats were right there with the Atlanta Hawks until late in the third quarter, when the visitors went on a run, extending the lead to 11 points. The Cats couldn't recover in the fourth period, falling 103-87.


Bobcats vs. Hawks Open Gameday Thread

Join the Bobcats-Hawks game live chat.

Charlotte Bobcats vs. Atlanta Hawks preview -- Game 42


When all's said and done, I'm afraid Josh Smith is going to be remembered as the brash, chucking, youngster he was, and not the uber-Gerald Wallace that he is today.

Phil Birnbaum: Sabermetric basketball statistics are too flawed to work

You know all those player evaluation statistics in basketball, like "Wins Produced," "Player Evaluation Rating," and so forth? I don't think they work. I've been thinking about it, and I don't think I trust any of them enough put much faith in their results. [sic] My comment: I think the "big question" you're asking is not whether or not "sabermetric style" statistics and analysis can be applied to basketball -- I think it can -- but which measurements are useful. Someone like Wayne Winston would probably argue that you're absolutely correct that there's too much noise and outside influence in box score statistics to massage them into something useful. However, I think he'd also argue that you can massage +/-, adjusting for opponent, and get an idea of which five-man units work well together and which don't. It'd be nice to know WHY Landry Fields makes such a huge difference for the Knicks, but until we get a better handle on how to measure his individual contributions, we can see that the five-man units on which he plays are significantly better than the five-man units without him.

Further comment on Bobcats' win over 76ers


Yet again, the Bobcats didn't play a great game, but they defeated a team that's right at their level in the standings, and thus, at least in national perception, right about their talent level, in the 76ers.

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