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via Create-a-Caption, always fun!

Brett Johnson?


Hey guys, I'm from BleedingGreenNation, the Philadelphia Eagles' SBN site. First off, thank you for DeSean Jackson. Secondly, what do you guys think of Brett Johnson? We just signed him off of waivers from the Bills and he's getting a lot of attention on our boards. His athleticism is garnering some serious excitement, but we wanted to get your opinion of the guy. Thanks in advance for the answers!


32 Team Fantasy Preview: Minnesota Vikings

Team by Team Fantasy Football Preview   This is a section that I hope to continue for all 32 teams, starting with the Vikings and working in reverse alphabetical order.  Why reverse alphabetical...

Eminem Disses Roethlisberger


I know this isn't exactly relevant to the Eagles, but most of you know how I feel about Big Ben, and I think this is hilarious. Not as good as the post N4S put up a few weeks ago, but still... funny stuff. I'll delete it if people are upset about the lack of relevance to Philly.

Mel Kiper rates the Eagles' draft as the best in the NFC East

  1. Eagles: B+
  2. Cowboys: B (note: this was done from memory, NYG and DAl may be switched)
  3. Giants: B-
  4. Redskins: C

Optimism 101

  Optimism 101, Class starts Now!   1)      We’re alive on this beautiful day! 2)      We’re not Giants fans! 3)      We’re not Raiders fans! 4)      We have internet access! 5)      We have...

Denver Fans Aren't Pleased With This Deal


Well as we all are aware of by now, we just got LB Ernie Sims in a three-way deal with the Broncos and Lions. The Lions are mixed but seem to be pleased overall. The Broncos... not so much. The link above is to the Mile High Report. They seem to think we got a steal, and I won't argue with that. Some fans are saying the Eagles got a Denver 7th round pick? Anybody know about that? Anyways, I'm stoked and Bronco fans are rather underwhelmed.


Bleeding Green Nation Mock Draft Results

Today was the deadline for my selection for the Arizona Cardinals in the BGN Mock Draft.  I really appreciate the help and friendly responses I got here at ROTB, and it really helped me make my...


The Browns Stole Our Draft Pick!

  I decided to do a little write-up about what might have happened if some of the key Eagles draft picks had been picked by other teams. (Note that key doesn’t necessarily mean good in this case,...


Number 5: Forever Bleeding Green

Eleven years ago next Saturday, a young Donovan McNabb was drafted out of Syracuse University.  He came into the draft as one of the most decorated QBs available, having won 35 of his 49 starts and...

OG Sims to the Eagles?


Yahoo! Rumors and the Detroit Free Press are reporting that the Eagles may be trying to swing a trade with the Seahawks for OG Rob Sims. Apparently Pete Carroll doesn't like him (but so far it seems that Carroll is completely insane, I'm waiting for Curry and Kerney to be traded for a package of Ballpark Franks and a Supercuts coupon) and he could probably be had for a 3rd or 4th round pick. The Lions are supposedly the frontrunners, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Eagles nabbed him for the 4th we just acquired from Cleveland and one of our 7th rounders. Here's to hoping, because Sims is a very good young guard.


Bleeding Green Nation Mock Draft

Hey guys, how's it going?  I'm a member of the Eagles SBN page, Bleeding Green Nation.  We're doing a one round (yup, just one) mock draft pretty soon and I chose the Cardinals.  I'd really like to...



  BREAKING NEWS:  The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is reporting a groundbreaking three-team trade involving the Cowboys, Seahawks, and most shockingly, the Eagles.  It is reported that the Seahawks...


Who Likes Nicknames?

  So I’m taking a break from studying for my Geology midterm, and I’ve been thinking about this offseason.  All-in-all I’m quite pleased, especially with the addition of Tapp.  If you haven’t seen...


Why Brian Westbrook Can Never Be Overrated*

  Recently we’ve had a lot of people sharing their opinion about Brian Westbrook, the face of the Eagles’ running game for the last decade.  Most of us are sad to see him go, but understand why he...


A Tale of Two Corners

    Its been heavily discussed recently on these boards that the Eagles are in need of some DB help.  The most talked about position is safety with names like Eric Berry, Taylor Mays, Myron...


Why Eagles Fans Aren't Really Ready for Kolb to Start

Yup, another one of these.   This off-season has heard countless calls from Philly fans to trade McNabb and start Kolb.  Right.  Now.  But the truth is Eagles fans aren’t ready for Kevin Kolb...

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