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Journeys among the Mo'ne Davis trolls


The Twitter artist who works under the name @FanSince09 delved into the horrible, peevish world of Mo'ne Davis trolls on Wednesday night. He survived, and talks about the journey.

Yasiel Puig's reflexes are pretty OK

It's one thing to hit a big league fastball. It's another to catch a speeding batting helmet.

The Mets' Matt Harvey problem is a Mets problem

The Mets are very concerned that Matt Harvey is acting too much like Matt Harvey, which is a very Mets thing to be concerned about.

Shelly Sterling, the Clippers' legal 'No. 1 Fan'

Per team tradition, the Clippers will still have a total living nightmare with the last name "Sterling" sitting courtside, even under new ownership. Let's celebrate! (Let's not).

Metta World Peace's "new Chinese name" is great

Consider the photo a hint.

How to dress the Peter King way


Hooded sweatshirts, writing shorts, and further fashion secrets of the NFL media's big dog and secret normcore icon.

Bartolo Colon is too fun to trade


The sensible move for the Mets would have been to trade their ageless, eggplant-shaped pitcher to a contender for the stretch run. But what's the fun in that?

Baby seal takes, gives surfing lesson

As surfing is a sport, there will be no need for debate on this matter.

Watch Sam Fuld achieve flight, throw out runner

He wasn't airborne for very long, but every little bit counts.

Wanny Doodhead, Mandy Ross and the Spoonerized NFL

There is no offseason.

Taijuan Walker trolls the MLB trade deadline

Great command, nasty stuff, late movement. The kid's got it all.


The great A-Rod salad mystery of 2014

It's widely known that you don't make friends with salad. But did Just Salad make a powerful enemy in tweeting a photo of a glum A-Rod?

Lance Stephenson has a brother named Lantz

"Hello, frientz." - Jim Lantz

Sprinting ostrich pushes it to the limit

Oh, is running not a sport, now?

Hideous collectibles of the NBA Draft's golden age


Basketball cards that look like the covers of smooth jazz albums. Basketball cards that look like hostage photos. We may never collect like this again.

Ian Darke has noticed Rodrigo Palacio's rat tail

Finally, a little bit of attention for the most horrifying hairstyle in the World Cup.

LeBron's decision reveals his humanity

Why is LeBron James going home to the Cleveland Cavaliers? For the same reason anyone else does: It makes him feel comfortable.

Shaq knows how to build a winning team


Meet the Big Tautology, AKA Derp Diesel, AKA the NBA's leading management theorist.

What is Kobe's mysterious press conference about?


No one knows for sure, but we can assume it's going to be big.


The Mets live in New York City, rent like students

Five different members of the New York Mets have lived in the same Manhattan apartment. It's not that weird, really.

2 extremely silly emus having a silly old time

Extremely silly? Yes. Sports? Also yes.

Meet the teens who impersonated an NBA reporter

Why would anyone want to fool a bunch of people on Twitter with a fake Adrian Wojnarowski account? SB Nation talks to the two teenagers who briefly managed to pull off the trick.

Luis Suarez and the art of the bad sports apology

The bite-y Uruguayan is one of the best soccer players in the world, and apparently also one of our greatest living pseudo-apologists. Here is how he can do better.

The fake politics of World Cup haters

Soccer is a sport, and the World Cup is a party. Let's just watch that.

Zach LaVine is probably happier than he looks

A lesson in context, and the power of Timberwolves vibes, starring the 13th pick of the NBA Draft.

Ruud van Nistelrooy just burped on ESPN

It was rude. But was it Ruud?

Yeltsin Tejeda's good name

It's an extremely good name, in fact.

Massive, never-ending duck marathon in Thailand

Experience the thrill of watching an entire marathon in less than two minutes, and with a hundred thousand ducks instead of sweaty humans.


A lifelong Padre, Tony Gwynn belonged to everyone

Most baseball fans never got to cheer for a team with Tony Gwynn on it. Most of us cheered for him anyway.

The meme-ing of LeBron James

This is dumb and not good. Let's not do this.

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