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Fan of the Atlanta Braves, Hawks, Falcons, and Silverbacks. Also supports Mississippi State football and Manchester City over in England. I've also beaten Ninja Gaiden on numerous occasions, so there's that.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NBA Atlanta Hawks
  • NFL Atlanta Falcons
  • NCAAF Mississippi St. Bulldogs
  • Soccer Atlanta Silverbacks
  • FIFA United States
  • EPL Manchester City
  • MLS Atlanta
User Blog

Simba Sinks Mets, Braves Win 3-2


Andrelton Simmons once fed 80000 people with a stick of Doublemint Gum and a single bag of rice cakes. He also pulled off a defensive miracle tonight with the Braves


Game Thread 8/27: Braves At Mets

So, last night didn't go so well. The Braves' offense spent last night turning getting into Double Plays into an art form. However, that's one form of art that the world can do without, so...

Braves Excel At Getting Into Double Plays In Loss


The Braves hit into 4 double plays tonight. FOUR.


Game Thread 8/26: Braves At Mets

Hey look, the Braves are back on the blue-and-orange side of New York! The last time they played at Citi Field, the Braves won. The bad news is that it was only to avoid a 4-game sweep. Hopefully,...

Series Preview: Braves Vs. Mets


The Braves are making their final trip of 2014 to New York. Hopefully it goes better than the last visit did.

Braves Daily News Digest: 8/26


It's time to shift things in gear for the playoff hunt. Can the Braves make it in? Judging by the results of that poll...eh.

Braves Daily News Digest: 8/24


Let this photo serve as a microcosm of the Braves game last night

Braves Daily News Digest: 8/21


If Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love, Pittsburgh is the City of Brotherly Confusion

Braves Daily News Digest: 8/19


Winning streaks are scientifically proven to be much, much better than losing streaks. There's your science tip for the day.

The Curious Case Of Chris Johnson


Chris Johnson signed a contract extension and then proceeded to stink up the joint immediately after signing. But has he been all that bad for this season? Also, will this be one of Frank Wren's...

Series Recap: Braves Vs. Athletics


It's safe to say that nobody predicted that the Braves could or would sweep the Oakland A's. So naturally, they did it.

Atlanta Wins 4-3 As Braves Complete Sweep Of A's


Mike Minor pitched 7 innings, left the game with a lead, and the Braves didn't blow it and swept the team who had the best record in baseball coming into this game. Yeah, that happened.


Game Thread 8/17: Braves Vs. Athletics

We've reached the end of a series that most people in these parts were loathing, and it's gone pretty well. In fact, it's been pretty doggone nice. The Braves had an offensive renaissance on Friday...

Braves Daily News Digest: 8/17


Freddie Freeman wasn't a fan of the organ. There's your depressing news for the morning, it gets better from here on out!

Braves Take Series From Athletics With 4-3 Victory


After looking as bad as a baseball team could possibly look as of late, the Braves have now beaten the Oakland A's in a series. Baseball is weird.

Game Thread 8/16: Braves Vs. Athletics


Hey look, it's throwback night at Turner Field, tonight! And boy, they went way back. In 1914, the "Miralcle Braves" (led by the awesomely named Rabbit Maranville) completed an amazing turnaround...

Atlanta Assails A's, Braves Win 7-2


The Braves have had an absolute devil of a time beating good teams as of late, so, naturally, they blasted the best team in baseball by 5 runs.


Game Thread 8/15: Braves Vs. Athletics

Here goes nothing. One of the biggest series of the season for the Braves kicks off tonight, as they welcome the Oakland Athletics into town. The A's will be heading into this series with the best...

Series Preview: Braves Vs. Athletics


There have been a lot of handshakes and high-five in the Oakland A's camp this season. Now, they'll be making a rare trip to Atlanta to face the currently-sputtering Braves.

Braves Daily News Digest: 8/14


Isn't reading the news a much more pleasant experience the morning after a Braves victory?

Braves Daily News Digest: 8/12


News and links concerning the Braves and baseball as a whole

Braves Daily News Digest: 8/10


Not exactly a morning edition, but who doesn't like a lazy Sunday? Also, that dude ran on the field during a rain delay. Come on, son.

Series Recap: Braves At Mariners


The accompanying picture for this piece was a common sight for Freddie Freeman and the rest of the Braves. Walking away in dejection while the other team celebrated.

Braves Daily News Digest: 8/7


A historic edition of the News Digest. The bad type of history, though.

Braves Complete Winless Road Trip


The Seattle Mariners haven't scored more than 6 runs since July 1st. Luckily for them, they ran into the Braves at just the right time!


Game Thread 8/6: Braves At Mariners

Mercifully, this calamitous road trip is finally coming to a close. Just a week or so ago, the Braves were extremely close to the top of the NL East, and seemed to be moving into position to...

Felix Forces Braves Into Flummox, Mariners Win 4-1


The Braves actually led this game in the early going. Then the 4th inning happened and it all went to pot.


Game Thread 8/5: Braves At Mariners

It's time for another installment of late night Braves baseball (or, if you happen to be a Braves fan on the West Coast, then I'm sure that watching these games at a reasonable time has been pretty...

Series Preview: Braves At Mariners


The Braves avoided Felix Hernandez when the Mariners visited Atlanta in June. For Atlanta's trip to Seattle, they won't be as lucky.

Braves Daily News Digest: 8/5


Your morning/afternoon source for Braves news and other relevant news in baseball

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