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Looking to April

     I have been looking at all sorts of mock drafts and all I see is the Bills taking Andrew Luck or someone on the defensive line.  In seeing how the Bills have played over the last month do we...


Would you be happy with Luck?

     Since Fitzpatrick seems to be doing really well in the Gailey offense the idea of passing on Andrew Luck come to mind.  I know that the quarterback position on the Bills has been in flux since...


Would you be happy with a QB in the 2nd?

     I am already trolling the mock drafts for 2011.  One draft site (drafttek) lets you prioritize what you think your team needs and then projects the draft.  In putting a priority on a stud DE...


Now is the time to look at 2011

     I have followed the Bills since O. J. Simpson to us losing to the Dolphins for a decade to us getting our hearts ripped out in four super bowls but now I have to look past this season.   The...


I win - win to meet the Bills needs

As it has been stated on this site many times the Bills front office likes a certain quarterback from Florida.  This is how I see them getting them and not missing out on some potential talent for...


Here are the questions to be answered by the draft

1.     Will the Bills draft a QB or LT in the first round? 2.     Will the Bills draft Tebow if he is available in the second round? 3.     Will the Bills trade Marshawn Lynch and what will they...


Practical Mock draft

I have been reading everyone's mock draft ideas and I thought I would throw mine into the mix.  Here we go: 1st round - Anthony Davis - OT - Rutgers - He is a reach but he did visit OBD and seemed...


LT and QB solved through the Draft

I know I am writing again about trades and the draft but as I have read what people have written it has come to me that there is a simple solution to the whole situation or our LT, franchise QB,...


The Deals to make the Bills Fans happy

I have been reading all the posts about Buffalo getting Gaither from Baltimore for the swap of our 1st rounders.  9 for 25. or a straight up trade of our 2nd round pick for him.  Here is a scenario...

NFL Mocks


Here is a bunch of mock drafts and they show what the BIlls should do with the 9th overall pick.


This can be done in FA and the Draft for 2010.

The offseason… a time when us Bills fans dream that we can make our team better.  Here are my ideas on it. Free Agent Pickups Michael Vick - QB Leon Washington - RB Brandon Marshall - WR Vince...


Possible FAs that are available

The Bills finally have a head coach and are looking to rebuild. Here is the best available that I think they should target to pick up QB - Campbell - will be let go by the Redskins      Vick -...


This is what should be doned in 2010

Well I have finished watching Buffalo grab defeat from the jaws of victory against the Pats and it is time to look to 2010. First we need a GM and picking from the tree of Polian or AJ Smith would...


I have a dream....

Well we are all talking about next year and what could happen to the Bills in terms of staff and personnel.  Here is an off the wall thought, since Charlie Weis is going to get fired from Notre...


2009 is not done YET but in thinking of 2010. Here you go.....

If things keep going as they are for the Bills they will have a new coaching staff and new personnel coming in.  Here are my ideas of who we should hire and what free agents we should pick up and...


If the Bills do not make the playoffs.

     The Bills have made some interesting choices over the last couple days, months, years.  Now it is put up or shut up time for this group of coaches.  If Bills fail, this is my suggestion for a...

TO interview


TO interview on Sirrus.

