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Losing Efforts: 9/19 - 10/1/2010


Jayson Werth and Josh Thole both walk-off against the Nationals, and some conclussions about the Nationals losing efforts and why the future might be bright.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/13/11


Nationals interested in Chris Young, Desmond does the little things, and LaRoche to be introduced Friday.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/12/11


Find out what Randy Orton, Bryce Harper, and Donny Donowitz have in common.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/11/11


Adam Kennedy signs with Mariners, and this is the time of the year when that is big news.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/10/11


Will the improved defense lead to an improved record?


Average is Underrated

Warning: This is most likely an unorganized collection of thoughts and musings more than anything coherent or thought provoking. Proceed with caution.   Right now a lot of people are looking at...

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/7/11


Nationals hire utility infielder for T.V. booth, and are still searching for one on the field as well as a veteran reliever.

Losing Efforts 8/24 - 9/12/2010


Adam Kennedy almost a hero, Nyjer runners over another catcher, Dunn is a DH, and Jordan Zimmermann's bad day.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/6/11


Nationals close to naming color man, Tim Raines and Larry Walker fall short, and the state of the rotation.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/5/11


The Nationals and LaRoche have finally agreed to terms. With the first baseman search over what happens next?

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/4/11


LaRoche and Nats close to a deal? And some other stuff.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/3/11


It is now 2011 which means it is at least the same year as the 2011 season.

Losing Efforts 8/7 - 8/20/2010


Adam Kennedy sure seemed to make a lot of costly errors, a team can do nothing wrong and still loss, and Roy Halladay is good.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/30/10


Is this the calm before the storm or just the calm before the calm. It is starting to feel like no news will ever come again.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/29/10


The Nationals look to be a better club heading into 2011, but there is still work to be done.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/28/10


Yunesky Maya and Eury Perez honored by the DWL, and it is almost the dumpster diving time of the year.


The Most Dreadful Time of the Year

 This is the worst time of year. It is cold and dreary outside, and at times clouds stay in the sky so long I wonder if the sun still exists. It is a time of waiting and speculating. I had a brief...

Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/27/10


Christmas has come and gone, but the Nationals are still waiting for a first baseman to be delivered.

Losing Efforts: 6/27 - 7/24/2010


In one game the entire Nationals' 2010 season summed up.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/23/10


The Nationals farm system is improving, but still has a ways to go, and Philly misses Werth.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/22/10


You know the off-season has slowed to a crawl when Matt Chico is the biggest story.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/21/10


Rick Ankiel is the new Willie Harris and checking in with Stephen Strasburg.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/20/10


Greinke disses Nationals on way to Brewers, and news from the Winter leagues.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/17/10


The second thing we knew was going to happen has happened. Are we now just waiting for Desmond to be traded?

Losing Efforts: 6/19 - 6/26/10


More bad umps, 6-4-10, and why having too many fifth starters is bad.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/16/10


Jayson Werth press conference, and Nats Park now has some fancy big balls.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/15/10


The Nationals might have a much worse team than the Phillies, but they know the secret to success.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/14/10


The Phillies made a surprise splash last night, and the Nationals have a bigger mountain to climb than ever.

Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/13/10


Out on C. Lee, in on D. Lee, LaRoche, Webb, Pavano.


An Open Letter to Adam LaRoche

Dear Adam LaRoche, I know last year you made the wrong decision and had to watch the team that offered you more money go on and win the World Series while you played for less money on a team that...

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