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Jason McAllister
Attended the University of Oregon, 1987-1991
B.A. in Journalism

After college, I lived in Portland for about 9 years.
Moved to Davis, CA in 2000, then moved to Chicago, IL in 2004.
Moved back to Portland in 2010, and it's great to be back in Duck territory!

My favorite Ducks memories:
5) Playing drums in the Oregon Marching Band, 1987-88 (BEFORE the Ducks started going to bowl games every year, dang it!)
4) Attending a Ducks party for the Fiesta Bowl on New Year's Day 2002 (truly one the funnest parties of my life).
3) Attending the Oregon-Cal game in 2001 (Joey Harrington & company jumped out 21-0 before Cal managed a first down. The game was an Oregon romp, but that weekend in Berkely was epic.)
2) Attending the Oregon-Michigan game in 2007.
1) Attending the Oregon-Washington game in 1994 (I was about 10 rows back from the corner of the end zone where Kenny Wheaton made "The Pick")

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Portland Trail Blazers
  • NCAAF Oregon Ducks
  • NCAAB Oregon Ducks
User Blog

Ducks in the NFL


Watching the ATQ fantasy league unfold, I looked it up and found 36 Ducks in NFL camps right now, according to this link. You could make a pretty nice squad out of this group: POSITION PLAYER TEAM Quarterback Kellen Clemens Washington Redskins Quarterback Dennis Dixon Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback A.J. Feeley St. Louis Rams Running Back LeGarrette Blount Tampa Bay Buccaneers Running Back Jeremiah Johnson Denver Broncos Running Back Maurice Morris Detroit Lions Running Back Jonathan Stewart Carolina Panthers Wide Receiver Drew Davis Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver Jeff Maehl Houston Texans Wide Receiver Demetrius Williams Cleveland Browns Tight End Ed Dickson Baltimore Ravens Tight End Justin Peelle Atlanta Falcons Tight End Dante Rosario Denver Broncos Offensive Tackle Adam Snyder San Francisco 49ers Offensive Tackle Bo Thran San Diego Chargers Offensive Tackle Fenuki Tupou Philadelphia Eagles Guard Geoff Schwartz Carolina Panthers Center Max Unger Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Talmadge Jackson Baltimore Ravens Cornerback Walter Thurmond Seattle Seahawks Defensive Back Javes Lewis Kansas City Chiefs Safety Jerome Boyd Oakland Raiders Safety Jairus Byrd Buffalo Bills Safety Pat Chung New England Patriots Safety T.J. Ward Cleveland Browns Linebacker Casey Matthews Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker Spencer Paysinger New York Giants Linebacker Kenny Rowe San Francisco 49ers Defensive End Ra'Shon Harris Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive End Igor Olshansky Dallas Cowboys Defensive End Nick Reed Chicago Bears Defensive Lineman Brandon Bair Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Tackle Junior Siavii Seattle Seahawks Defensive Tackle Matt Toeaina Chicago Bears Defensive Tackle Will Tukuafu San Francisco 49ers Nose Tackle Haloti Ngata Baltimore Ravens


My favorite Oregon Ducks links

Hey gang, I thought it would be fun to share some links to my favorite Oregon Ducks websites. Who else should I be reading? It's truely amazing to an old fart like me, just how much info is out...

Hey quacker backers! Read this article, then pop in your VHS tape (remember those?) of the...