Jason Peters trade reaction

12 - Detailed NFL Mock Drafts, Player Prospect Rankings, and One of the Largest Mock Draft Databases on the Web The Jason Peters Trade The Jason Peters Trade and the 2009 NFL Draft - My Thoughts I don't think I've missed an NFL preseason game in years. When I tell people this, they usually give me a dirty look or ask me if I've recently escaped from the local mental institution. I then have to explain that I watch the first three weeks of the preseason (the final week doesn't count because no one plays except for practice squad guys) for fantasy purposes. For instance, in 2007, I noted on this Web site that Tom Brady's first read on almost every play was Wes Welker. I named Welker one of my fantasy sleepers and told my readers to take him in the middle rounds. A few months later, Welker finished the year tied for the league lead in receptions with T.J. Houshmandzadeh. That's why I'm more than happy to tune into a Browns-Lions preseason contest. When these people hear my explanation and decide not to have me committed, they usually ask if I watch the Pro Bowl as well. To that, I smile and proudly boast, "I've been a football fan since I was about 10 years old, and I've never watched the Pro Bowl." The Pro Bowl is a joke. Some of the top players opt out. Those who go don't really try. It's not even a real football game. And it's impossible to bet on because no one puts forth any effort. As a degenerate gambler, I do not find this appealing. However, the reason I hate the Pro Bowl more than anything is that there are far too many crappy players named to the two squads. I don't think the NFL should strip the fans of all of the decision-making, but it's a joke because there too many clueless voters out there. Jason Peters is the perfect example. Peters, a 6-4, 340-pound mauling left tackle, is entering his sixth year. In 2006, he started all 16 games and surrendered just two sacks. I later wrote of Peters, "[He] has emerged as one of the top left tackles in the NFL. Unfortunately, Peters is holding out because he wants to renegotiate his contract. I say pay the man. Peters is in the middle of a 5-year deal worth $15 million. He's one of the best players at his position, and he certainly deserves a lot more than he's currently making." So, should my Pro Bowl voting rights be revoked as well because I considered Peters a top talent? No; not for this reason anyway. Since the 2006 campaign, Peters' play has regressed exponentially. In 2007, Peters gave up six sacks in 15 contests. And last year, things got downright ugly, as Peters surrendered a whopping 11.5 sacks in just 13 games, good for tops in the NFL. Peters was also whistled for eight penalties, a career high for him. Now you see why I hate the Pro Bowl so much. How could the league's worst left tackle, statistically speaking, be voted in as one of the premier players at his position? Moreover, how could Andy Reid give up the No. 28 overall selection in the 2009 NFL Draft for him? You can suggest that Reid was too busy waiting in line all year at Geno's Steaks to watch film on Peters or even check his stats, but doing so wouldn't be too classy. I mean, what kind of Web site makes fun of fat coaches and NFL analysts who can't even come close to speaking proper English? I don't like this trade at all for Philadelphia; the team would have been better served trading up for Michael Oher or William Beatty, or simply sliding Todd Herremans over to left tackle. As mentioned, Peters gave up 11.5 sacks in 2008. Newly acquired right tackle Stacy Andrews, coming off knee surgery, allowed 9.5 sacks last season. Either the Eagles missed the 2008 season entirely, or are trying their hardest to get Donovan McNabb injured so the highly anticipated Kevin Kolb era can commence as quickly as possible. On the bright side, they'll probably serve McNabb some Chunky Soup while he's lying in bed at the hospital. From Buffalo's perspective, the deal was a lucrative one. The organization avoided overpaying for one of the NFL's most overrated players. The Bills can take Oher or Andre Smith at No. 11 overall (trading up to No. 9 for one of them is also an option). They'll be able to spend the No. 28 selection on a much-needed pass-rusher, such as Larry English or Michael Johnson. And now, they'll be free to spend their second-round choice on the best tight end or linebacker available. They also get a fourth-rounder and a conditional 2010 pick. Seems like a fair trade for the Bills. The only downside to the deal is that their fans will have one less Pro Bowler to root for. Not that anyone watches that stupid game anyway.


Who will be avialable when the Bills are on the Clock!!!

The Buffalo Bills Draft for 2009 Who they should be able to pick and be a solid fit for Buffalo round by round This includes the 4th round from Pittsburgh (132 overall) in trade for Roscoe...


Peters to get Paid? (DraftTek Rumor)

In reading one of the many mock drafts out there,, they say that Buffalo put a deal on the table to Jason Peters that is equal to what the Carolina Panters gave Jordon Gross.  If that...


What do we do at the draft?

The Bills have so many options @ the 11th overall pick it is scary that they could screw it up. 3 ideas are: 1 - trade with Detroit for their 20th overall and 2nd round pick - this would get us...

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