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Can We Please Squash the "Maclin has Cancer" Rumors?

Nobody with any inside knowledge has suggested this, other than GCobb, who seems to be spewing speculation. In a report that he filed on Saturday, Cobb admits that he knows nothing about the...

Yahoo! Sports writer Jason Cole Nearly Deifies the Eagles in a Glorious Write-up

The move to snag Asomugha from underneath the likes of the New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys was cold-blooded. Eagles team president Joe Banner might intimidate Suge Knight right now (and anybody who has ever seen Banner knows what a long shot that is). The Eagles didn’t just send a shot across the bow at the rest of the NFL, they sent 31 blasts at each opponent. Some people may gripe about the lack of pass rushing in Philadelphia. It’s a hollow claim since Philly’s trio of corners could make anyone on the defensive front look great. The Eagles got the best player in free agency (Asomugha) and got the cornerback with the best footwork in the game (Rodgers-Cromartie). At a time when the NFL is increasingly a glorified version of a 7-on-7 drill, the Eagles can now match up with an advantage on every receiver, even when opponents go to four- and five-receiver sets. The Eagles will suffocate people, taking away the bread and butter from Green Bay, Dallas, New England and Indianapolis. Sure, some of you Xs and Os experts will say, "Just run on them." With the high-octane offense led by Michael Vick(notes) and DeSean Jackson(notes) (once his contract gets settled) on the other side, good luck with that strategy. Furthermore, the Eagles have a stout front, so just trying to grind them isn’t easy.

It's Udalango's Birthday! Happy B-day, Uda! Hopefully we all get DRC + a 1st, and a good DE for...


It's Udalango's Birthday! Happy B-day, Uda! Hopefully we all get DRC + a 1st, and a good DE for your birthday. (Sorry to all, especially Uda, for this inappropriate and embarrassing FanShot)


Do the players hold the upper hand now?

I'm just curious about what you guys think on this. In theory, every day that we lose from here on out is (monetarily, at least) affecting the owners significantly more than the players. If we...


JIBTA is jack is better than asante

    Should this be a fanpost?  Nah, probably not.  But it is, and the mods can delete it if they so choose.  


Why the new kickoff rules WON'T result in touchbacks every time

Am I really about to write a piece on kicking?  Not even field goal kicking, but kickoffs, no less?  You bet your first-born son I am.  I'm hoping it won't go too long, but who knows?     T...

Plan for an Eight Game Season

There's apparently a contingency plan in place to have an eight game schedule if the season needs to be shortened. Let's try not to use that plan...


Petition to BBV

  I am posting this here because we have seen a lot of Giants fans here, and I don’t want to clutter up the FanPosts section of BBV, where this may be seen as unwelcome.  I hope that members...

BGN NFC East Thread

BBV stopped by BGN the other day and we had some "fun" discussion. Now we've got a dedicated thread for it and we'd like to get some Dallas perspective as well. Stop over for what's sure to be a great conversation.

Feeling a little better about skipping on Jimmy Smith after this picture. (I know we have other...


Feeling a little better about skipping on Jimmy Smith after this picture. (I know we have other Rosenhaus guys, but I want as little of him as possible around the Eagles).


Forget about perceived value

Because I'm getting really tired of this already I'd just like to point this out... we do NOT know where Watkins was gonna get drafted. Just because the draft pundits said he was a second rounder...


4-2-5 as a Base System

We all know the drill when it comes to defenses – you’re either a 3-4 or 4-3 base system.  Now I don’t know much about football theory…  I’ve never played the game in any sort of...

Vikings' Punter Kluwe Expresses His Feelings About the CBA Through Interpretive Dance

Nah, he just draws some cartoons and writes a letter. Still pretty good.

Late Round Prospect: DeAndre Brown, WR, Southern Miss

This WR prospect is really intriguing to me. He suffered a broken leg in his freshman year, and he has struggled with nagging injuries ever since. But his numbers are insane. To give you a comparison, here are his combine numbers along with Dez Bryant's pro-day numbers: D. Bryant 6'2" 224 40yd: 4.52 Reps: 14 Vertical: 38" Broad: 11'1" Shuttle: 4.43 Cone: 7.10 D. Brown 6'6" 233 40yd: 4.59 Reps: 20 Vertical: 29" Broad: 9'9" Shuttle: 4.33 Cone: 6.93 DeAndre Brown is a tall, strong, and agile receiver. His vertical and broad jump could be better, but a guy with his speed and height is certainly worth the 5th round or later pick he's valued at (some say 5-7, others say 7-undrafted). He was also productive, racking up over 2,000 yards and 24TDs in 29 games. What do you think?


Bleeding Green Nation -- Mock Draft

Hello, DailyNorsemen.  I’m DeSean10, and as I’m sure you gathered from the title of this post and my screen name, I’m an Eagles fan from SBN’s BleedingGreenNation.  I made a FanShot the...

Daily Norseman on Kolb

I saw this FanPost over on the Vikings' SBN site. It's an interesting story (I don't think they included a link to the source), and the comments on Kolb's perceived value is interesting as well. Actually, the link is on a front-page article that JasonB posted. But the comments are still interesting to check out.


Bleeding Green Nation Mock

Hey everybody, DeSean10 from BGN here. I started following football back in the mid-2000s by playing Madden. At that point McNabb and Culpepper were tearing up the game, so I quickly became a fan...


BGN Police Force

  Okay guys, the off-season is officially here and the morons are coming out of the woodworks.  Unfortunately it’s only going to get worse from here on out.  Posts about “Vick sux we needz...

I don't get paid to tackle.

I don't get paid to tackle. Aaron Rodgers doing his best Asante Samuel impression.

Ricky Williams Out in Miami?

That's what it sounds like. Who says you don't get second chances, we can sign him this off-season! Seriosuly though, he would be a good backup. I'm happy with Harrison and Williams could be too costly, but he's still a solid RB.


Eagles Fans Are Classless

Let’s face it, we are.  Each and every one of us is scum.  We are Eagles fans: the ones who throw batteries, pelt Santa with snowballs, cheer injuries and boo our best players. We call our...

Eagles were the only team in the NFL to extend an offer sheet to an RFA this past off-season

I just saw this on ESPN, and found a link for it on FOX. It's probably been posted before, but it just astounds me that out of 216 RFAs, only Mike Bell was signed to an offer sheet.

"One guy (Washington’s DeAngelo Hall) had four interceptions in a game against them (the Bears)....

"One guy (Washington’s DeAngelo Hall) had four interceptions in a game against them (the Bears). Hopefully, I can have a game like that. -- Joselio Hanson" Getting a bit ahead of ourselves, aren't we J-Lo? Let's try not getting beat deep, then worry about the picks.;_ylt=Aiol6UB6vhZNoD5DeS1xzSJDubYF?slug=ap-eagles-samuel

Macho's Got a New Job

Looks like Mr. Harris is now a Redskin. Too bad we don't play them again this year...

Celek Makes the Yahoo! Shutdown Corner No-Pro Team

Brent Celek made the list, as did former Eagle Stacy Andrews.


Schefter Doesn't like the 'Boys This Year

Adam Schefter thinks the Cowboys will be lucky to get 9 wins, or even 8-8. I don't have a link, just heard it on ESPN. I thought it was a fairly controversial suggestion, but one a lot of us...

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