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Trade Deadline Confusion: On Cole, Chase and Jimmy


I know the Phillies should trade these guys to re-stock their farm system. I just don't want them to.

Replay says . . . win! Phillies 4, Diamondbacks 2


This game may have turned out differently any other year baseball has been played.

Bastardo'd! Diamondbacks 10, Phillies 6


These two terrible teams have both scored 15 runs in the past two games. Last night, advantage Phillies. Tonight, advantage Diamondbacks.

A win streak! Phillies 9, Diamondbacks 5


Facing a team just as bad as they are, the Phillies scattered runs all night, beating the Diamondbacks 9-5.

Don't blame Ryan Howard


There's too much crap out there blaming Ryan Howard for the mess he and the Phillies are in. The front office is to blame, plain and simple.

Just like old times: Phillies 2, Giants 1


Rollins and Utley produce the runs. Hamels prevents them. Just like old times....

Ryne Sandberg: "It could be a platoon."


Ryne Sandberg talked more about the Ryan Howard situation today.

The beginning of the end of the Ryan Howard story


He was never as great as his accolades or contract indicated, but he was our middle-of-the-lineup MVP slugger, and he helped bring us the greatest run of Phillies baseball ever. Last night's lineup...

The steady decline of the Phillies offense


How are the Phillies doing versus the league average for their position? And how has that changed over time? Quick answers: not very good, and not in a good way.

Where have all the errors gone?


MLB has seen a big drop in errors over the years. Why?

Phillies Baseball Hasn't Been This Bad Since . . .


The Phillies are playing terrible baseball right now. But is it historically noteworthy?

Missing Fireworks Night at Veterans Stadium


Citizens Bank Park is a phenomenal stadium, but it can't hold a candle to Fireworks Night at the Vet.

Does Ruben Amaro Know That Walks Are Valuable?


Basic baseball confuses the Phillies GM.

Buchanan Defeats Fremont: Phillies 5, Dodgers 3


The formula for winning is easy.

The Spectacularly Historically Feeble Ben Revere


We are witnessing history with Ben Revere. But not the good kind.

My Bad: Blue Jays 10, Phillies 0


The Phillies and Blue Jays were cruising through 6.5 innings . . . and then I turned on the TV.

A Tale of Two Utleys


Chase Utley's first ten games were phenomenal. Since then, well, not so much.

More on the Phils' Luck - Run Differential


The Phils are squeaking out their wins while losing big. That's not a good sign for the future.

Phillies Do Not Lose to Mets: Game Postponed


No surprise if you live anywhere near Philadelphia.

Why Do You Watch?


Somewhere around the 7th inning of last night's snoozefest of a baseball game, my wife asked this most basic question.

The New, Very Hittable, Cliff Lee


Everyone and his mother is hitting Cliff Lee this year. Will it continue?

Phillies Set to Lose $24M This Year? Or More?


Attendance is suffering so far this year. What's that mean for the team's bottom line?

Have the Phillies Become a More Patient Team?


The Phillies' batters lead the NL in walks, with a staggering 49 in 12 games. Is this a sign of a change in philosophy and more good things to come?

Chase Utley's Best 10-Game Streaks


Chase Utley has been insanely good over the past 10 games. But is this his best 10-game streak ever?

Ghost Town: Phillies 2, Brewers 6


Tonight had a very familiar feel to it . . . if you were a fan of the team in the late 80s or late 90s.

Jimmy Rollins, Daniel Murphy, and Paternity Leave


Jimmy Rollins is away from the team for the birth of his second child. Daniel Murphy left the Mets for the birth of his first child. This is a wonderful thing . . . and yet there are still...

Phillies Clubhouse Storm Clouds Brewing


Don't look now, but it sure seems like Ryne Sandberg has succeeded in creating more enemies than friends. A full fledged clubhouse riot may be on the horizon.

BREAKING: Phillies Fire Amaro; Bowa/Green Co-GMs


The Phillies finally decided to part ways with Amaro, replacing him with the proven success of Larry Bowa and Dallas Green. The new hiring motto: "Hustle, and no wimps!"

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