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This Spurs fan's head is now terrifying art

If you really loved your team, you'd also turn your head into a terrifying advertisement for its best players.

Llama prancing to DMX is why Vine exists

This is sports. Up in here. Up, in here.

Who's hypnotizing Eric Young, Jr.?

During the offseason, Eric Young, Jr. turned to a Phoenix-area hypnotherapist for help. That's not the #LOLMets part.

Who's hypnotizing Eric Young, Jr.?

During the offseason, Eric Young, Jr. turned to a Phoenix-area hypnotherapist for help. That's not the #LOLMets part.

Pray for Billy Hamilton

No one knows if Cincinnati's supremely speedy young outfielder will work out as a big league player. But in a game with something of a weirdness deficit, Hamilton already delivers.

Donald Trump is not buying the Buffalo Bills

America's favorite ham-headed fake billionaire is not any more likely to buy the Buffalo Bills than he is to run for president. But he's "considering" both.

Shin-Soo Choo's at-bat music wins Opening Day

Finally, something stranger than the video for DJ Snake's "Turn Down For What." It's Shin-Soo Choo using the song as his at-bat music.

Should there be baseball in New Jersey?

The Garden State has a small piece of baseball history, but it's never had a franchise of its own. Could it work?

We're doing the Yasiel Puig thing again?

The sportswriterly urge to take umbrage conquers all.

The fear of amateurism

The NCAA is excellent at preserving its lucrative status quo and creating new rules. It is not nearly as good at knowing what's in its own best interest.

How to talk about college basketball on TV

The first rule is that you have to love it. Nothing else really matters.

Aaron Craft hustles for gritty intentional foul

I don't know, seems intentional.

The Aaron Craft problem

Ohio State's supremely scrappy senior point guard is hated by college basketball fans with a passion that few non-Dukies have ever achieved. What's most striking about this is how little Aaron Craft has to do with it.

Who's the boss in NYC?

The New York Knicks are a terrible mess in every way. Fixing that won't be easy for Phil Jackson, but if he has really gotten owner James Dolan to hand him control of the team, he has already accomplished a lot.

Why can't we have 7-foot relief pitchers?

Loek Van Mil is over 7-feet tall, and will be pitching in Japan this season. This is good news for him, but kind of a bummer for baseball fans.

How to be an idiot on TV during March Madness

A frank conversation with Jordan Collins, better known as Belmont Dreads Bro, concerning how best to make your 30 seconds of dancing-like-an-idiot-on-TV count during the NCAA tournament.

Giancarlo Stanton seriously harms baseball

As a general rule, Giancarlo Stanton is very unkind to baseballs and the people who throw them, but his spring training home run against the Mets stands out for its viciousness.

Belmont dreads bro is going dancing

The Belmont Bruins are not going to the Big Dance after being upset by Eastern Kentucky. Belmont Dreads Bro, on the other hand...

Curtis Granderson gets weirdly handsy

The Mets new slugger is getting ready for the season with some unconventional hand exercises.

Royals edge Bears in Spring Training shocker

It's early in Spring Training, and the players are just as not-ready as you'd expect. So, apparently, is everyone else.

The man who ruins fantasy drafts

Online fantasy drafts are terrible. @boring_as_heck has made an art out of making them worse.

Carl Crawford's elegant slide is in midseason form

The good news is that Carl has plenty of time to remember how to slide. The bad news is this slide.

Jason Collins is in

Even as he made sports history, Jason Collins just did his job.

The importance of laughing at Vladimir Putin

It's almost too easy to laugh at Vladimir Putin's excesses and weirdnesses and ineffable Putin-ity. But with the Olympics he made now in the rearview mirror, maybe laughter is a good place to start.

Skier sees the comedy in his 4.20 score

Lyman Currier didn't have the run he wanted at Sochi, but the score he got seemed to work for him anyway.

Ain't no party like a Starbury birthday party

Stephon Marbury celebrated his 37th birthday in China. Strangely.

Join us in self-reporting your NCAA violations

Rules are rules, and we take this sort of thing seriously. Here are the NCAA violations we committed while doing regular human things. Feel free to confess your own.

Meet the men who rap about Joe Johnson

For the last 10 years, three friends have dedicated themselves to writing and recording a long rap song about the NBA All-Star Game. They're not rappers, but they're not planning on stopping, either.

The last captain of New York

Derek Jeter has been a great player, but he has also been the unofficial emblem of New York baseball for a generation. With his retirement looming, who can take that job?

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