Hey quacker backers! Read this article, then pop in your VHS tape (remember those?) of the Oregon-Colorado Fiesta Bowl. (The link to this article no longer exists, but fortunately I saved it as a Word doc back in 2002.) -- DavisDuck ============================================== Fiesta Bowl Jan. 1, 2002 Colorado vs. Oregon Stream-of-consciousness notes By Pete Fiutak Since I've decided to go to Mexico for a week in January to get tan instead of going to any of the bowls, I'll be watching all the games this year on the tube. For most of the bowl games, I'll be giving you my totally pretentious, goofy, self-serving, stream-of-consciousness thoughts and notes on the game, the broadcast and the teams. E-mail me with your own thoughts and notes and what you'd like to see. Pre-game -- Is this the real national championship if Nebraska wins? No, but this is the game everyone's been waiting for against two heavyweights. I can't wait to see if Oregon has figured out a way to stop the Colorado running game and I can't wait to see if Joey Harrington can have a big final game in an Oregon uniform. I hope I'm really wrong, but I don't think this Oregon team is national-title-level good and I hope the Ducks can find a way to just make this a good game. I'm fully prepared to admit that I'm wrong and deal with all the egg on my face if Oregon wins, but I think Colorado takes this in a blowout. ... The national anthem played in rock n' roll just doesn't seem right. I'm not Joe Patriotic or anything, but the way they did it almost sounded disrespectful. ... Ralphie the Buffalo leading the team onto the field is as intimidating as they come. ... When Gary Barnett speaks, he sounds like he's trying to write copy for bumper stickers. First Quarter -- Jack Arute commented on how he's never seen such electricity. Just imagine if this was the semi-final of a playoff game. ... Two plays and Colorado easily gets a first down. ... Why do I suddenly feel like eating corn chips? ... Pass interference! What am I missing? It looks like the Oregon DB hit Daniel Graham early. ... I have a huge pet peeve: Teams that get cute. The first running play for Colorado went for eight yards, then they tried to pass, pass and pass. Run the ball until someone can stop it. ... The Tostitos ad with Wilkins, Walton, Abdul-Jabbar and Thomas is as sad as they come. Tostitos can continue to make their chips in different shapes and sizes, but until they create a Dorito flavored Tostito, they just aren't going to be able to convert me. The salsa quesadillo ones are pretty good though. ... Colorado isn't getting any pressure on Harrington early. ... Those Oregon cheerleaders have done their sit ups. I need to work out. Tomorrow. ... Has there ever been a more smug human being than Harrington? ... Roman Hollowell is the nation's leading kick returner and watch Oregon kick it right to him. Why do teams even allow top kick returners to get a shot at operating? Kick it out of bounds 40 yards down the field. ... They kicked it to him and he got 10 yards. ... Colorado is running Bobby Purify early. For some reason, CU is trying to run wide on the Ducks which plays into Oregon's team speed. They need to be powering it up the middle. ... GREAT one handed grab by Cortlen Johnson for 31-yards. ... And here goes Chris Brown. The Oregon defensive line has no prayer whatsoever against the Colorado offensive line. ... CU is running to the right side exclusively. ... I almost forgot. With Brent doing a Colorado game, he has to mention Northwestern at least six times. Brent Northwestern mention No. 1 ... One yard TD run Brandon Drumm. That drive was too easy. Colorado 7-0. ... Oregon has RBs of their own and Onterrio Smith and Maurice Morris must run well to keep the clock moving and give their defense some rest. ... I love watching Michael Lewis. The Colorado safety chased down the lightening fast Oregon WR Samie Parker. ... Harrington hasn't been touched yet. He's too good to have that much time. ... Colorado got no pressure on Harrington and he zipped a 28-yard laser to Keenan Howry beating Lewis. GREAT pass and an even better route by Howry. Tied 7-7. ... Colorado comes out throwing again. Yeah it was a pass interference, but I still don't know why the Buffs are doing anything but power running. ... So that's what Sun Devil stadium looks like full. ... The Oregon LBs are getting great penetration on