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I am a serious sports fan. Im the guy that people come up to and ask questions about nhl trades, nfl teams, and what i think in general about the world of sports. The reason for this is probably because:
1. I will always give my opinion(im a big fan of Don Cherry)
2. Im a unique fan

When I say im a unique fan i mean it. I currently live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and i have to be the only broncos fan for miles. I fell in love with footbal at the tender age of 9. The year was 1998, and Denver had just won 1 of its two superbowls. Ask me, as a nine year old how i wasnt supposed to cheer for a team with John Elway, Terrell Davis, Shannon Sharpe, Ed McCaffrey and Rod Smith. but still, after another superbowl, and a team that is now fronted by Kyle Orton, i am still proud to be a Broncos fan, and i always will be.

I was a Thrashers fan, but then we all know how that worked out. Im currently living like a girl who was just broken up with, I will never trust another man (team). However, I grew up in a Blackhawks household, and my Dad is slowly trying to recruit me in that direction. We will see though.

The braves are my redemption. They are my savior. If it wasn't for them, i just don't know. When your teams struggle its nice to have a team with young talent like the braves. Hopefully they can keep the mild success' coming.

The jist of it is, I am a fan. I hate bandwagon fans, and I pray for the playoffs every night for all of my teams. I hope you enjoy my stuff.

I am a graduate from University of Ottawa, in Ontario, Canada as a Sociology Major, focusing in minority studies. I hope to someday have a career in policing, as it has always been my childhood dream.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NHL Chicago Blackhawks
  • Boxing Micky Ward
User Blog

All Gloves Are Off: Potential?

Hey guys. I had a long absence from the blogosphere, and also had some mishaps in different places. I am trying something out here, to see what you think. I tried this on another blog but it didn't...


You Sure About That: Weekly Fights Recap, Nov. 3-11

First off, Today is remembrance day, so thank you to all the real time fighters out there who serve both in the American and Canadian Military. We, as citizens of two great nations, cant thank you...


You Sure About That: Weekly Fight Recap (and other ramblings)

So here it is. Another week goes by, the Avalanche are being mediocre, but now is as good as time as any to do it resting on a string of wins. Lets get it going through boys, because lets be...


You Sure About That: Weekly Fights Recap

Cody McLeod gives Doug Janik a facelift on October 12, 2010. Photo via FoxSportsDetroit   "Half the game is mental, the other half is being mental." - Jim McKenny   Not much to talk about in...

Eddie Royal Just wanted to thank yall who didnt believe the rumors, because i love denver, my...


Eddie Royal Just wanted to thank yall who didnt believe the rumors, because i love denver, my teammates, and of course the best fans in the world.. Cant wait to get back on the field sunday and get this thing turned around!!!

via facebook

You Sure About That: Weekly Fights Recap

Im trying a little feature here, I might keep it going, I may not. It really depends on what you guys think about it so feel free to give some feedback. I feel that fighting is an important part of...


Calling All Ottawa Avs Fans

Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone is from the Ottawa area and is going to the game October 13th? My girlfriend and I got really awesome tickets and will be attending the only game in Ottawa this...


Seriously? Go Avalanche!

I had the brillant plan today for my fantasy hockey team. Im sure I upset a lot of people with it, but it sure is going to be fun cheering for my fantasy team this season.



This is the term we like to use for  projecting lineups or trades or player movement in the baseball world. With the season fast approaching Im wondering what everyone thinks the team will look...


What do you think?

Roto league, standard stat settings, 10 teams. Thanks for clicking by the way. I love this site because everyone has a different outlook on things.  C: McCann 1: Konerko 2: Robinso Cano 3....

All-Joe Team


something i thought was a good cause as it recognizes the guys who usually dont get recognized.

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