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Danny lets me write about the Seahawks, the NFL, and the NFL Draft. I live in Kirkland- am a husband and dad, am a Husky and have a non-football day job.

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Positive signs for the Seahawks' 2014 Draft

Apart from being 9-1 and having firm control of the NFC West, and the inside track to the #1 Seed, there were a handful of other items I wanted to mention that had me greatly encouraged as it pertains to the long term picture.

Seahawks' 3rd down conversions in 2012/2013

Some thoughts on Seattle's ability to convert 3rd downs over the past few seasons.

A few more possibly surprising Seahawks statistics

I put together a few offensive stats earlier this week, but in my subsequent research, I've made note of a few more surprising, or perhaps maybe not so surprising Seahawks stats after 7 weeks.

The Seahawks' continued commitment to the run game

A few tidbits on the Seahawks running game....

Seahawks 2014 offensive salary cap projections

I wanted to pass along some cap research for 2014 in relation to the Seahawks' offense.

Tom Cable pulls no punches, pulls his guards

Last Sunday in Houston, the Seahawks' heart and soul - the zone running game - was suffering from the quickness and penetration of the Texans' J.J. Watt and their defensive line.

Quick hitters on the Seahawks' 3rd Down offense

The Seahawks have faced 29 3rd downs in their first two games, which is a bit more than their average in 2012 of about 12 or 13 per game.

It's all about converting on third down

Third down analysis vs. Carolina

How one of the best rosters in the NFL got better

The Seahawks 2013 roster is better than the 2012 version and here's why....

Seahawks 53-man roster prediction (AUG 16th)

Attached is my preliminary 53-man roster prediction.

Seahawks Training Camp: Tuesday practice notes

Danny wanted me to share some thoughts from training camp, so while I didn't keep any detailed notes, here's what I noticed.

The basics of the Seahawks' offense

Play-action, the outside zone, and Russell Wilson, doing his thing.

Pete Carroll's defensive priorities, part I


Another look at the pillars of Carroll's philosophies.

Pete Carroll's defensive priorities, part II


More on Pete Carroll's defensive philosophies.

Seeds of the Seahawks' offense: Shanahan & Carroll


Mike Shanahan's name now embodies that potent combination of Bill Walsh's West Coast passing and Alex Gibbs' deep commitment to zone running, with the mesh point of those two concepts being the play-action pass.

Seahawks WR Chris Harper and the SPARQ Rating


Chris Harper was the 14th wide receiver selected in the 2013 NFL Draft.

SPARQ a Fire: Metrics for Seahawk Linebackers


Attached is a spreadsheet with Adjusted SPARQ calculations for existing Seahawks linebackers and LEOs.

SPARQ a Fire: An introduction

Kicking off a series of articles focused on measuring the type of athletes the Seahawks are acquiring under Pete Carroll and John Schneider.

Seahawks projected roster, with salary cap figures

A "Pro Forma" 53 Man Roster for the Seahawks' 2013 season, with salary cap figures for 2013 and 2014.

Seahawks 2013 offensive line draft thoughts

I was surprised the Seahawks did not draft an offensive lineman in the early part of the draft, but after listening to Tom Cable on ESPN 710 (Bob & Groz) and Ian Furness (KJR 950) this last week, the outcome made sense to me.

2013 Seahawks May Rookie Mini-Camp cheatsheet

Attached is an age chart and height/weight/speed for the known rookies descending onto the shores of the VMAC this sunny weekend.

How the Seahawks' 91-man roster was acquired

A snapshot of how this current Seahawks team was acquired - free agency, trades, roster cutdowns, the draft...

91-man roster: Seahawks age chart

The Seahawks were a very young team in 2012, and after the 2013 Draft, that should remain true into 2013 and beyond.

Seahawks' Drafted Rookie salary cap estimates

OverTheCap.com does a wonderful job tracking salary cap data for NFL teams. This fantastic website went ahead and estimated the Seahawks' 2013 eleven Drafted Rookies salary cap hits for the next four years.

Seahawks' rookie class age, height, weight & speed

Hope you can find this helpful as a printable reference tool in the future.

2013 Draft Class measureables; Seahawk SPARQ

John Schneider's mentor is Ron Wolf.

Updated List of Seahawks Pre-Draft Visits to VMAC

Regrettably, I was not as successful in 2013 tracking the Seahawks Pre-Draft VMAC visits as in the past.

NFL Draft 2013: Davis Hsu's Mock

Seahawks expert Davis Hsu takes a look at the players he thinks Seattle is likely to pick in the upcoming draft.

Seahawks draft thoughts, Part II: The Offense

Taking a look at some potential prospects the Seahawks could target on the offensive side of the ball.

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