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Comments Requested: Proposed BCS Solution

  1) Replace USA Today Coaches Poll with AP Poll.  This may take some coaxing of the AP, as it is my understanding that it was the AP which opted out of the BCS system, at which point the USA...


The Folks In Morgantown Are Missing The Tigers Already

From the Charleston Daily Mail   If only LSU came to town seven times! Here’s the recap from the third game with beer flowing at Mountaineer Field: 36,042 units of beer sold$255,396 gross...


You Just Knew It Had to Happen

LSU fans victims of assault after West Virginia game After watching their team suffer a beatdown at the hands of LSU Saturday night, some West Virginia “fans” apparently decided to take ...


LSU Fans Taking Early Lead in Obnoxiousness Contest?

POSTED at   So a bit of prefacing, in addition to working on my current degree, I teach at WVU.Anywho, I was teaching a class, and a bunch of LSU students literally were running down the...

JJ WILL Testify Before GJ If Invited

According to his attorney. This is certainly different. Unglesby has to be really confident

Putting Things In Perspective

I offer this as an olive branch of sorts, in the hopes that this will lessen the pain of disillusionment. You shouldn't feel bad. This is what we do.


One Oregon Fan's Attempt to Heal

Written by an Oregon fan and student of the bible attempting to console himself after the game.  Clever.  Is this where you guys got the name for the blog?Chronicles 9:27-40 And behold, before me...

An Unlikely 2nd Chance for Jarrett Lee

Well written piece. Kid's been thrown into a tough situation. I've never been a fan, but here's hoping Kragthorpe worked his magic. It's now time to go out and whip UO's butt without JJ

THIS Is What the Baton Rouge Police Should Be Spending Its Time On

. . .instead of basking in his 15 minutes and popping off about what charges will be brought when that decision is not his to make. This run of the mill parking lot barfight (which we now know involved threats by one of the "victims" to pull a gun) has been a nice distraction for the BTR Police Chief.

The REAL Explanation For The Parking Lot Fight

FORGET the rumor, innuendo, speculation and unbelievably inconsistent - and just plain bad - "reporting." If you've ever been around southern major college bars when football players (or marines or drunk college boys with something to prove) congregate, here's all you need to know.

LSU Football Revenue & Profits "Damn Strong"

Forbes takes a look at Who's Making Money in SEC Football?

A REMINDER: Calculating What We Almost Lost

Excerpts from "Is Les Miles the Most Valuable Coach in College Football?"



By an unknown author DBFG (Day Before Florida Game) "My name is Anonymous. And I'm a Les addict." "Hi, Anonymous!"   That was Friday night, a day after I had been admitted to the hospital for...

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