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Man F BE

I've put up with reading this drivel for far too long. I've read more interesting things on the side of a cereal box. I’ve heard more logical things from Cliven Bundy. Mania has more...


This Week in Quotes 3

I see some people liked my version of This Week in Quotes so I decided to do another. I hope somewhere Mike Fagan is giving off a snarky smile while reading this. Random "Just got a new...


This Week in Quotes: Another Tribute to Mike Fagan

In 2011, back when I had a State job and a lot of tme to do nothing I wrote a tribute to Mike Fagan. Mike had a weekley series on BE that I absolutly enjoyed. So to honor him I will absolutely...


Former LSU FB Shawn Jordan is the UFC Co-Main Event (Video)

This weekend former LSU full back Shawn Jordan is set to take on UFC veteran Cheick Kongo in the co-main event this Saturday on PPV. Check out this article and video (2nd on the page) showing...


UFC Fan Expo turns Ugly...A true story.

via 10thplanetburbank.com Here I am finally at a UFC Expo. This isn’t your average UFC Expo either; this is the UFC Mega Expo. Every single fighter to ever fight in the UFC is here…well I don’t...


Jon Gruden's take on the UFC 142 Main Events

via cache.deadspin.com Bloody Elbow is known for getting high profile analyst to comment on upcoming events so I thought I'd track down one of the best high profile analyst in the business,...


This Week in Quotes: A tribute to Mike Fagan

The day a mermaid cried. -"I enjoy the right type of press. As long as it's not B-class, random websites." – Diaz. "I've never really changed much. I just try to come in and fight my best to take...


Which fighting style is best for a bar fight?

via www.thesharkguys.com      There you are, enjoying your favorite over priced beverage, when all of a sudden your "Spider Senses" kick in. It may be a broken bottle, a loud ruckus or an eerie...

CNN: "In UFC fight, mixed martial arts and brain science collide"


CNN takes a look at the kick that got everyone talking about Anderson Silva. CNN had video available earlier in the week showing the kick. This article talks about the saftey of MMA and also talks to Vitor. Pretty good and fair article on MMA from a major news outlet.


Does Brock Lesnar have a competetive advantage because he hunts deer?

via farm3.static.flickr.com Some atheletes use horses and now some are using deer. When will it end? They harvest the so-called velvet antler (a soft coating that covers deer antlers) in New...

Fox Sports Top Ten MMA stories


Strikeforce was mentioned twice, but for the wrong reasons.

Mayweather wastes our time (Dana White met Mayweatherover the weekend)


About a week ago, UFC boss Dana White ran into Floyd Mayweather at the Hard Rock in Vegas. "When’s this fight gonna happen?" asked White referring to the prospect of Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao. "What do you care?" said Mayweather. "You got the UFC." "I’m a boxing fan," said White, who is, in fact, a boxing fan, and from way back. "Well, I’m not desperate," sneered Mayweather. Desperate? Who said anything about desperate?


Do rule changes\judging criteria need to be changed to advance the sport of MMA?

                    There has been a lot of bickering among the MMA faithful as of late.  The recent fights of Jake Shields, GSP, King Mo, and Gilbert Melendez have brought up some complaints...

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