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National Daily Evolutions 2/16/11


Ian Desmond believes nothing is certain, Livo likely OD starter, and Storen is calmer.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/15/11


Team leaders arrive early and one of them sporting his famous beard.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/14/11


Introducing Fly Eli, the optimism of the Nationals, Harper's goals, Strasburg's new elbow, and the end of the off-season.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/11/11


Rizzo's plan, Strasburg throwing, and more info on the Nats new radio home.

Can the Nationals be a Surprise Team Part 4: Intangibles


If the Nationals hope to be a surprise team they need to rid themselves of distractions and play with intensity, integrity, and intelligence.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/10/11


Jordan Zimmermann is key for the pitching staff, and Ryan Zimmerman is a leader.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/9/11


Zimmerman's contract, Desmond's hustle, and Espinosa's attitude.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/8/11


Luis Ayala a champion, Bryce Harper exceeds all expectations, and the players with the inside track to the Nationals roster.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/7/11


The fans that invinted the shark nickname found, an ugly hat, and Pudge stole the show at the SDC.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/4/11


Longoria and Zimmerman might be the same person, and disturbing news about how players age.

Can the Nationals be a Surprise Team Part 3: Timely Hitting


The Nationals lost Dunn and Willingham, but that doesn't automatically mean the offense will be worse.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/3/11


Bryce Harper has a big bat, and Justin Maxwell is heading to New York.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/2/11


Don't forget about Wang, and the Nationals farm system has a few prospects to be excited about for once.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/1/11


In two weeks pitchers and catchers will be reporting, and the time for all the off-season fun will be at an end.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/31/11


Strasburg isn't just rehabing from TJS he is trying to quiet an addiction, and Bryce Harper hopes to play for the Nats in September.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/28/11


News about former Nats, and why the fan fest might have been delayed.

Can the Nationals be a Surprise Team Part 2: Defense


Mike Rizzo set out with one goal in mind in for the 2011 season, to improve the defense, and from a look at the numbers he might have gotten the job done.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/27/11


Nationals farm system is improving, and the Sizmore and Carmona rumors might be nothing more than rumors.


Negativity is the Easy Way Out

Stop me if you have heard this one before, a goat walks into a ball game, a baseball drifts through Buckner's legs, Denkinger gets the call wrong, the Mayflower trucks pull away, and a the final...

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/26/11


At least the off-season will be over soon and the roster predictions will become roster debates.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/25/11


Nationals in talks with Indians? And Bryce Harper's jersey to be retired, finally.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/24/11


Zimmerman underrated, players to watch, and what Desmond needs to do to get better.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/21/11


And now we have reached the most boring time of the year.

Can the Nationals be a Surprise Team Part 1: Pitching


The Nationals pitching staff wasn't exactly starting from the highest plateau, but find out why they have a good chance to be better than last season.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/20/11


The Nationals continue to add players that will compete for spots in Spring Training.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/19/11


Scott Boras is intregal to the Nationals future, why the Gorzelanny trade might not be a good thing, and Gil Meche retires.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/18/11


Riddle me this: How do you solidify a back-end of a rotation that doesn't have a front end?


Breaking the Cycle

There is no formula to winning. Every time someone figures out one formula someone else figures out a new one, but in reality most formulas for bad teams to become good teams have always been some...

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/17/11


Pujols is not of this world, LaRoche introduced, and the Nationals rotation is still not very good.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/14/11


Is Strasburg ahead of schedule? And I admire Angel Pagan.

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