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Kings lose 3 million dollars on basketball operations last year


Lowe lists the teams who lost money and how much at about the 10 minute mark. Kings lose 3 million. Nets lose 144 million.

Grantland's Wesley Morris on Nik's draft day fashion


Nik Stauskas, Canadian no. 3, wore a head-to-toe windowpane suit and, before hitting the stage, did an elaborate handshake with his less tall father, Paul. You didn’t know whether he was the eighth pick or Land Rover’s salesman of the year.

Zach Lowe and Kevin Pelton discuss DMC's defense and advanced stats


Discussion of Cousins starts at 13:30 or so, but the whole thing is worth listening to, including some Tom Ziller name dropping.

Zach Lowe on our transition D


I’m beginning to wonder if the Kings are fated to be among the league’s worst transition defensive teams in perpetuity — if it’s something in the water out there. They are just bad, every season, even as most of the personnel and coaching staff turn over. One reason: Their floor balance is too often out of whack, with four or even five players below the foul line — and sometimes below the dotted line — as a King either shoots or drives into traffic.

Asik asking to be traded weekly


On one hand, I'm not super interested in a player who grouses and sulks about a reduced role this badly. On the other hand, he's one of the best defensive centers in the league, and would go a long way towards shoring up our defense as a frontcourt partner to Cousins. Think there's anybody left on our team that Morey wants?

Mexico is sniffing around Luis Gil


Will we need to defensively cap-tie him?

Zach Lowe wrote a big article about Big Cuz


And he probably won't get invited to Cousin's next ice cream social because it's not very positive.

Kings Summer League Movie


With cameo appearance from Section214.

Kings Target Milton Lee for FO job


He is currently the Nets director of basketball operations, does some analytic stuff.

The second lives of NBA Players


A must read, features a bunch of former Kings.

Marc Gasol wins DPOY


Lebron 2nd, Ibaka 3rd, Sanders inexplicably 7th and Jimmer even more inexplicably received 0 votes.

Simmons is still high on Cousins


Also Jimmer. I'm not making this up.

Daryl Morey talks about the T-Rob trade


This is a couple weeks old but I haven't seen it anywhere else here.

Cuz takes a bunch of shots from the worst spot on the floor for FG%


Great place to take shots if you're looking to get your own rebound though.

#FINALSCORE‬ Nigeria beat Dominican Republic 88-73 and qualify for the Olympics! ‪#OQTM


#FINALSCORE‬ Nigeria beat Dominican Republic 88-73 and qualify for the Olympics! ‪#OQTM

Tough loss for Francisco

Unlike the generations of players before him, Fournier grew up in a flattened, post-nationalist...


Unlike the generations of players before him, Fournier grew up in a flattened, post-nationalist European basketball culture. Sure, he appreciated Parker's Spurs, but his all-time favorite NBA team remains the 2002 Kings. "I still can't believe they lost that (Western Conference finals) series to the Lakers," he says. "That was the series that made me love basketball." Today, when Fournier wears the number 10 on his jersey, he does so in honor of his favorite player: Mike Bibby.

Evan Fournier and International Players in the Draft

Kevin Pelton on 5-year contracts


Here's a hint: he doesn't like them.


Playoffs open thread

(Ed. Note - We'll leave this up for the thread for all playoff games throughout this weekend) - By popular demand, so that the Ike Diogu thread can stay on track. Better late than never? How bout...


NBA to Help Kings Get Arena, Stay in Sacramento

[editor's note, by louismg]Breaking News tonight: The NBA is going to step in and help find a new approach to keep the Kings in Sacramento. During the Kings' game on ESPN, some more details were...

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