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Yep. It's a Burnt Orange Nation


Reality hurts Aggies. Now you know why ESPN wants a piece of the Longhorn nation.


Forever and ever, amen! Go Randy Travis!

(CNN) -- Country music star Randy Travis, who pleaded no contest to public intoxication following the Super Bowl in February, was arrested again Tuesday after being found naked, smelling...


Can't We All Just Get Along? Bring Back the Southwest Conference!

Not sure if anyone has discussed this Fantasy Conference situation on BON, but what about bringing back the original Soutwest Conference? I think there's a number of hard nosed rivalries that could...


Beergut and MiketagCrying Again....and Again...and Again.....

Is it just me...or does the lonely hearts club of Miketag and Beergut over at "I Am" just sound jealous all the time? Dear Beergut and Miketag, I have an idea for your blog. I know you don't have...


A real Horns run game against Wyoming? Well let's see what ya think?

I've been contemplating this in my head all week. How "real" will our running game be this weekend against Wyoming? Will the offensive line show up and open holes for the backs? Will the RB's show...

Dream Defensive End


This kid plays at South Pointe High in South Carolina. Horns need this guy....his highlights get really good towards the end of this link...Jadeveon Clowney


Big 12 Poll: Who's the biggest threat to the Horns in 2010?

I'm not saying we will go undefeated this season. I'm thinking 1or 2 losses...maybe. Hard to say with a semi-first year QB under center. Anyway, I'm hung over today at work and looking for a good...

Another reason to hate Nebraska


Think this won't get the Horns fired up for Oct 16???? Watch this vid from Nebraska's athletic department. A direct website built to attack Texas....nice work Cornsuckers!


Dear Joe Barton....Don't Worry About the Big 12.....

Sorry to bring this political argument to BON...but it's sports related. Wow! Joe's worried about the Big 12 and a playoff system more than he's worried about his large payoff from BP for his...


SEC, PAC-10 or Big Slow Ten? Texas on the Move?

Big Ten, PAC-10 or SEC? I'm having a hard time grasping a move to the Big Slow Ten. Texas going to the SEC would be freaking insane! Can you imagine playing LSU, Bama, Flordia...and the Red River...


Barnes Recruiting Philosophy vs. the Big Winners???

Anyone else agree that Barnes' considerable downfall (not saying he’s not successful) in coaching may be due to the types of players he recruits? The one and dones ….and the uncoachable with...


Luke Winn on Texas Basketball

Bumped. Apologies for the lack of posting today... Working on the SBN Power 16 piece which will run tomorrow morning at In the meantime, Luke Winn's thoughts on the Longhorns in his...


Rolando McClain Knows Texas......

  From The Statesman Rolando McClain, Alabama's sensational linebacker and best defender, all but called the Texas...


Ags vs Georgia

So I can't really decide what I want more...An AtM loss or an SEC win. I actually hate both of them. Can they both lose some way? Guess not. I think I will have to pull for the Aggies. Would be...

CNNSI Fan Surveys


Interesting....sorry Aggies we feel OU is our biggest rival!

New Longhorns Football Uniform


Looks pretty much the same...except for helmet.


Tech TV Show at Texas Game Next Week...Don't Answer the Question

Need to come up with a good answer for this Tech TV show at the game next week. This is from the Double T Nation Blog...Be aware! UT game - Need help from fellow Tech fans by imisswesttexas on S...

Greg Davis Drunk


Is Greg Davis drunk in this video?


Sergio Kindle "Concussion" And How It will Effect Him This Season

Curious if anyone has heard if Sergio Kindle had any after effects from his concussion in the car wreck? Seems to me that a concussion to a linebacker can't be good...he's going to be knocking...

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