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Dennis has written under his own name or the moniker "Tuffy" for Deadspin, SportsbyBROOKS, Yahoo! Sports, SB Nation, SLAM Online, Gizmodo, Blogcritics, Technorati, and so on.

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Leake's Shoplifting Arrest Fits Common Pattern

Was it his first time? One loss-prevention expert says it's possible Mike Leake knew the ins-and-outs of retail theft.

Diamondbacks Grit Meter: Bloomquistian Ballyhoo

Nine games in, it's time to check on the Diamondbacks Grit Meter. Oddly enough, it's highly productive, too.

Turn Out The Lights; The Fiesta (Bowl)'s Over?

The Fiesta Bowl's status as an NCAA bowl is purportedly up for discussion. Don't you believe it.

Arizona Diamondbacks Get Kids Off Their Lawn

Brandon Allen falls prey to the Diamondbacks' elderly fetish. The Arizona Diamondbacks conspire to make their season even more meaningless.

The Tall Tale Of Glendale's Magic First Aid Kit

Sometimes it's difficult to properly mitigate a risk. Ask the Phoenix Coyotes and the city of Glendale.

Salt River Fields: The Only Success For The Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks' new spring training home is filling up fast. Perhaps the Diamondbacks should double-down at Talking Stick.

A Good Sob Story About Dwayne Wade

Dwyane Wade and Holly Hunter are weepy peas in a pod. That could be very good for Wade if he lets it.

Why Arizona Sports Remind Me Of Charlie Sheen

A muddled rumination on fame, failure, and hotties. At one point, Ichiro stops by for a cameo.

Phoenix Suns Play For 2012 Free Agent Class

The Suns are playing for next year's next year. To make it worthwhile, here's how to get the best free agents to listen next time.

The Diamondback Way: Redefining Baseball Completely

Winning isn't everything. In fact, it's nothing.

Trade Steve Nash Soon?

The trade deadline approaches and so does the season ticket sales push in Phoenix. Here's what Suns season ticket holders should consider before plunking down their cash for next season.

Sarver's Suggestions To Suns Revealed!

Through illicit and highly fictional means, we bring you Robert Sarver's advice for each Phoenix Sun.

Reject The Disneyland Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks have replaced a youth movement with a cast of characters. Hold out for the youth movement this team needs.

Diamondbacks New Spring Training Home At Salt River Fields, Tradition In Every Sense

The Pima and Maricopa tribes along with the Diamondbacks and Rockies want to tell you a story about their new spring training home. Listen but hold your wallet tightly.

Trade Steve Nash Now

Sometimes you have to trade the ones you love to a contender with young players and lottery picks. You can do it, Suns fans.

Reasons For Arizona Sports Fans To Stay Positive In 2011

Get happy, Arizona. There's still a few reasons to look forward to 2011.

Learning A New Sport In Adulthood A Slippery Business

One potential New Year's resolution: do something to shamefully embarrass yourself in public. SB Nation Arizona's Dennis Tarwood demonstrates.

Suns And Diamondbacks Offer Very Different Rebuilding Plans

The Suns and Diamondbacks approach the need to rebuild in very different ways. Which is right?

Are The Phoenix Coyotes Too Big To Fail?

The Glendale City Council votes tonight on doubling down yet again on the NHL. Should they?

Diamondbacks, Cardinals Building Culture Of Success Without The Pesky Success Part

A culture of success doesn't actually require success, thank goodness. You can build your own, too, if you follow our lead.

Derek Anderson Tirade Backlash: The Man's Smile Is Not The Cardinals' Problem

Derek Anderson isn't the problem with the Arizona Cardinals. Enough with the petty tribunals.

Leave Hedo Turkoglu And Derek Anderson (And The Rest) Alone!

You don't know athletes just because you watched them sprint around for awhile. Stop trying.

The Phoenix Suns Are The Second Coming Of Mark Reynolds

High risk, high reward: Mark Reynolds and the Suns' offense have a lot in common. (Unfortunately, the Suns' defense, too.)

Donovan McNabb To Cardinals: Was This The Plan All Along?

Did the Arizona Cardinals punt a season for a shot at Donovan McNabb? It makes more sense than pretending Max Hall is an NFL quarterback.

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Dudley Extension

NBA labor negotiations have made it impossible to take anything at face value. Not even Jared Dudley.

Review: NBA's Digital Offerings, Including NBA Game Time For iPhone

NBA Digital is almost ready for the new season. Almost.

Don't Got Yu, Babe: Darvish Remains In Japan

Yu Darvish will stay a Nippon-Ham Fighter. Now will the Diamondbacks spend those bucks on a Proven Closer?

Help Hedo: How You Can Make Turkoglu A Suns Success

Sure, Hedo Turkoglu's had a few rough spots recently. But you can help him change.

DISH Network, NFL Blackout Rules -- Why Doesn't Anyone Want Us To Watch Sports?

Why doesn't anyone want us to watch sports? A 900-mile drive through blackouts & carriage battles.

Cardinals Vs. Chargers: San Diego Field Report

A report from the Arizona Cardinals crushing defeat to the San Diego Chargers

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