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Best RB in Tampa Bay


Doug missed most of last season, but we all know how he plays.

Former Bronco visits Miami


Dary Colledge is set to visit Miami.

Doug Martin on the trading block?!


Doug Martin has a season ending injury and has a few decent back-up's. The Buc's pick up another RB, Sims in the draft. This must mean that your primary running back is expendable and time to get rid of him. Don't know how likely that is but if you read the comments, some so-called fans already want him gone. And of course all BSU fans know you don't get rid of a great back like this.

Article about the Uconn game


Not certain if this has already been linked through OBNUG or how many have the opportunity to see this yet. I read this article this morning and was rather surprised by the dismissive tone towards BSU that the author has - OR I could be inferring. The article also has a feeling that the team hasn't done well recently and still won't, especially with BYU as the opener, and that the fans have all but given up on the team. Figured that is was worth sharing or just get readers fired up.


USU v BSU open thread anyone?

Is there anyone out there wathing the game, viewing the game, texting at the game that wants to make comments? This is my attempt to get that done! Look at it, view at it, make something up, help...

Denard Robinson usd by the Jags as a Doug Martin.


Really good write up about how DM plays, but we all knew about that...


Vote for Bronco jerseys

The entire thing seems kind of silly thing overall but I did it anyway. Because really wants to see their team get less votes than some other team? So, I voted and figured that maybe other fans...

Big News!


Bronco Nation News has this NFL podcast that claims our coach is interested in a - insert team name here - coaching job. This time it's USC, doesn't really say much, around the 32 minute mark, the interviewee states a "source" claims Pete is really interested in the USC job? Not even going to wait until the season has even started this year?!

Far too early bowl prediction


The URL is not a link to the article. I know that we are not supposed to post up the crap from the Bleacher Report, but I GOTTA mention this - they have an article precickting the teams matched up in the bowl games and have BSU vs. Stanford in the Rose Bowl. Now, going to admit that I do read the B/R (mostly because I can't get enough of Tim Hammond's insecurities about his precious Alabama), but every once in a while, they post up an interesting comment. AND it mirrored the comments that I was making today with a co-worker. Thought the chances were strong this season to make a BCS bowl and seriously joked around about the Rose Bowl. Not wanting to break the rules, so I won't post the link, look it up yourself, or just pretend you did. Won't really make a difference...

Draft prospect of DJ Harper


Found this on Bronco Nation News. Nice breakdown that needed to be shared.

BIG running back commits to Hawaii


I posted this elsewhere but it's somewhat hidden, but apparently, this guy has committed to Hawaii. Hard to say if he stays as an RB, but the kid is big and can rumble. Not like the D has been very good at stopping the run game lately, this might make it harder. Of course, that is if he stays committed to Hawaii and an RB. Hawaii had an RB a few years ago, think his last name was Aluaeu, or something like that, that the D had a hard time stopping...

Drmic back to back 3 pointers


Our guys got hot on the court early in the start of both halves. The three point game was clicking rather well last evening also. My friend Ken C. went to the game and took some videos and posted the vids on the youtube. Here is a good look at Anthony nailing the trey.


Upcoming 2013 schedule

Last year before the season started, I thought that the 2012 schedule looked good, toughest in a while, then MSU showed how bad they were and So Miss laid an egg. So the 2013 doesn't look too bad...


Imaginary Non-BCS playoff

Wins are based loosely on the assumption the the points for/points against season average would continue into a playoff system based of 8 teams and how they score during the 2012 season. My basis...

Rumor involving Coach Pete


Found this on KTVB site, doesn't have much info but still is slightly interesting.

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