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2014 Player Preview: Jimmy Rollins


Jimmy Rollins' 2013 was his worst since his sophomore season way back in 2002. Was it a blip or is it a sign of things to come?

Everybody Hits Batting Cages


Looking for a place to practice hitting in and around Center City Philadelphia? Everybody Hits is your place.



You'd think the Phillies would be celebrating the final years of one of the team's best, most loyal, most entertaining players ever. You'd be wrong.

What, Me Worry? Phillies Spring Winning Records


Are the Phillies a better regular season team than spring training team?

On the Right Way to Play Baseball


What is with baseball's obsession with "playing the game the right way"? And why are Ryne Sandberg and Larry Bowa so focused on this?

The End of the Run as We Know It, and I Feel Fine


I am confident the Phillies are going to be pretty bad this year. And I can't wait for the season to start.

The New Sabermetrics -- Weather Forecasting


Did you hear the one about bloggers in their parents' basement wearing pajamas and how they predicted 30 inches of snow Sunday?

Chris Wheeler and Gary Matthews Out


According to the AP, Chris Wheeler and Gary Matthews will no longer broadcast Phillies games.

Greg Maddux for the Hall of Fame ... Unanimously


No one has ever been voted into the Hall of Fame unanimously. Greg Maddux should be.

Gelb: Comcast Contract 25 Years, More than $2.5B


Shortchanged and more of the same?

Your 2014 Phillies?


There seems to be some serious disagreement here - is what we have now what's going to take the field in April 2014?

Your Newest Phillie - Roberto Hernandez


He used to be a Cleveland Indian named Fausto Carmona. This coming year, he'll be a Philadelphia Phillie named Roberto Hernandez.

Phillies Trade Rumors:Page Views, Likes, & Follows


We're smack dab in the middle of the Winter Meetings, a time of year that competes with only mid- to late-July as baseball writers' silly season.

Marlon Byrd or Darin Ruf?


The Phillies signed a very reasonable deal yesterday with Marlon Byrd. But did they get anything they didn't already have?

Phillies Shutout of 2013 Post-Season Award Voting?


The four big post-season awards will be given out over course of the next four days. Will the Phillies be shutout from awards voting altogether, like they were in 1996?

The Pain of the 2013 World Series


For Phillies fans, this World Series is a hard pill to swallow.

The Worst Phils Hitters Ever in History


Today you're voting for the least valuable Phillie for 2013. But who gets that award for the entire franchise's history? Funny how the answer to both may be the same exact guy.

Ben Revere's Powerless Assault on the Record Books


Ben Revere's power outage is approaching record territory.

The Worst Day of the Year


Today, two things took place that made it the worst day of the year for the Phillies-fan part of me.

Dubee Gone: Amaro Still Has Job


When the organization is failing and you're in charge, change everyone but yourself!

The Jaw-Droppingly Awesome Umpiring Last Night


Let's break down just how awesome the umpiring was in last night's seventh inning.

Amaro In Love: Wants Chooch, Halladay in 2014


Ruben Amaro loves his current players and wants them back next year.

The 2014 Phillies: It's the Talent That Matters


Hustle, grit, determination, practice, and every other cliche in the book about trying your hardest only get you so far. In the end, what matters is talent and production.

Halladay Diagnosed With Genetic GI Disorder


The season of woe continued last night, with Roy Halladay disclosing that he has a genetic GI disorder.

Quick Reaction: Amaro To Stay, Says Montgomery


We'll have more as we come out of our anger-fueled comas, but here's a quick reaction to the interview in the paper today saying that Ruben Amaro is going to stay on as Phillies GM.

For Tommy Medica - One Hit, One Home Run Careers


After tonight's game, Tommy Medica has one career hit - a home run. Which got me thinking: how many players have ended their careers with exactly that - one hit and one home run? In other words,...

Old Images of Philadelphia - Phillies Edition


Old Images of Philadelphia is a great page on Facebook that you should like. Among its awesome old photos are many relating to the Phillies.

Phillies Fan Guide to Tonight's Eagles Game


The Eagles open their season tonight. Here are some things every Phillies fan needs to know about the game.

Worst Phillies Lineup . . . In How Long?


Tuesday night's lineup was atrocious. It got me wondering - when was the last time we saw a lineup this bad?

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