running plays. ... VERY entertaining first quarter. Both teams have to be happy right now. First Quarter Score: Colorado 7 ... Oregon 7 Second Quarter -- Oregon is doing a wonderful job of staying in its lanes and not letting the CU runners cut back. ... The CU O line isn't quite dominating like it should. ... There have a ridiculous number of halo violations this bowl season. ... Holy crap. 80-yard TD pass Harrington to Samie Parker. Parker blew by the CU DBs and Harrington put it right on the money. Harrington is throwing ridiculously well. Oregon 14-7. ... The producer of this telecast has a thing for the Oregon cheerleaders with four extended shots of them so far. Smart move. ... It'll be interesting to see how CU handles this adversity. After going down 7-0 to Texas, they blew up and against Nebraska they owned the Huskers by this point in the game. ... 3rd and one and Oregon stuffed Colorado. The Buffs need to take TE Daniel Graham off suspension now and get him involved in the game. ... Shot No. 5 of the Oregon cheerleaders, cut away, shot No. 6. ... Colorado isn't blitzing and its front four is getting manhandled. The Buffs had better do something in a hurry or Harrington is going to keep destroying the DBs. ... AFLAC trivia question: Who was Oregon's all-time leading tackler. They win. I have no clue. ... I'm shocked at how fast Oregon looks. I know they're fast, but Colorado also has speed. ... ABC needs to show the tipped ball to Parker in the end zone again. They sort of blew through it saying Parker was out of bounds, but I thought it was a lot closer than they made it seem as it looks like he may have dragged his left foot. It also didn't help that Parker immediately jumped up like he was out of bounds and THEN tried to sell it. ... Shot No. 7 of the Oregon cheerleaders. Mind you, I'm not saying this is a bad thing. ... Welcome to the game Mr. Graham. ... AFLAC trivia answer? Daniel Graham's dad. ... Uh oh. Colorado's All-Everything G Andre Gurode is down. He has to be in this game. ... Do people really watch the NHL? ... Pesavento picked off by Steve Smith cause his arm couldn't deliver the ball. ... At this point, it looks like Colorado thought it would just show up and blow through Oregon and are freaking out. The Ducks don't know this is a show, Apollo. They think it's a fight. ... Colorado is missing tackles. That's not a good sign for CU fans. ... Even though Harrington is hot they should go with the running game. ... The Oregon offensive line is beating the Colorado defensive line like a drum. Brent and Gary are gushing all over everything about Oregon but the O line and that crew is what's making this happen. Touchdown Onterrio Smith with ease. I believe I made the comment earlier that I just hope Oregon can make this a game. OOPS. Oregon is playing like this is the national title. Colorado is playing like it wishes Oregon would make a mistake. Oregon 21-7 ... Colorado needs to get its receivers open. The Ducks are doing an amazing job in coverage. ... Shot No. 8 of the Oregon cheerleaders. ... Colorado desperately needs a turnover or SOMETHING to wake them up. The Buffs are getting dominated in every phase. ... Oregon appears happy with the lead and wants to run out the clock. CU hasn't come close to stopping them yet so why not bomb away? Harrington isn't going to make a mistake. 14 for 23 for 233 yards and two scores is not a bad game and he has that so far in the first half. ... He's human. Harrington overshot an open Howry and it was picked off. ... Pesavento needs the running game to work to be effective. He's being forced to make plays and he's not up to the task. ... Brent Northwestern mention No. 2 and 3. Second Quarter Score: Oregon 21 ... Colorado 7 Third Quarter -- Gary Barnett looks really, really ticked off coming out of the locker room. The Buffs are only down 14. That won't take much. ... After two played, Harrington has picked up right where he left off. ... CU has to ditch this zone and start blitzing. I hate it when teams don't adjust and the Buffs seem content to rush their four down linemen and let Harrington pick them apart. ... It's official. Colorado has given up. Maurice Morris made the play of the bowl season with an amazing 49-yard TD run. ... Oregon 28-7. ... If I were a Colorado fan, I'd be crushed. I am absolutely shocked by this performance by both teams and now I admit it, I'm converted. If