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Great speech by Eva Carneiro

The only female club doctor in the Premier League speaks brilliantly on sexism and sexualisation in female doctors. Also a great insight into the medical team at Chelsea. A must watch imo.

Good article by a Utd fan on what could happen with Rooney

The quote on the consequences of putting in a transfer request is shocking. No wonder he doesn't want to do it (and why United are being so supportive in public - perhaps there'd be a case for constructive dismissal if they were properly pushing him out).

Good (Google translated) article on Chelsea's midfield dilemma by Thore Haugstad

Great article which touches on some of the concerns that Graham and the crew have had with the midfield: we don't have players who directly fit in the first band of midfield of a 4-2-3-1 or attacking midfielders who suit a 4-3-3. Predicts we'll buy a central midfielder before the end of the window (here's hoping).


Poll: Who is your favourite current Chelsea player?

I was recently browsing the Busby Babe part of SB Nation ( and they were running a poll which I decided to plagiarise. Looking through their list of player names,...


Predicting Chelsea's final buys

After the purchases of Marco van Ginkel and Andre Shurrle, and the signing of Mark Schwarzer Chelsea have probably done the majority of their dealings. The roster looks good with a well rounded mix...

Tim Vickery article about Cristian Cuevas

An interesting read, with a nice insight into the player and his chances of success at Chelsea.

Is Mikel leaving for Galatasary?

This rumour's not going away: last week there was word that Gala had put a bid in for Mikel. Now there's a report that he's agreed terms. With Melo leaving this even makes a bit of sense. Any thoughts on this guys?

Why Mourinho will have less pressure at CFC than Real

A nice comparison of the pressures at Real Madrid compared to Chelsea. Conclusion: he should be fine. I can't imagine any of our players saying "How would you know, you never played the game" like Ramos did.

Individual highlights - De Bruyne vs Serbia

Man of the match performance and a standing ovation. In case you weren't excited at yesterday's news: he's bloody excellent.

Great long interview with Juan Mata

Such a nice guy. I wish he was my friend. It's great that he sounds so settled here too.

Great article by an American lady on the premier league

Not Chelsea related but a great, naive look at what the premier league is all about.

Rafa Benitez says we'll spend €100m in the summer

Chelsea will be much better next season because they will spend €100m and they will sign three or four players. The foundation is already there. The future is bright for them. I don't know who the next coach will be, I am not the person who should say, but everyone speculates the same person.

Tim Palmer on Kevin De Bruyne

Required reading: our very own Tim Palmer waxes poetically about another Belgian super-talent.

Simeone likes Torres? Accepts Falcao may leave? Lolwut?

Insane if true. Atletico must be seriously impoverished if their manager is told to say this.

Nice interview with Eden Hazard on the Big Site

Comes across as level-headed and happy to be here. Which is nice.


Our league form actually isn't so bad

Check this out: Chelsea have taken 13 more points this year from corresponding fixtures last year (thanks Arsenal!). This is the biggest improvement of any team in the league, the team with the...

Pat Nevin on the ball boy incident

I didn't see the game or the hype and watched the video after and I totally agree with Pat here. Hazard obviously kicked at the ball which the ball-youngman (17 years old) was lying on top of. This is such a six of one half a dozen of another incident that I can't believe it's had such a strong reaction for everyone. Football's eating itself.

Article on David Luiz and unfair criticism

It's a good one. I especially like the point that it's vital for a team who're trying to play intense technical football needs a centre back who can take the ball out of defence.

Good article on Michael Mancienne

Maybe this is of more of an interest to English readers, but the article looks at Mancienne progress in Germany. It's great to hear that he is finally performing well at Hamburg and interesting to hear of a Brit abroad who's actually improving and even thriving.

BIG interview with Fernando Torres

Further evidence of quite how low his confidence and sense of belonging to the team had slipped. Whilst I'm happy to see that he appears to be doing better under di Matteo it's still a worry that our only senior striker appears so delicate. Give it a read, he's got a lot to say.

"I told myself – this player is different. He is a player with enormous personality on the...

"I told myself – this player is different. He is a player with enormous personality on the pitch. "He gives you pleasure. What he does at his age impresses me. He helps others to play, for me that is his strength. He is intelligent when he plays the game... "I think that today's game lacks intelligent players. All I see today is individuals. There aren't players of this standard."

Zinedine Zidane on Eden Hazard

Zola on Chalobah

This is a great little snapshot into where Nate Chalobah is at the moment by Franco Zola. It highlights two things for me: 1. That Chalobah is a world class talent 2. That he needs to be pushed and to push himself in order to fulfill his talent. It's been highlighted a few times that Chalobah can occasionally lose concentration and coast as growing up he's usually been amongst the best players in any given team. Chelsea, Zola and he himself need to keep challenging Chalobah to develop. If so we might end up with one of the best midfielders in the world. Good comments underneath too.

Nice piece by Tim Vickery on Oscar

Well worth a read. This goes to show how quickly he emerged as a top class talent and quite how excited we should all be that he is OURS!

Fenerbache Football Inc., Chelsea began negotiations with the Portuguese Raul Meireles'le reported...

Fenerbache Football Inc., Chelsea began negotiations with the Portuguese Raul Meireles'le reported to the stock exchange. Fenerbache Football Inc. from the stock exchange said in a statement: "Chelsea Football Club player Raul Meireles started to be discussed for the transfer of our club." the statement said.

Baby Kraken is p!ssed

This is quite a weird interview, vaguely reminiscent of Torres after the CL final, even saying he'd lost his love for the game. Kid needs to grow up still, he's 19 yes but this is a very immature interview. He'd do much better to say nothing to the media until he's doing well and scoring at West Brom.

"I am very happy. They are the European champions and the best club in Europe at the moment. For...

"I am very happy. They are the European champions and the best club in Europe at the moment. For me, it is a huge achievement that they want me to play for them. "I want to continue to win trophies. That is what I want to do if I join Chelsea." Hulk on being linked with Chelsea

Hazard interviewed, excites every Chelsea fan with his words

Some lovely quotes from Eden here: "Ultimately it’s the coach who will decide if I play in a similar role to the one Messi plays for Barca but I am looking to succeed the Eden Hazard way." "Chelsea is a fantastic club with fantastic players and they can give me the best possible chance to progress as a player." "Moving to England is stepping up to a different level and definitely involves more pressure. But I am ready for that." I love his confidence, he sounds destined for great things.

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