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The Surprise of the Phillies Season So Far


How's that starting pitching been? Depends where you look.

Chooch's Return: Let's All Rejoice!


In which we rejoice over Chooch's return!

Phillies Outfield Offensive Futility


There are many black holes of offensive futility on the Phillies right now. But perhaps the worst is the outfield collectively.

Rapid Reaction: Phillies 8, Cardinals 2


Doc is back. The offense (absurd lineup and all) is back. And the second Boston Marathon bomber is in custody.

Chooch Hit By Pitch: X-Rays Negative


Carlos Ruiz, our soon-to-be savior (right?), was hit in the wrist in an extended spring training game today. X-rays were negative, but he is day-to-day.

Run Slumps: An Initial Exploration


The Phillies are not scoring runs. This alone isn't cause for alarm. I would bet this happens to almost every team almost every year. My initial exploration confirms this.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, CAN Lose: Reds 11,Phils 2


The Phillies got their asses handed to them, so I switched to Friday Night Lights, season 1, episode 7. The Dillon Panthers came back from a 14-0 halftime deficit to win their homecoming game thanks to the excellent play of Tim Riggins.

Rapid Reaction: Reds 11, Phillies 2


The Phillies got slaughtered. More to come, but discuss here if you can't wait.

Everyone Knows The Phillies Are Antiquated


We've complained about the Phillies antiquated approach to player evaluation and development in the past. Word has obviously spread widely, considering this clip from a minor league announcer.

Ben Revere and the Anatomy of a Great Catch


Ben Revere made a spectacular catch last night. But was it a good play? The two are very different.

Phillies Defense at the 12 Game Mark


So far, we were right to be worried about the team's defense this year.

If You Were Zack Greinke . . .


We've all seen the fight now a thousand times. With Carlos Quentin charging him, Zack Greinke didn't try to get away. Rather, he squared to Quentin and took the charge with his full body. What would you have done?

Home Run Derby: Phillies 7, Mets 3


The Phillies and Mets tied at 3 tonight . . . in home runs hit. Both teams scored all their runs via the home run, but each of the Phillies' home runs came with men on base, while the Mets' were all solo shots. That was the difference.

Tonight: The Most Important Phillies Game Ever


Hyperbole, yes, but still - tonight's game is an important one in the still-young 2013 season.

Baseball's Absolute Worst Day


I know the reason, but I still absolutely hate the second day of the baseball season.

What Amaro's Good At - Developing and Using Talent


In the fourth part of this never-ending series, I look at Ruben Amaro Jr.'s ability to develop and utilize talent.

Phillies Proud to Believe Earth is Flat


The Phillies don't like fancy statistics. They care about runs and runs batted in, things scouts can see. Forget about these new fancy metrics like OBP, ISO, WAR, or BABIP. Who can see them?

What Is Amaro Good At? Part 3 - Base-Running


In this third installment of my series looking at Ruben Amaro's time at the helm of the Phillies, I look at what he's done to the team's baserunning. As with the team's hitting, it's not pretty. Maybe things will be better with Ben Revere?

2013 Phillies Player Preview: Ryan Howard


The key to Ryan Howard's 2013 is for us to have realistic expectations for him.

2013 Phillies Player Preview: John Lannan


A decent fifth starter . . . if he had good defense behind him. Unfortunately, that's not the Phillies this year.

What is Amaro Good At? Part 2 - Hitting


In this second article, I look at what Amaro has done to the Phillies' hitting. It's not pretty.

Home Opener


I went to the stadium store today and saw this wonderful sign.

What Is Amaro Good At?: Part 1 - Amaro's Team


Ruben Amaro Jr. has been the Phillies GM for 4 years now. Is there anything he does well? In this first part of a series, I explain why the current Phillies team is decidedly Amaro's responsibility.

On Armstrong, Bonds, and My Raging Hypocrisy


I don't really care about Bonds' and Clemens' past. But I now detest Armstrong. Am I a raging hypocrite?

Sanctimonious Blowhards


Get over it. You are writers and this is baseball. You are, and this is, nothing more.

Your Newest Phillies Starting Pitcher: John Lannan


The Phillies have signed, pending physical, their greatest enemy, who also happens to be their greatest asset as an opposing pitcher - John Lannan.

Salisbury: Lopez Deal Stagnating


The latest word is that the Wilton Lopez deal is stagnating.

Carlos Ruiz's Suspension: Get Off That Ledge


Carlos Ruiz's suspension was a punch in the gut for all Phillies fans. But now that you've absorbed the news, it's time to get off that ledge.

Enjoying Phillies Free Agency? Thank Marvin Miller


Marvin Miller, the architect of free agency and the strongest sports union that ever existed, passed away today.

2012 Phillies Exit Interview: Hector Luna


A grand slam in his first plate appearance . . . and then all down hill from there.

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