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Denny Mayo lives in Washington, DC with his wife and two dogs, has run five marathons and one ultramarathon, and really likes tacos.

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User Blog

Weekly Training Rundown Dec 24-30


Zero, again. Considering getting out this week for something short, but I've made good progress in PT the past two weeks and am unsure about un-doing my progress. I'll have more about this sometime...

Weekly Training Rundown Dec 17-23


Family is in town for Christmas; apologies for the delay. No running for me, once again. PT sessions seem to be working, as does rest. Planning to take this week off, as there's still a bit of...

Weekly Training Rundown Dec 10-16


Took the whole week off. Unfortunately it was also another week with (seemingly) no progress on the tendinitis front. Hope y'all had a better week than I did, at least running-wise.

Weekly Training Rundown Dec 3 - 9


Another week, another rundown: How'd y'all do? I got out for 5 miles on Sunday and found that my foot tendonitis isn't really manageable, even with painkillers. Going to take about a month off (or...

Stride Nation Reads Books: J.J. Hensley's Resolve


Every now and then I'll read a book about running (or that's ostensibly about running) and will share my thoughts on it (Actually I've done that only once, but that's OK). Earlier in the year, I...

Weekly Training Rundown Nov 26 - Dec 2


Still floating without a plan or any semblance of post-race drive to run. Got out once this week, and my foot is still bothering me from the race (race-induced tendonitis). Did 5 miles on Sunday...

Talkin' JFK with @WFNYCraig


Craig at WaitingForNextYear.com asked me to come by his podcast and talk running with him, so I did. If you guys want to hear me blather for 40 minutes about running, stop on by.

Weekly Training Rundown Nov 19-25


No miles for me this past week, but I did find out that my foot soreness is due to tendonitis and not any sort of stress fracture. Hoping to get out this coming week for a run or two, and to get...

My First Ultra: The JFK 50 Miler


Following months of training and a calf injury, I set out to run my first ultramarathon: the JFK 50 Miler. This is the story of my race and how I got there.

Weekly Training Rundown Nov 12-18


56 miles total for me this week. Ran and finished my first ever ultra, and had a hell of a time in the process. Will write about it in the next week or so, but rest assured I did it. Now I feel...

Let's Go Exploring


"I know we had the best technology team I've ever worked with, but we didn't know if it would work. I was incredibly confident it would work. I was betting a lot on it. We had time. We had...

Race-Week Jitters!


I'm running my first ultramarathon this weekend and that's making my head race in anticipation. Unfortunately, most of the thoughts are negative.

Weekly Training Rundown Nov 5 - 11


Another week, another set of runs. My last full week before the JFK 50 mile. How'd you all do?

Sincerity, Optimism, and The Taper


The last weeks going into a race can be a nightmare. Luckily for me right now they don't look like they well be (at least for the time being).

Weekly Training Rundown Oct 29 - Nov 4


Über-storm Sandy threw a big wet wrench into a lot of people's plans this past week. We in DC were lucky enough to avoid the majority of the storm. Still, it effected my running to a small extent....

Weekly Training Rundown Oct 22-28


31/44 miles -- a far better week than I've been having as of late. This week was my make-or-break week with respect to the JFK 50: any reservations would result in withdrawing from the race. I...

Better Running Through Imagery


There is something particularly calming about an early-morning run. The western skyline is a deep navy blue, sharply contrasting the street and head lights. Stars shine bright, the sky clear and...

Weekly Training Rundown Oct 15-21


Not a good week for me in terms of my training: I did 17 out of the planned 35 miles. Started PT on Wednesday, which seems to be helping but I've suddenly been hit with a giant wave of apathy w/r/t...

Things Learned From a Week Without Running


I took a week off from running while waiting on an injury prognosis. Here's what I learned.

Weekly Training Rundown Oct 8-14


Kind of a strange week in terms of weather, with unseasonable heat and also unseasonable cold here in DC. Made for tricky running, if you were actually running and not hurt. How'd your week go?

Handheld bottle and belt reviews


Handheld bottles and hydration belts: these things matter to runners, so we probably ought to talk about them, right?

Weekly Training Rundown Oct 1-7


Welcome to October. How was last week's training?

The Inevitable Peak-Week Injury


Peak Training time brings paranoia and second-guessing. Unfortunately, this week also has brought an injury.

Running news links!


What to do when races are so long that they need races as training, and how to get a runner's high.

How'd your running go this week?


Let's compare runs this past week!

H2O on the Go: Reviewing hydration packs


Hydration while running is rather important. Unfortunately, water fountains aren't all that portable -- so let's take a look at hydration options designed for runners on the go.

The Warm Up Lap | 9.24.12 - Wear Patterns, Hong Kong, and Pacing


On Running Shoe Wear and Outsole Durability | Runblogger When you run, excessive friction can be a sign of inefficiency since it isn’t helping you move forward, particularly if you are plowing...

Weekly Training Rundown: How'd it go?

Hey, how'd your training go last week? Hop in the comments here and share your success (or frustrations) of another week of running.

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