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I'm a Biker, Musician, Radio Show Host, Graphic Artist, Web Designer, Amateur Journalist and a die-hard Christian. I am also a life-long Denver Broncos Fan.

Born in Denver; raised in Aurora. Now I live in Kansas and have to endure silly trash talk from Chiefs fans (sigh - it's a MISSOURI team, people!!).


I discovered MHR in early 2008 and, while I don't post much, this is where I make my home.

Love it here!!

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • General CPIFL: Salina Bombers
User Blog

Broncos 'definitely' open to re-upping Moreno


For what it's worth. I know there's been a lot of heated debate about whether or not Knowshon should be brought back. I'm all for it if the price is right.

Peyton Manning Talks


Everything's new for an old quarterback who can't wait for that first hit

My wait is over! After 7 years on the waiting list, I am the proud papa of two nosebleed seats at...


My wait is over! After 7 years on the waiting list, I am the proud papa of two nosebleed seats at Mile High... Section 529 Row 23 Seats 18 and 19!! #stoked!

Brady Reflects On Tebow, Broncos

Tom Brady joins 'The Dennis and Callahan Morning Show' to discuss the Patriots' win over the Broncos and the play of Tim Tebow. - Vid is only 1:17, but I think Brady is genuine in his assessment of our Qurterback

Tebow joining LeBron and Tiger as stars moving the sports needle


Tim Tebow's infuence is comparable to Tom Hanks , Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift

Jerome Bettis "I wouldn't want to face Denver 'D'"


Coverage of the Broncos "D" starts at 1:31 - Jerome Bettis likes the Broncos Defense... At the end of the clip, he also gives Stephen A. Smith some advice about Tim Tebow: "You gotta let go... let go of some of it."

Stephen A. Smith: "I'm Humbled"


First Take debates Tim Tebow as a QB following another improbable comeback victory.

Cutler disappointed he can't play in Denver

"It's disappointing. I was real excited to go back there and play against them," Cutler said Wednesday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "I know a lot of the guys still on that team. It was going to be fun. Obviously Josh McDaniels isn't there anymore so it's got a little bit different feel for me. But every game I miss it becomes more and more disappointing for me." -via ESPN Chicago Privately, I'm betting he's relieved and thankful he doesn't have to face Von Doom!

John Lynch Talks Broncos on The Herd


Skip ahead to the 4:00 mark. Cowherd has a bad rep, and for good reason; but check this piece out. Good stuff about the Home Team from Lynch!

Vikings' Percy Harvin tells Tim Tebow: 'Keep 'em hating on you'

"When I hear all those ESPN commentators say, 'He can't do this,' I laugh. After the game, I whispered in his ear, 'Let 'em keep hating. Keep 'em hating on you.' " - Percy Harvin via TwinCities.com

Tim Tebow: 3 Reasons the NFL MVP Talk Is Justified

"Let's not go crazy here. Tim Tebow is neither the football messiah, nor the worst quarterback in the history of the NFL. His outspoken faith doesn't make him a hero or a villain, it just makes him a guy who likes to talk about Jesus. Whether you think that's a good thing or not is more a reflection on YOU than it is on Tebow. So let's do the only sensible thing we can do: Let's talk about Tim Tebow the football player." - Dan Steckenberg, Bleacher Report

9 Overachieving Broncos not named Tebow

"I have been covering football for many years and have rarely had the immense pleasure of witnessing the power of the individual manifest and morph itself into the power of the team concept so swiftly and so thoroughly. I am depositing into my memory bank these experiences as both a fan and a reporter and hope you are as well, as quite frankly, this phenomenon is not an every day occurrence." - Brian Silberberg, Bleacher Report

Chris Carter is in Denial


Said about Christian Ponder (@1:04): "You're judged by what you do in critical moments...", yet Carter refuses to use this standard when talking about Tim Tebow. When speaking about Tebow's passing success against the Vikings, Chris Carter opined: "It's interesting to see the quality of oposition that Denver continues to face." Tsk, tsk, Mr. Carter! You evidently don't like the aftertaste of crow. GO BRONCOS

Look who just crept into the upper half of the Power Rankings.