the Ducks keep playing like this, they should win the national title if Nebraska beats Miami. ... Ooooooh. CU just got hosed. Pesavento was NOT across the line on the TD. The official who made the call was way out of position. Had CU got that TD, the face of this game will have changed. Jeremy Flores missed a 47-yard FG and nothing is going right for the Buffs. ... I'm sure CU fans are going to bitch about the blown call, but until the Buffs show up on defense, they have no beef. ... Look, a stop by the Colorado defense. There doesn't seem to be any fire on CU right now. ... Superman II, Empire Strikes Back and Cool Ranch Doritos. What are three sequels that are better than the original. ... CU has totally abandoned Chris Brown and the run. Even though they're down 21, the Buffs should be going to its strength and establish something positive. ... Brown has only had 8 carries. ... DROP Daniel Graham. He was wide open and might've rumbled to the end zone. ... As long as I live I'll never understand it when teams do this. On 4th and one, CU handed the ball five yards deep and it allowed Oregon to penetrate. The Buffs got the first down, but I always think you should QB sneak it or hand it to the FB. ... Now a deep pass hits Brunson in the hands. Someone on Colorado has to make a play. ... CU looks and is playing desperate. With two days to throw, Pesavento threw into triple coverage. I can't believe this meltdown by Colorado. ... I can't stand the beer, but the Budweiser ads still work for me. ... Joey Harrington might be playing the best game of his career, but it's cause he hasn't been touched. I'm curious after watching the tape of this to see if he's gone down all game. ... What is it about the Fiesta Bowl and dud games? In the last 14 games, only two have been decided by less than double digits and one was the snoozefest national title game in 1999. ... Uh, Colorado. You might want to ditch your zone defense. It hasn't worked yet and guess what. It's not going to work the rest of the game either. Third Quarter Score: Oregon 28 ... Colorado 7 Fourth Quarter -- Once again, Brent and Gary are gushing all over Harrington, but playing QB is easy when you have time to throw and your guys are wide open. Why isn't CU switching to man coverage? ... I know I'll get a ton e-mails from Oregon fans rubbing it in, but to save them time my response to every one of them will be the same. You're right. ... And the hits just keep ooooon coming. 47-yard FG Oregon. Oregon 31-7 ... Craig Ochs is finally in. Let's see if Colorado can trot out more players to screw up. ... And there we go. Interception Steve Smith. That's his third? Wow. ... If I'm Colorado up 31-7 with 11:17 to go, I would run this sucker up as high as it can go. I would want there to be absolutely no doubt about who the national champ is if Nebraska wins in anything less than dominating fashion. ... CU finally got some pressure and Harrington rolled and hit Peele for a TD. Un(bleeping)believable. Oregon 38-7. ... Steve Smith will get the defensive game ball from everyone for his three interceptions, but I think LB Kevin Mitchell has had the better game. .... He's had a great game, but ABC and Brent have GOT to get off the Harrington/piano player thing. ... Colorado is marching with Ochs at QB. I'm guessing that all the voters will know how dominating this performance was by Oregon whatever the final score is, but the Ducks will still want to win by more. Oregon 38-10. ... 26 hours on Friday of the best college football games of the year on Classic Sports. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. ... Colorado has a net 49 yards so far. I can't say enough about this performance by Oregon on both sides of the ball. ... Very nice. ABC looked at the loss to Stanford and basically blamed poor redshirt freshman Scott Vossmeyer for not blocking well on two punts and costing Oregon the national title. ... If I'm Miami, I'm starting to get a little ticked off about all this Oregon national title talk. If the Canes win, it's all about No. 2. ... Four-yard pass to Daniel Graham for the cosmetic touch, but the game was far more lopsided than the final score would indicate. ... I WAS WRONG! I admit it! I thought there was no way, no how Oregon had a chance, but I'm converted. GREAT performance by Oregon.Final Score: Oregon 38 ... Colorado 16 Copyright 2001 & College Football News, Inc.

