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Lowe: Best Free Agent Wings

29's Zach Lowe ranks the top 20 wing players set to enter free agency this offseason. As always, Lowe is spot-on in his analysis. Players on the list who could conceivably fill the Clippers' need for a veteran small forward include: 2. Tayshaun Prince 4. Caron Butler 5. Grant Hill 8. Wilson Chandler (restricted) 9. Shane Battier 10. Andrei Kirilenko Not to exclude the smaller wings on the list from discussion, of course. Arron Afflalo, for example, would be a welcome addition on any team.

A Slightly Awkward Photo from DeAndre Jordan's Basketball Camp


Ryan Gomes posted this on Twitter today. Look, Baron Davis has his left arm around DeAndre's back while simultaneously giving Mo Williams the cold shoulder! I sense tension! On a more serious note, in addition to the five in the photo (former Clippers assistant John Lucas is on the far right), other camp attendees include Marcus Camby, Randy Foye and former University of Arizona standout Nic Wise. Not a bad way to kick off the lockout. [UPDATE: Apologies to Lawler's Law, who FanShot-ed virtually the same photo several minutes before I did. LL also noted that Baron isn't looking exactly svelte these days. Must be the tucked-in shirt.]

Brian Cook Picks up Option for 2011-12


Brian Cook has exercised the player option on his contract and will return to the Clippers next season.

Chris Broussard Would Like to See Deron Williams on the Clippers


You need Insider to read the entire discussion between Ric Bucher and Chris Broussard on the best trade fits for Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Deron Williams, but here is the relevant section: -------------------- "BROUSSARD: Well, if Deron can get Dwight to come to Jersey/Brooklyn, of course he stays. But if he forces a trade, Orlando -- while a lovely prospect with Dwight -- just isn't realistic. There are several other places that make sense. How about Atlanta for Josh Smith (then the Hawks re-sign Jamal Crawford)? Or Memphis for Mike Conley and Rudy Gay? Portland would be a good fit, too. But I'd really love to see D-Will in Clippers gear with Blake Griffin. While I love Eric Gordon, I'd send him and Mo Williams packing for Deron. Or maybe DeAndre Jordan and Mo for D-Will. Deron, Blake and Gordon? Now that's a Big Three."

Consolidating the Latest Andre Iguodala Rumors


What to make of all the talk? Q&A with Neil Olshey

11's D.J. Foster sat down with Neil Olshey to talk draft, free agency and the future of the organization. There's a lot of stuff you can read into however you want, but Olshey obviously isn't going to reveal too much, especially with so much at stake in the upcoming days. Still, some good nuggets here, including this: "Everything we want in a small forward we feel like Farouq brought to the table. But I think we’re accelerating our growth ... What we need is some veteran leadership, and we do need a guy who is going to be today where Farouq will be three or four years from now."

Clippers Extend Qualifying Offer to DeAndre Jordan


The move officially makes Jordan a restricted free agent, at a price of a little more than $1 million (2010-2011 salary: $854,389). The Clippers also announced they have exercised their fourth-year contract option on Blake Griffin and their third-year contract options on Al-Farouq Aminu and Eric Bledsoe. None of this should come as a surprise; the Clippers clearly want to keep their young core intact, and today marked their first steps toward that end.

Stein: Clippers, Sixers Discuss Iguodala-Kaman Deal


After all the talk about Andre Iguodala being swapped for Monta Ellis, this news comes as a bit of a surprise. Granted, for all we know, the Clippers could have been in the running all along and we're only now hearing about it, but it's still somewhat unexpected to hear their name called so early. The Clippers have long dreamed of snagging a wing player of Iggy's caliber, and for good reason - he defends, handles the ball and fills their hole at SF better than just about any candidate out there. More to come...

Baron Davis Wants Cavs to Hold Lockout Workouts


Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal reports that Baron Davis is organizing players' only workouts during the impending lockout. Looks like Davis just might stay in shape this summer - though a summer too late.

Ricky Rubio and Minnesota's 2012 First-Round Pick


How will Ricky Rubio affect the value of the 2012 first-round pick owed to the Clippers?

Ryan Gomes Gives His Take on Mavericks-Thunder


He may have been the most maligned player at Clips Nation this season, but you can't help but think Ryan Gomes would make for a capable NBA coach some day.

Clips Nation Exit Interviews 2011 - Blake Griffin


Last in a series - Blake Griffin had a historic rookie season, but we all know he can do better. Much better.

Clips Nation Exit Interviews 2011 - Mo Williams


A trade-deadline deal that landed Mo Williams in L.A. changed the Clippers' playing style, as well as their future.

Clips Nation Exit Interviews 2011 - DeAndre Jordan


DeAndre Jordan had a breakout campaign in his third season.

Clips Nation Exit Interviews 2011 - Randy Foye


Eighth in a series - Foye had an up-and-down season and still needs to show he can be a reliable bench option.

Clips Nation Exit Interviews 2011 - Craig Smith


Craig Smith didn't play much last season, but when he did he was his usual, efficient self.

Clips Nation Exit Interviews 2011 - Jamario Moon


Fourth in a series - Jamario Moon played in 19 games for the Clippers after coming to L.A. in a trade deadline deal.

Clips Nation Exit Interviews 2011 - Eric Bledsoe


Eric Bledsoe showed promise in his rookie season, but he has a long way to go if he wants to stick as the Clippers' point guard of the future.

Memphis Grizzlies at Los Angeles Clippers - Game Preview


The Clippers play their season finale at home against the Grizzlies.

Dallas Mavericks 107 - Los Angeles Clippers 96 - One Good Quarter


The Clippers got out to a fast start, but couldn't keep it up in a 107-96 loss to the Mavericks. Mo Williams had 29 points, and Blake Griffin added 23 of his own.

The Value of Kendrick Perkins


The Clippers could learn a thing or two from Kendrick Perkins.


Los Angeles Clippers at Oklahoma City Thunder - Second Half Open Thread

Use this thread for comments during the second half.

Los Angeles Clippers at Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Preview


The Clippers visit Oklahoma City for a rematch of Saturday's win over the Thunder.

Phoenix Suns 111 - Los Angeles Clippers 98 - One to Forget


The Los Angeles Clippers fell, 111-98, to the Phoenix Suns on Friday night. Eric Gordon had 21 points in the loss.

Los Angeles Clippers 94 - Toronto Raptors 90 - Better Late Than Never


The Los Angeles Clippers won it in the fourth quarter in their 94-90 victory over the Toronto Raptors. Blake Griffin had 22 points and 16 rebounds for his 56th double-double of the season, a new...

Los Angeles Lakers 112 - Los Angeles Clippers 104 - No Gordon, No Cigar


The Los Angeles Clippers fall, 112-104, to the Los Angeles Lakers in a Friday night clash at Staples Center. Mo Williams scores a season-high 30 points, but Eric Gordon goes 3-for-14 in the loss.

Phoenix Suns 108 - Los Angeles Clippers 99 - The Dunk That Wasn't


The Los Angeles Clippers fall, 108-99, to the Phoenix Suns. Chris Kaman has 21 points and 11 rebounds in the loss.

Memphis Grizzlies 105 - Los Angeles Clippers 82 - Back to Reality


The Los Angeles Clippers finish their five-game road trip with a 105-82 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. Eric Bledsoe has 23 points in the blowout.

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