The Broncos, sitting at #16, are looking good behind a strong defense and the inspiring play of Tim Tebow. Heckuva sight better than sitting at 29 or 30... DontchaThink?

Warner, Flutie talk Tebow


Will Tim Tebow get the Broncos to the playoffs? Former NFL QBs Kurt Warner and Doug Flutie offer their opinions on Tebow's impact with the Broncos and if he has won them over. -NFL.com

Fox has no problem running Tebow-geared offense for years


"Hopefully the reason you last nine years is because you win. People don't give you style points; they just look at your record. I might be a little grayer, maybe not as much hair by then, but if I can last nine years here, I don't care how it happened, I'd be happy." -Coach John Fox via NFL.com

Elway 'disappointed' Tebow comments were misunderstood


"It's easy to forget that Elway, like Tebow, is very new to his job. And when you're a front office member -- and especially when you're a front office member talking about Tim Tebow -- every word out of your mouth will be scrutinized. There are enough learning curves at Mile High Stadium to make a man dizzy." -NFL.com

Question: Did Von Miller not have 2.5 sacks last night? Please tell me if I'm missing something.

  1. .5 When he and Doom met at Sanchez in the 2nd Q
  2. 1 When Sanchez missed the snap and fell on it for a big loss on a 3rd Down in the 4th. (Miller was the first Bronco there)
  3. 1 When Miller blew up RT Wayne Hunter in the closing minute and got the sack.

NFLN: Deion Sanders: "That's Tim Tebow!"

BEST QUOTE EVER: @2:45 Deion Sanders: "If you went with this guy to the fair... You know that little round thing that you throw the ball through? He may never get it through the hole, but he's gonna walk away with all the stuffed animals!... That's Tim Tebow!"

DB.com - Elway Shares His Thoughts on Tim Tebow


"I’m excited to see Tim out there and see what Tim can bring and hopefully get us some wins," Elway said. "What we saw him do last week in the second half — even though we started a little slow in that third quarter — he really energized us in the fourth quarter and really gave us a chance to win right down at the end."

Elway Embraces Tebow Time


John Elway says the Broncos will "add some things" to give Tim Tebow a chance to be successful - Watch

Merril Hoge reacts to the news that Tim Tebow has been named the Broncos starting QB.


Sounds like the guy is softening his stance in the event Tebow proves him wrong... Anybody know any good recipes for CROW?

ESPN Pigskin Pick 'Em This Year for MHR?


Just wondering... Will MHR again have a group in the Pigskin Pick 'Em contest on ESPN.com this season? I'd love to go head to head with all you guys again!


The Journey of Mr. B

via cdn1.sbnation.com It's great to see Pat Bowlen smiling again.   After the string of terrible luck that the Broncos have endured, it's nice to see the Owner of Owners shining brightly.    L...

VOTE: Tim Tebow "Never Say Never" Moment of the Year!


I know this has been posted before, but it's kinda gotten burried. If you haven't done so yet, head over to NFL.com and give Timmy some lovin! Let's try to rec this thing up so we have a constant reminder. The winner will be announced during Superbowl Week.




This, according to www.nssafame.com Methinks someone should lay off the pipe a bit

The Texans have hired Wade Phillips as their defensive coordinator


The Texans have hired Wade Phillips as their defensive coordinator

via Adam Schefter's Twitter

Tebow earns Week 16 Pepsi Rookie of the Week honors

From NFL.com:Voters on NFL.com have made their choice. Quarterback Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos is the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week for games played Dec. 23-28, the NFL announced Friday.

Tebow: Wk 16 Never Say Never Award Winner!

From NFL.com: Tim Tebow leading the Broncos' comeback win against the Texans is the GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Week for games played Dec. 23-27, the NFL announced Friday. The GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Week is the best moment or play of the week that represents determination and perseverance.

Tebow Talks Broncos on 104.3 "The Fan"

From 104.3 "The Fan": Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow spends 20 mins chatting with the fellas...GB2
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