Online feed for ESPN Gameday. Eugene crowd is out in force, in the pre-dawn darkness.


Online feed for ESPN Gameday. Eugene crowd is out in force, in the pre-dawn darkness.

Boise State turf not looking so hot


I found this thread (h/t eDuck) on a Boise State forum. Fans are griping that the smurf turf is showing some wear and tear.

Fox Sports Northwest has a short season preview of the Oregon Ducks football team.

Fox Sports Northwest season preview: Oregon

Fox Sports Northwest has a short season preview of the Oregon Ducks football team.

More Bill Simmons love for Aaron Brooks. From his notes on the Lakers-Rockets Game 1: "...Bad...


More Bill Simmons love for Aaron Brooks. From his notes on the Lakers-Rockets Game 1: "...Bad 20-footer by Kobe over Artest. That's followed by Aaron Brooks torching Fisher and slicing through the middle undeterred for a pretty layup. I love that Brooks went so late in the 2007 draft. So wait, when you score a ton of points in college, shoot a high percentage and get your shot any time you want, that might translate to success in the NBA? Are we sure? Rockets by eight..."

9-minute video of last week's scrimmage, taken from the stands by "MadMike1951" (who has a whole...


9-minute video of last week's scrimmage, taken from the stands by "MadMike1951" (who has a whole YouTube channel of awesome Oregon Football videos). Hard to really tell what's going on, but a little quack is better than none at all.

The basketball magazine "Dime" gets in a little dig...funny because it's true? "Meanwhile, a few...


The basketball magazine "Dime" gets in a little dig...funny because it's true? "Meanwhile, a few guys announced they’re staying in school... Not saying anything about this group, but it’s always funny when dudes who have no business thinking about going pro hold a press conference to tell everyone the obvious. Remember Oregon making a big deal about Malik Hairston’s annual "I’m coming back" announcement?"


Another Spring Practice Report (long)

This guy FishDuck is a longtime volunteer on the "chain gang" for Duck football practice. He is famous for his detailed practice reports. This spring he stopped doing chain gang so he can sit in...


Spring Practice Report (long)

Awesomely long and detailed practice report here: A couple of excerpts to make your loins tingle: "On...

How do you make Beaver cookies?


Beat them for three hours, then take them out of the bowl.


Chicago Ducks: Watch parties moved back to Witt's

Attention Chicago Ducks, we are moving our watch parties back to Witt's.Here is the note sent by the alumni association:----------------------------------------------------------------Hey Duck...


The Purdue Bar Scene

From the Boiler Report message board ( -------------------------------------------------- Lets start with what everyone really cares about and that’s the bar scene. I think...


Holler if you watching on O-Zone

Looks like its O-Zone or nothing for the Utah State game, unless you receive Comcast Sports Northwest (?). GamePlan wanted to provide the game, but Fox exercised its blackout option. I urge...


REMINDER: Chicago Ducks have a new bar for watch parties

Re-post of the news that Chicago Ducks have a new nest...   ---------------   I wrote about Witt's Bar & Grill last week in my "The Story of Witt's" FanPost, but it seems I spoke too soon. The...


Attention Chicago Ducks

I wrote about Witt's Bar & Grill last week in my "The Story of Witt's" FanPost, but it seems I spoke too soon. The Chicago chapter of the Oregon alumni association is changing the venue for our...


The Story of Witt's

I moved to Chicago in the summer of 2004. Coincidentally, a month after I arrived I received an e-mail from the Alumni Association. The note went to Chicago-area Ducks in an effort to establish a...


My productivity at work has fallen off a cliff

TO: Accounting Dept. FROM: DavisDuck RE: Request for new job code =============================== Please open a new job code so that I can correctly charge my time. Title is Addicted to Quack ...


UPDATE: Purdue bus from Chicago is happening

The UOAA is chartering a bus to take Duck fans from Chicago to West Lafayette and back. (I just saw the flyer. If you are on the UOAA mailing list in Chicago, you'll be getting an e-mail later this...


Purdue game bus from Chicago

It's not official yet, but I heard from a trusted source that the UOAA is arranging for a charter bus for the Purdue game. Pickup and dropoff will be in Chicago at Witt's Bar & Grill. The price is...

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